Goal Zero Yeti Lithium Portable Power Stations

Goal Zero Yeti 400 and 1400 Lithium Portable Power Stations

SALT LAKE CITY —March 1, 2017 — Goal Zero, the leader in portable power, today announced the availability of its award-winning Goal Zero Yeti 400 and 1400 Lithium portable power stations. The new lithium-based battery power stations have been remastered from their lead acid predecessors to be more lightweight, versatile, durable and efficient, offering the next generation of portable power for any occasion.

The Goal Zero Yeti Lithium portable power stations run all of your essential devices with clean, robust power, and operate without the noise, fuel, and maintenance of traditional gasoline-powered generators. In some cases, a Goal Zero Yeti Lithium can even outperform a gas-powered generator in runtime and efficiency. Although combustion provides plentiful power, it is difficult to throttle outputs and results in a tremendous waste of energy. Goal Zero’s new lithium power stations allow users to efficiently utilize the power needed through multiple outlets and store the rest for other jobs.

“Consumers want more options to power their lives, whether for emergency preparedness, tailgating events, weekend projects, or camping,” said Bill Harmon, General Manager at Goal Zero. “With the Goal Zero Yeti Lithium line, we are delivering the next level of portable power at the push of a button, allowing customers access to power, without the noise, fumes and maintenance of traditional generators. The Yeti Lithium portable power stations provide the power you need, when you need it.”

Additional features of the Goal Zero Yeti Lithium portable power stations include:

Superior Outputs for Better Power

From USB to AC, the Goal Zero Yeti Lithiums feature the outputs you need to get the job done both indoors and out. The multi-stage surge capability of the AC inverter sets a new industry standard for portable power and allows you to power more devices than ever before – power tools, electric kettles, refrigerators, and more.

High-Quality, Replaceable Lithium Battery

Lightweight lithium batteries yield long runtimes and extended shelf-life when compared to lead acid. Our high quality lithium batteries feature additional monitoring electronics for superior management and ultimate safety. The lithium battery is also easily replaceable at the end of its lifecycle.

Informative Display, Award-Winning Design

Get real-time usage data at a quick glance. The upgraded display features a runtime/recharge time estimator, as well as an output and input meter. The Goal Zero Yeti Lithium was also the winner of multiple awards in January of this year, including a prestigious Innovation Award from the Consumer Electronics Association in Portable Power.

Easily Rechargeable

Both Goal Zero Yeti Lithiums are easily charged up from the wall or from the sun (solar panels sold separately).

From the outdoors to the indoors, the Goal Zero Yeti Lithiums provide foolproof, versatile power solutions for all types of projects. Professionals can use it for their work in the service industry, planning-minded people can use it for their emergency preparedness, tailgaters can use it to power up their parties and campers can use it on their outdoor adventures.

The Goal Zero Yeti 400 and 1400 Lithium portable power stations are available to consumers for $699.99 and $1,999.99, respectively, at GoalZero.com. For more information, please visit www.goalzero.com.

About Goal Zero

Goal Zero is the industry leader in sustainable, portable power. From phones to fridges and everything in between, our solar panels, rechargers and accessories give you the power to go farther, regardless of your gear’s battery life. We were born out of the desire to empower people everywhere, and as an NRG company we’re working to change the way people think about and use power by pioneering the development of smarter energy choices. Power. Anything. Anywhere. For more information, visit www.GoalZero.com.

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