Ryobi 18v ONE+ 10″ Orbital Buffer

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Ryobi 18v ONE+ 10″ Orbital Buffer Review – Model P435

Ryobi 18v ONE+ 10" Cordless Orbital Buffer

Manufacturer: Ryobi
Model number: P435
Price: $39.97
Power source: 18v ONE+
Weight: 4.3lbs

Ryobi continues to add new tools to their already extensive 18 volt platform. The 10″ cordless orbital buffer is one of more than 50 tools they have in there 18v line and it does not look like they will be stopping anytime soon. From indoors to outdoors, Ryobi has it all covered and now cordless buffing, sure why not?

I recently had the opportunity to use and review the Ryobi P435 18v ONE+ 10″ Orbital Buffer. Years ago when I started out in the remodeling profession, all I had was Ryobi 18v tools. They were the most affordable and Ryobi is a proven name. Yes, since then I have moved up to more heavier duty, and costlier, professional grade tools, but I have always remained loyal to the brand and will continue to be.

Ryobi P435 10" Orbital Buffer

First Impression

When I unpackaged the P435 Buffer first thing I took notice at was the crescent shaped handle. It allows ample room for large hands, and multiple grips and I felt the grip was super comfortable, considering that this is a prolonged use tool.

I also liked the fact the Ryobi includes 2 separate types of bonnets.

  • Applicator bonnet – for application of polish or compound
  • Buffing bonnet – for polishing

When I was using this buffer, I immediately noticed how light the buffer was, just over 4 pounds, having a light tool definitely will help reduce the users fatigue.  I later appreciated the lighter weight when I was working on large SUV.

Ryobi P435 Specifications

  • Power Source:    18 volt Lithium Ion
  • Speed:                  2500 Oscillations Per Minute
  • Weight:                4.3 Lbs
  • Accessories:        10″ Elastic Bonnet and Applicator
  • Bare Tool only :  Battery and Charger not including

Using the P435 Orbital Buffer

My first task with the P435 was wax the family mini-van.  My wife has been nagging me that her mini-van is dirty and desperately needed detailing. With two small kids sometimes things such as a 30 minute wash and wax of the car gets put way on the back burner. Well now I had an excuse and was actually looking forward to testing out this buffer.


The P435 is turning out 2500 oscillations per minute resulting in a swirl free finish. Powered by a Ryobi P108 High Capacity Battery, Ryobi states you can get approximately 1.5 hours of use on a single battery charge.

During my evaluation, I was able to get 72 minutes of usage. The P108 battery I was using was fully charged and was the first time it was ever used. My testing was not meant to be a “time test” on the battery, just good to know information.  The difference in time and Ryobi’s claim was not that far apart and may be due to several factors:

  • First use of battery
  • difference in user pressure
  • Only tested time once – not multiuple lab-tests to determine an average time.


The Ryobi P435 has what Ryobi calls GRIPZONE overmold on the crescent shaped handle. This overmold provides nice ergonomics while using the buffer. With the crescent shaped handle, two handed operation is a breeze. It reminded me of driver’s education school where they drilled into your head the 10 & 2 grip on the steering wheel.

Ease of Use

During the course of my review, one key thing I noticed was there was little to no vibration from the buffer. It can easily be used with one hand and does not spin wildly on you. One thing I wish Ryobi would think about is the on/off switch location. The switch is not in an easily accessible location.  I wish Ryobi would locate the on/off switch on the crescent shaped handle or maybe a pulse on/off switch to eliminate wasted battery life when moving around the vehicle.


Ryobi P435 18v ONE+ 10" Orbital Buffer

Reusable Bonnets

Both the application and buffing bonnets are reusable. For longer life and performance, you should hand wash after using them and allow them to air dry. If needed, the bonnets can be machine washed in cold water with a small amount of detergent, then machine dried using low heat.  Replacement bonnets will run you roughly 7$ and can be purchased here: Ryobi 10″ Replacement Bonnets

Overall Impression

Ryobi continues to produce quality tools that make our lives a lot easier. Known as the home-owners brand, Ryobi still finds its way into many professional’s hands.

This buffer will save you both time and energy allowing you more free time on the weekends instead of washing and waxing. I recommend this buffer to anyone looking to maintain their vehicles, trailers, boats or equipment, and at just under $40 its a no brainer!





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  1. joseA

    I love that it’s battery powered! I’ve never understood corded outdoor tools. And I LOVE the green that all Ryobi tools are! Thank’s for sharing.

  2. Josh Bauer

    Really? I just bought one and even with no bonnet it wobbles like crazy!!

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