Metabo HPT 36 Volt Multi-Volt Cordless Router Review

Metabo HPT 36 Volt Multi-Volt Cordless Router M 3612DA

Metabo HPT 36V Cordless Plunge Router Kit 2 1/4 HP

Manufacturer: Metabo HPT
Model number: M3612DAM
Price: 399.00
Power source: AC/DC Cordless
Motor size: 2 HP
Weight: 6.6 lbs
Metabo HPT recently released the world’s first cordless AC/DC, and ¼” and ½” plunge router. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Immediately I liked the size of this router.

The fact that the Metabo HPT 36 Volt Multi-Volt Cordless Router takes both ¼” and ½” collets means I can use all of my router bits which saves me money and gives me greater versatility. Especially since I have a lot of ¼” bits.

At only 6.6 lbs, this 2 horsepower, a brushless router operates from 11,000 to 25,000 RPMs and can be counted to produce a 46 feet per minute production speed.

Metabo HPT 36 Volt Multi-Volt Cordless Router

The ergonomic grip, along with a handle-mounted, lock-on switch, is intuitive and comfortable. There is a well-placed, plunge lock knob near the trigger.

The Metabo HPT router has an impressively fast electric brake. Depth adjustment was easy to do, and there are three depth stop adjustments, two are adjustable.

When mounting accessories like the dust shroud and the template collets I learned two things.

  1. The collet needs to go on first, then the dust shroud. So there is no easy on and off or swapping out of collets. If you need to swap stuff out, you’ll need to remove the dust shroud. It’s not a big deal but it is a pain.
  2. If using both the collet and dust shroud, the thumb nut that secures it, barely catches. Basically, the treaded bolt for this assembly needs to be a bit longer.

Using the Metabo HPT 36 Volt Multi-Volt Cordless Router

When using the router I noticed that the power was good, there is low vibration and the dust collection works well for the airborne dust. When routing fluted columns I noticed no airborne dust but there was plenty of sawdust left in the flutes. The plastic dust shroud will only work with router bits up to 1-1/4″ in diameter.

I was impressed that this router will run a 1/2″ mortising bit with a quarter-inch pass without flinching. Additionally, the base allows for much larger diameter router bits than the other cordless routers I’ve used. That’s really nice.

I tested the Metabo HPT 36 Volt Multi-Volt Cordless Router freehand, with a fluting jig and also with the included straight guide.

Another nice feature is the LED lights that illuminate on the base when the trigger is activated, and they stay for 10 seconds afterward.

Unique MULTIVOLT System

Something that many people don’t get is the value behind the multi-volt adapter. This router runs on both AC/DC power. It accepts the Metabo HPT 36V slide-type batteries and the AC adapter.

Room for Improvement?

There are 2 areas I think Metabo HPT should consider.

  1. One is the slop in the plunge lock knob. After using the router, I feel that this knob has too much throw, and wiggles a bit – this is the only area on this tool that I’m concerned about for longevity.
  2. The second is that when you remove the battery and tip the router on its back to change the bit the router troops over easily. If Metabo HPT elongated the battery slide rails the router would be more stable.

Other than that, there were no real negative issues with this tool, and everything worked as it was supposed to.

Metabo HPT 36 Volt Multi-Volt Cordless Router Price

The Metabo HPT 36 Volt Multi-Volt Cordless Router sells for $399 at Lowes as a kit which includes

  • Router
  • (1) 36V 2.5 Ah battery
  • (1) charger
  • (1) bag
  • ½” and ¼” collets
  • wrench
  • template guide set
  • straight guide
  • dust collector shroud

Overall Impression

As a carpenter, I use a compact router to make my own window sills when trimming windows, easing edges on decking and trim, creating chamfers, installing built-ins, mortising hinges, and sometimes making on-the-spot moldings.  More and more contractors are cutting the cord on their job sites and the ability for a cordless router to move freely around a job site is a huge plus.

I think Metabo HPT hit a home run by offering an AC / DC capable, plunge router that can take either 1/4″ or 1/2″ router bit collets. They solved two PAIN points that the smaller competition routers have.

Metabo HPT 36 Volt Multi-Volt Cordless Router Video Review


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