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 Milwaukee Cordless M18 FUEL Pipe Threader 2874-22HD

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader (2874-22HD)

Manufacturer: Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader
Model number: 2874-22HD
Price: 1,799
Power source: Battery
Motor size: 18V
Weight: 22.3 Lbs.
The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader Model 2874-22HD is a game-changer for plumbers and electricians. Not being attached to a cord is a wonderful option to have. The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader met all of my expectations and threaded pipe like a beast. During the review process, the other users and I quickly realized that we would not be dragging out the old and heavy Ridgid 700 any longer. We all agreed that the 22.3 pound brushless Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader is clearly the future of threading pipe.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader Features

  • AUTOSTOP Kickback Control
  • Side Grip Thread Starts
  • Side grip and die head retention lock for no engagement with spinning die head
  • Offset die head for closer threading near pipe bends and against walls.
  • Compatible with Ridgid 12-R and Reed R12+ die heads
  • Dedicated Support Arm allows threading without pipe stand
  • Over 25x 2” pipe threads per charge
  • Multi-Speed Selector
  • One-Key Tracking Technology
  • Brushless Motor
  • Magnesium Enforced Carry Handle

Standout Features

While using the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader it delivered power that is on par with the corded Ridgid 700. The Ridgid is our baseline of comparison and is widely considered the gold standard of mechanical pipe threading tools.

The Milwaukee has a grip on the top which allows you to start threading pipe easier because you can push on the tool instead of the die head, compared to the Ridgid 700. There is also a built-in autostop feature that senses severe kickback and automatically shuts off the tool. I was worried that this may affect the performance, but it does not at all and was very much appreciated when the tool snagged. A support arm is also included for those times that you need extra support with a larger pipe. Milwaukee’s One-Key system and Redlink-Plus intelligence are also included for tool tracking and information. These are great features for tool management, especially when it comes to expensive tools like this one.


Milwaukee Pipe Threader Rubber Grips

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader has a comfortable rubber-coated angled grip for both hands. Compared to the oily metal handle of the old Rigid, this tool is very comfortable to hold. The carry handle is magnesium-enforced for extra strength.

Multi-Speed  Adjustment Knob

Milwaukee claims that the 2874-22HD will thread faster than a corded threader. This claim is mostly because it has two speeds. Speed number 2 is definitely faster than the corded Rigid tool, however, that speed may sacrifice precision in some threading applications. Throughout the review process, Speed 1 was my default setting as it allows for greater precision.

Milwaukee Pipe Threader Die Head Retention Lock

The die head retention lock is a very nice feature.  The M18 FUEL Pipe Threader can lock the die into the threader which prevents the die head from ejecting out. With the die head locked into place, I no longer have to hold the die head in place while threading like on the Rigid 700.  There are also black rubber side grips allowing you to push or pull the threader when beginning or finishing threading the pipe.  When we use our older Rigid 700 the dies can also be a pain to remove. We really like the lock feature to hold the die head in, but we also like that when you unlock, the die head comes right out with ease.

Milwaukee Pipe Threader Carrying Case

We have been lugging around the old Rigid 700 for years. When we opened the box to find a large carrying case to neatly hold the pipe threader, threading support arm, charger, and two batteries we were extremely impressed. Not expecting a carrying case large enough for a pipe threader we were happy to know that our new pipe threader would be neatly organized and stored in the truck. The carrying case also has a rubber seal, sealing the oily tool portion of the case from the batteries and charger.

Milwaukee M18 Rapid Charger

Another benefit of the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader is the included Rapid Charger. The rapid charger adds great value as it will charge all of your M12 and/or M18 batteries very quickly. The Rapid Charger is also necessary to charge the big HD 12.0 batteries that are included in a timely manner. To be completely honest, we were very excited to add this charger to our Milwaukee tool lineup and have the ability to charge all of our other batteries quickly. This rapid charger is a game-changer for our job sites.


Yes, this kit includes two M18 HD 12.0 Batteries. The 12.0 batteries are absolutely necessary for powering this beast of a tool.  The M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT HD12.0 battery is said to deliver unmatched run-time in all applications. They will also give you the power to thread up to 25 – 2” black iron pipe, stainless steel, and rigid metal conduit on one full battery. Not only do we use these big boy batteries on the pipe threader, but I find that I use them often when in the field. My favorite tools to use them on are the Milwaukee M18 hammer drill, the Milwaukee M18 LED Compact Site Light, or the Milwaukee Job Site Radio/Charger because the battery will just last an incredibly long time.

Rigid Die Set

The Milwaukee Pipe Threader is compatible with Ridgid 12-R and Rigid R12+ die heads. We used the pipe threader with old die heads and new die heads. Both worked great with the Milwaukee, but of course, there’s nothing like a sharp new set of Rigid Dies cut through some metal.

Purchasing the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader

Currently, the Milwaukee is available for $1,799.00 as a kit. There are bare tool options available as well. The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader is slightly more expensive than a new Rigid 700. In my opinion, it’s well worth it to not be attached to the cord. In addition to the tool, the batteries, the charger, and the carrying case all make this a valuable tool to own.

The M18 FUEL Pipe Threader is available now in-store and online. Follow the Buy Now links below to purchase the Milwaukee Pipe Threader from some of our preferred retail partners.

Room for Improvement


I really don’t have anything negative to say about the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader. The Milwaukee pipe threader is partially made out of red plastic. This could be a concern for some, however, the plastic is very thick and heavy-duty. I am not at all concerned with durability.

Overall Impression

We tested this Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader while running 3/4″ and 1″ black pipe for propane in two new construction homes. We installed over 375′ of pipe in total between the two homes. Although some of that pipe is pre-threaded, those numbers show that we really gave this threader a good workout. The large 12.0 battery provided consistent power to complete most of the job. When the battery finally got low we had the second battery charged and ready anyways. Not only are we big fans of the pipe threader but also really like the case, the batteries, and the charger. The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader impressed us so much that there is no doubt that the Rigid 700 is going to be collecting dust. This Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pipe Threader is clearly the future.

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