RIDGID 18v Cordless 10-oz Caulk and Adhesive Gun Review

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RIDGID 18v Cordless 10oz Caulk and Adhesive Gun

Model R84044B

RIDGID 18v Cordless 10oz Caulk and Adhesive Gun

Manufacturer: RIDGID
Model number: R84044B
Power source: 18v
Weight: 3.55

RIDGID  recently released 9 new tools from their new 18v cordless solutions, one of which was the new 18v 10oz caulk and adhesive gun- Model R84044B. Cordless caulking guns are fairly new to the contracting game but they have hit the pavement running.  Regardless of what type of adhesive or the temperature (all factors in ease of use) the RIDGID R84044B will get the job done! Lets take a closer look.

As a remodeling contractor there are so many tasks I could be doing at any given time, often multiple different tasks in the same day.  One thing that is constant regardless of the task is using some sort of caulking or adhesive. Whether its fixing a roof using roofing adhesive, installing trim work using white caulking,  clear silicone for installing bathroom vanity tops or anchor adhesive for our post to beam connectors we are always using a caulking gun.  Yes we understand you can purchase hand cranked caulking guns for little to no money making them almost “throw away” but we all know the frustration of the overflow once we take the pressure off the tube. The RIDGID R84044B does not have that issue!

RIDGID R84044B Mfg Specifications

  • 750 lbs. of push force
  • Variable speed selector and trigger lets user adjust the discharge rate to control the bead of caulk
  • Rafter hook for convenient storage between applications
  • Switch lock helps prevent accidental start-up
  • Anti-Drip Technology stops material from expelling upon trigger release
  • 200+ tubes of caulk per charged battery
  • All metal manual plunger rod with hook end allows user to quickly change out tubes
  • On-board puncture tool to break tube seal if needed
  • 100% Compatible: Works with all RIDGID 18-Volt Batteries, Tools, and Chargers

On the Jobsite

On one of our current deck jobs we had to install some anchor adhesive in the 10″ concrete footings. The RIDGID cordless caulking gun was perfect for this application. We were able to apply the adhesive and in between usage utilize the convenient rafter hook. The viscosity of anchor adhesive is high which means it is doesn’t flow well, which takes a lot of effort for a hand caulking gun. This gun was effortless and dialed in at the right speed prevented any waste of product.

This gun is also great for traditional caulking. We used this gun on a recent trim installation on one of our interior projects. Having the variable speed selector allows the perfect amount of caulking to discharge at the rate we wanted it to. Perfect bead was applied the first time with very minimal clean up required and again next to no wasted product.

Rafter Hook

The RIDGID R84044B comes with a beefy rafter hook that certainly comes in handy. Being able to hang the gun when not using is key to no getting a ton of dirt on the tip and adhesive on things you aren’t using. This makes for smoother bead application and a lot less clean up. This gun is small enough using a 2.0Ah battery to sit in between these 12″ on center joists on one of our deck builds.

Overall Impression

As cordless technology continues to evolve we still get taken back when a basic hand tool gets a battery attached to it. We always think “man this makes life a lot easier”! Having a cordless caulking and adhesive gun gives us more accuracy during application, a cleaner work environment and less wasted product. All of these added benefits also save money and time, thus making a cordless caulking and adhesive gun a no brainer!

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