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RIDGID 18v Grinder Review Model R86040B

RIDGID 18-Volt Angle Grinder Console Only

Manufacturer: RIDGID
Model number: R86040B
Price: $99
Power source: 18V Li-Ion
Weight: 4.5 lbs

In the summer of 2013 I had the opportunity to sit down with an executive from TTI the maker of RIDGID power tools and he told me about all of their upcoming innovative tools for the year that we summarized back in this article. One of those tools was the RIDGID 18v Grinder. It arrived in the fall and I’ve been using it for some small metal projects ever since. If you’re already in the RIDGID 18v system, the RIDGID 18v Grinder is a great addition to your toolkit.

Ridgid R86040B grinderWhat’s Included

This tool comes as console only meaning no batteries or charger. It’s meant as an add-on for someone who already has other RIDGID 18v tools. They don’t have to be current generation either, it works with any RIDGID 18v slide packs. Included in the kit is the RIDGID 18v Grinder, tool-less guard, side handle, 1 grinding disk, and wrench. There isn’t a bag or case included either. Not that I mind though, I just keep my two grinders in a left over roofing nailer case.Ridgid 18v Grinder 6

Specifications and Features

Ridgid 18v Grinder 3

  • Load level LED Indicator-LED illuminates to prevent grinder overload
  • Tool-less guard design- easily rotates guard for optimal grinding position
  • 100-Percentage compatible with all RIDGID 18V slide battery packs
  • Spindle lock- to easily change grinding wheels
  • Auto tool lock-off- to prevent accidental start, if battery is installed while tool is locked on, the tool will not operate
  • Wheel Diameter (in.) – 4.5 in.
  • Product Weight (lb.) – 4.5 lb.
  • Maximum Speed (rpm) – 9000 rpm
  • Arbor Size (in.) – 5/8 in.

Things I love

The red LEDs on the top of the tool are part of two of the features I really like about this tool. The first is that the tool won’t start if the switch is in the on position when the battery is slid on. The LED will just be solid red until the switch is back in the off position. The second feature is one I haven’t seen on a grinder before. It will warn you as it is approaching overload. If you’re leaning too hard on the tool or burying it in a cutting operation the lights will start flashing to let you know to back off the pressure a little. That’s way better than smoking the tool. Just ease up and keep working. The third feature I really like is the tool-less wheel guard. It is so easy to operate and readjust the guard even with gloves on. Its ease of use should help more users keep their guards on. I know a lot of people that get frustrated with the guards on other grinders that they just remove them. That’s a dangerous risk for sure.

Guard is easy to operate even with gloves on

Guard is easy to operate even with gloves on

Missing the cord

If I’m being honest I miss the cord just a little bit but not for the reason you may be thinking. It’s awesome to be able to move the grinder around in small spaces without worrying about where the cord is but now I don’t have a place to attach the wheel wrench.  I usually tape the wrench to the cord right near the plug so that 1.) I don’t lose it and 2.) am forced to unplug the tool to swap wheels/discs. Now I don’t know where to put the wrench. It’s minor though.

In use

My wife is a photographer so she picks up a lot of props and items from Craigslist that are in less than stellar condition and has me either fix them up or distress them depending on the look she’s going for. In the pictures you can see I was cleaning up the metal on a Radio Flyer wagon. I needed to preserve the look of the wagon but remove the rust. The RIDGID 18v Grinder fitted a flap disc was perfect for this application. It was able to get inside the corners of the wagon without worrying about the cord getting in the way. Removing rust with a disc is a pretty dusty job so it was nice to be able to do it outside of the shop without dragging cords across the yard. I apologize for not having any action shots. I didn’t really want to use the grinder one handed while trying to take a picture.

RIDGID 18-Volt Angle Grinder Console Only

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