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RYOBI Cordless Miter Saw P3650B Review


Manufacturer: Ryobi
Model number: P3650B
Price: $299.00 Bare tool
Power source: (2) 18V ONE+ Batteries
Weight: 34.0 lbs.
Ryobi is really stepping up in the cordless game with their new RYOBI 18V ONE+ONE 10 IN. SLIDING MITER SAW P3650B.

The P3650B can provide cutting the cord anywhere from the job site to DIY tasks around house or workshop.  The saw runs on ONE + ONE uses 2 ONE + 18V batteries for double the power, therefore a full 36V of max power.

Ryobi introduced the saw into their 18v ONE + line this spring and currently is their first tool to work off of two (2) 18V ONE + batteries simultaneously to provide power.   The saw is packed with features and we will outline them all below.


The saw has a brushless motor and provides 4,000 RPMs and delivers an average of 370 cuts per charge on the two (2) Ryobi P108 batteries (4.0 ah each).   The batteries work in tandem and as a result deliver constant power to the unit during use. 


For the P3650B to work, both batteries must be installed.


Toughness and Portability

The Ryobi Cordless 10 Inch Miter Saw, P3650B has a heavy duty aluminum base and table.  The small rubber feet on the base kept the saw from moving and from marring and surfaces.

Weighing in at a 34 lbs. the P3650B is lightweight and portable.  The built in carry handle on the top of the saw makes it easy for you to pick it up carry to it to where you need it.


  • Electric Brake, to provide quick stopping of the blade rotation after the switch is released.
  • Dual bevel allowing you to move the saw and not the material for a more accurate and safer cut.
  • 12 inch cutting capacity
  • Adjustable EXACTLINE laser alignment system to provide accurate cut lines with the blade. The laser encages when you press the trigger switch, but there is a laser guide button right above/behind the trigger.  Pressing this button will manually activate the laser guide indicating your cut line without having to engage the saw.
  • Miter ranges from 45o to the left and 50o to the right.
  • Positive stops at 0o 15o, 22.5o, 31.6o, and 45o both on the left and the right of the table


Unboxing the saw is exciting, as with any new tool.  The best part with the P3650B is there is not much to assemble so you are up and cutting quickly.  All that has to be assembled is the dust bag, the sliding miter fence, and inserting the work clamp.  Once these items were installed I inserted the two (2) batteries and tested the saw for square and the accuracy of the EXACTLINE laser.  The EXACTLINE laser on the P3650B was accurate right out of the box and the square and accuracy of the cuts was spot on also.  A great thing to see.

Accuracy and Ease of Use

Deck railings, cove molding, door casing, and general cutting around the jobsite and shop this saw handled it all. The last few months this saw has been to various jobs and in the shop. The Saw is a game changer and can easily replace your standard saw.  Cutting 2×4 & 4×4 treated material the P3650B never skipped a beat.  Once we had all those cut we started to cut 2×2 balusters, and it still never skipped a beat.  At one point I had to remember this was a cordless tool because of its power and performance.


In addition to the railings we used this saw for cove moldings, casing, and general cuts in plywood, 2x stock, trim on various projects and it kept up, never bogging down and stayed square and accurate.

The Yellow Pointer…

The bevel scale has a large yellow pointer to help you set your angle at the rear of the saw.

Another large yellow pointer helps you set your angle in the front of the saw for your miters.  The markings in the front are raised and with the ten (10) positive stops you are able to set the most common angles easily.

A Bit Awkward At First…

The only awkward item we found on the P3650B would be the location of the safety switch you need to engage before pulling the main trigger.  Most saws have this safety on the outside that you engage with your thumb as you grab the saw’s handle.


The P3650B however has a little black safety trigger you have to engage with the side of your finger while pulling the main trigger. Although this a bit awkward from other saws I have used in the past over time you do get used to it.

I would like to see an LED light to shine down over the work/cut area.  I can see that helping the user align its work piece with having to engage the laser.

Dust Collection

The Miter Saw comes with a dust bag that does an OK job.  I removed the bag and it accepted my Rockler Dust Right small port hose (1 ¼” dia.) and did reasonably well.


  • Depth: 32 inches
  • Width: 20 inches
  • Table Width: 10 inches
  • Height: 17 inches
  • Table Length: 18 inches
  • Weight: 34.0 lbs.
  • Blade Diameter: 10”
  • Arbor Size: 5/8”
  • Max. Speed: 4,000 RPM
  • Bevel Type: Dual

Cutting Capacities

  • Maximum Cutting Thickness: 3.5”
  • 45 Degree Crosscut: 2” x8”
  • 90 Degree Crosscut Capacity Maximum:  2” x 12”
  • Maximum Degree Miter Cuts – Left: 45o
  • Maximum Degree Miter Cuts – Right: 50o


Ryobi offers a limited three (3) year warranty and a 90 day exchange policy on their power tools.  More information can be found the Ryobi Website

Very impressive!

The Ryobi Miter Saw cuts like a normal corded saw only it’s much quieter and cordless.  Taking a miter saw and saying it is cordless we all will have some cynicism.  Honestly, I had some cynicism too.  While using the P3650B, I easily made over 300 cuts in treated 2x stock, regular dimensional lumber, plywood, trim, and casing.  The saw pleasantly surprised me with its power and performance, ease of use, durability and portability.  The P3650B left me with one (1) unanswered questions – What’s next from Ryobi with the ONE+ONE Technology?  Can’t wait to see!

Where to buy…

The Ryobi 18V ONE+ONE™ 10 IN. BRUSHLESS DUAL BEVEL SLIDING MITER SAW (Model #P3650B) is available online at The Home Depot or at your local store for $299.00 as a bare tool.

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  1. MacEwen

    I bought this saw and returned it without even turning on! The plastic pointer to set angle is held by a single screw, and easily rotated. The angle scale is a cheap sticker. The linear bearings felt not so smooth. This cheapness on these easy things to get right, made me doubt my longterm satisfaction. I elected to return it and buy the Milwaukee 10 in. Taking the Milwaukee out of the box was a pure pleasure. Nicely thought out saw. The Ryobi was very disappointing on a quality and design aspect.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Those two saws are not even in the same category. One is a DIY homeowner saw, the other is a professional grade saw. One is designed for occasional use, one for every day use.

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