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Generac GB1000 Power Station (Cordless)

Generac Portable Power Station

Manufacturer: Generac
Model number: GB1000
Price: $999
Power source: Internal Li-Ion Battery
Weight: 29 lbs
Cordless power stations (generators) are becoming extremely popular both on the jobsite and around the house.

Features and Specifications

  • Clean, Emission-Free, Portable Power – Take it with you
    wherever you go, indoors or out.
  • Versatile Fast Recharging – Recharge from 0-80% in 2.1
    hours from a wall outlet (GB1000). Also supports input from
    solar, car and generator. Combine charging methods for
    even faster recharge times.
  • Compact, Durable Design – Lightweight and easy to use
    with durable enclosure, ergonomic handle, and on-board
  • Wireless Charging Pad – 15W wireless charging for
    compatible devices.
  • Large Multi-Color 4.7″ Display – View charge level,
    remaining runtime and other key info at-a-glance.
  • Fast Solar Charging with Built-In MPPT Controller – No
    controller accessory needed. Solar panels sold separately.

Quiet Easy Portable Power

With all the developments with battery technology we’ve seen an explosion of new products that take advantage of significant power storage in batteries. The market has recently seen a huge influx of battery powered “generators” and Generac has jumped into the game. Generac sent us their all new GB1000 Power Station to evaluate. The GB1000 produces 1600 running watts of power with a capacity of 1086k watt-hours. Generac is also offering the GB2000 which is 2106kWh capacity.

The GB1000 (1086k Wh capacity) is designed to provide quiet odor free power for a wide range of electronics including: phones, sump pumps, refrigerators, power tools, phones, and nearly any 120V AC or 12V DC equipment in your home. The unit is compact and offers several recharging options including AC wall outlets, solar, car and generator inputs. The GB1000 provides power in many different configurations including integrated AC and 12V DC outlets, USB ports and a 15W wireless charging pad. The unit comes with a 4.7″ multi-color display that shows key data, including charge level, run-time and current output.

“The all-new Generac GB1000 and GB2000 Portable Power Stations are the ultimate answer for emission-free, portable power that can go virtually anywhere without restrictions,” said Kyle Raabe, president of Consumer Power for Generac. “This is a product that’s been designed from the ground up to deliver high-power output and versatile, fast-charging technology with a long-lasting battery. At Generac, we take our role as the leader in energy technology solutions seriously, and we are proud to offer the freedom and flexibility that comes with clean, high-capacity portable power.”

Both models boast fast recharging, with the GB1000 going from a 0 to 80 percent charge level in as little as 2.1 hours from a wall outlet. Furthermore, the Generac GB1000 and GB2000 Portable Power Stations have the ability to support multiple sources of combined charging inputs that can result in even faster recharge times.

Solid Performance

The real test of these new cordless power stations is using them on high demand applications, especially electronics with motors. We took the GB1000 to a job site and put it to the test on several power tools.  Pictured above is the GB1000 hooked up to a miter saw on a new house build. The power station had no problems powering the saw and we were pleasantly surprised that the saw didn’t have any lag on start-up. We also used it to run a job-site table saw again with no problems at all.

The GB1000 certainly offers great flexibility in both recharging and powering devices. We recharged the GB1000 with both wall outlets and using the cigarette lighter port in a truck. Generac also offers a solar panel as an optional feature for charging the power station.

This is a very versatile option for portable power. Whether you are dealing with a power outage on the job or at home it provides clean reliable power when you need it. This portable power station is perfect for camping, tailgating, powering your refrigerator in a power outage and so much more. The most obvious benefit is having a power source that isn’t dependent on the ability to start a gas engine. Anyone that’s owned a gas generator knows that if you don’t start them on a regular basis and maintain them you may find yourself unable to start them when you most need them.

The other huge benefit to a cordless power station compared to a gas generator is the lack of fumes. During a storm you can safely place the GB1000 inside your home and not worry about dangerous fumes. Considering how dangerous gas generators can be with carbon monoxide this is huge benefit.

Overall Thoughts

The Generac GB1000 Power Station is a versatile cordless power supply built by a company that is a leader in portable power solutions.  The easy to use controls and wide range or outlet types for powering nearly any electronic device around the house makes it a great consumer choice. We were very impressed with it’s ability to power tools on the jobsite, especially the table saw. Priced at $999 this may be a bit steep for some consumers but this unit doesn’t need gas or maintenance and that should be considered in comparing it to a gas powered generator. Combine that with no noise and no fumes it becomes a great value in our opinion.

Generac Portable Power Station

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  1. Tom

    What was the approximate runtime when powering a table saw?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      We didn’t run it all day. We used it hooked up to a chop saw and ran that on and off all day. I’d have to really do a test.

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