Ryobi 18-Volt One+ Dual Function Inflator/Deflator Review

RYOBI 18Volt ONE+™ Dual Function Inflator/Deflator

Ryobi Inflator P731
This past spring Ryobi introduced a number of new and innovative tools. The Ryobi inflator/deflator was one of them. I’ve been testing this for a couple months now and it was a tool I didn’t know I needed until I started using it.

RYOBI P731 Features

  • Onboard storage of all hoses and adapters
  • High volume inflator and deflator for large inflatables
  • High pressure inflator for tires and small inflatables
  • Built in digital pressure display with backlit led
  • Automatic shutoff with +/- 1 PSI accuracy
  • Toggle switch to select various inflation modes
  • Foam rubber feet to keep tool stable while operating
  • Pressure measured in PSI, BAR, or KPA
  • Quick usage guide on tool for ease of use.


I tested both the high pressure and high volume features of the inflator pretty extensively and it performed better than I expected.

3-person tube and 5 rafts inflated, no drain on battery

The li-ion batteries really work well in this application. On one charge of the P104 battery I was able to inflate a bunch of floaties and add 30 psi to a low tire on my pickup truck. It works on both schrader and presta valves. Bicycle and motorcycle tires were a breeze. Just set the pressure and toggle the switch to “II”. I wasn’t able to devise a way to quantitatively evaluate it’s performance. Everything I asked it to inflate, it did with ease.

Overall Impression

To sum it up in a word, impressed. It’s small, portable, and capable. It’s easy to use and partially automated.

I think Ryobi really did their homework on this tool. The subtle things are what really make this tool great. The quick guide instructions were so easy to follow that I didn’t even bother with the instruction manual. The onboard storage makes the tool so useful for a wide range of items all while keeping everything organized and contained. It’s also ultra-portable with it’s integrated carry handle, small size, and low power requirements. With the P104 li-ion battery this thing can inflate many things.

Inflating tire, notice backlit display

Overall I really thought this was a great tool but there were two things that may have some room for improvement. The first is that it took quite awhile to inflate my truck tire. About 10 minutes to bring it up 30 psi. If Ryobi could cut that time in half, this thing would be outstanding. The other thing that could be improved is the plastic used on reducers on the high volume side. The tip was bent up a little bit after blowing up a half dozen floaties.

Where to Buy

The Ryobi inflator can be picked up in any Home Depot or online at the link below. If you are already in the One+ system, you can’t go wrong laying down $39.98 for this great tool. Like I said before it was a tool I didn’t know I needed until I started using it.

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