RYOBI Devour 18V Cordless Sweeper

RYOBI Devour 18V Cordless Sweeper

Earlier this winter the Ryobi Devour Cordless Sweeper showed up at my doorstep. Usually with a tool that requires some assembly I’ll snap a couple pictures during that process just to make it clearer for future purchasers of the tool. This tool though, I wasn’t waiting. A tool that promises to make cleaning easier by devouring anything in its path, there’s no way I was waiting around to take some pictures.Ryobi Devour -3

Ryobi Devour First Impressions

What took so long?! That was my first thought the first time I used this guy. Why didn’t anyone make a sweeper cordless before? I guess it took a company that owns both power tool and vacuum brands to mate the two together. The other first impression I had was that the controls are dead simple to use. Adjust the height to the smoothness of the surface, kick the switch, and go. So, so easy.Ryobi Devour -9

Features and Specifications

  • Ryobi Devour -10Powerful dual brushes sweep up large and small debris, including nails and screws, wood scraps and garbage
  • Over 2-hours of runtime using a Ryobi P108 high capacity battery
  • Counter-rotating brushes effectively clean along walls and edges
  • Conveniently located foot-actuated power switch
  • Rear wheel height adjustment for use on various terrain levels
  • Transparent tub shows how much debris has been swept
  • Integrated LED headlights provide improved visibility for a number of applications
  • Adjustable, pivoting handle and rubber feet provide optimal ergonomic and compact storage
  • Wide 21 in. cleaning swath quickly cleans a wide area
  • 17.5 lbs
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • 4.5 gallon tub capacity

Ryobi Devour In Use

Like a zamboni for your floors. Just push it around and devour all the dirt and debris in its path. I used this tool in my wood shop, in a residential garage, and on outdoor hardscapes. This little guy does lived up to its name quite well.Ryobi Devour -6

First in the woodshop, the Ryobi Devour picked up small pieces of 2×4 and mouldings, sawdust and shavings, hardware, and even just general dirt. It had a little issue navigating over all of my anti-fatigue mats but that’s mostly because the mats are very light. At the end of everyday, I tip the mats up and out of the way and make a couple passes with the sweeper in the main walkways. Sawdust can be pretty light so if you push it slow it can sometimes fling the pieces outside of the cleaning swath. With light debris, the unit works better with a faster forward speed.

Next was the residential garage. This home is on a gravel road in MN. I tested this thing in winter so the debris was caked onto the floor and filled with fines as well as small rocks and sand. The extremely caked on areas had to be loosened by scuffing with my boots first but not a big issue. One thing I noticed with this type of debris is that the fines generated a fair amount of airborne dust. Also, a small trail was left between the sweepers but was mostly cleaned up on the second pass. Still way, way faster than sweeping.

Finally was the outdoor hardscape. That means my driveway and sidewalk. These are concrete with a broom finish. That’s quite a bit rougher than a smooth troweled floor. Last year our street was chip sealed. Hot liquid tar was spread on the surface and then an abundant layer of granite chips applied. The city did their best to get all the excess cleaned up before winter but the snowplows shoved a significant amount of rock up on the driveway and sidewalks. I could’ve just blown these rocks into the lawn or even back into the street but I’d rather just get rid of them. Ryobi Devour to the rescue. Check out the before and after shots. So easy, so fast.Ryobi Devour -11

What I Love About the Ryobi Devour

The controls are intuitive and easy to use. All of the controls are denoted by light gray plastic. I can’t remember if all Ryobi tools are like this but it makes it easy to see the adjustments and controls. Also, the tool itself is very intuitive. You don’t need to even read the instructions, the tool offers enough feedback in its use to figure out the best speed to push. Thirdly, the LED headlights are fantastic. Finally, the runtime is great. I’m still on my first battery. I used it over a dozen times but it’s so fast at cleaning small areas that it doesn’t run that long.

Ryobi Devour -4

All of the controls are denoted with light gray plastic

What Could Be Better

When you clean up an area with a lot of fine dust, some of it gets into the brush assembly and causes a squeaking. It eventually subsides and is something I can live with considering how well of a job it does sweeping.


Where To Buy

The Ryobi Devour 18V Cordless Sweeper is only available as a bare tool but don’t let that sway you. There are over a 100 tools in the ONE+ lineup that others are bound to appeal to you as well. The glue gun, hybrid light, airstrike, inflator/deflator are some of our favorites.

Ryobi Devour 18V Cordless Sweeper

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  1. Tom liming

    My Ryobi sweeper never stays on smooth it always self adjust always self adjusts when I hit a bump, then doesnt clean well, how can I stop that from happening

    1. Jeff Williams

      Huh, I’ve had mine ever since it came out and it hasn’t done that. I’ll check into it and get back to you. What kind of bump? Like a control joint or something?

  2. Kimberly

    I used this at my old job & loved it. Now I’m looking to buy it here but can’t find any place that sells it. Anyone know where I can get it now? (Dec ’22)

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