New FEIN Tools and Accessories with Starlock

FEIN MultiMaster, MultiTalent, SuperCut and accessories with Starlock

accessoriesPittsburgh, March, 2016. In April 2016, FEIN will introduce to the market all oscillating power tools with the new, patented Starlock tool mount. This mounting system, developed jointly with Bosch, precisely matches machine and accessories and ensures maximum power transmission and perfect results. The accessories, which have been available since January, reach their full performance capabilities in combination with the new oscillating power tools: Starlock accessories are changed in less than three seconds. With the FEIN Starlock mount accessories, the new FEIN MultiMaster and MultiTalent work up to 35% faster than their predecessors. The FEIN SuperCut achieves up to 45% faster cutting speeds. With almost 50 years of experience in this tool category, this well-established German company offers the most powerful oscillating power tool in every performance class and the largest range of accessories in the market.

cordless multiStarlock: Tool mount for power tools and accessories

For oscillating power tools to saw, sand, scrape or polish as efficiently as possible, power must be transferred from machine to accessory with minimal backlash. That is why the Starlock power tool and accessory system works faster, more conveniently and more economically than previous systems with conventional tool mounts. The accessory snaps onto the power tool mount and locks in securely. The tool change takes less than three seconds. Starlock accessories are equipped with a recessed, three-dimensional mount and achieves more precise results and up to 45% faster work progress. FEIN is the only supplier to manufacture its E-Cut saw blades with a rigid stainless steel holder. This makes the blades even more powerful and with less vibration, less noise and greater precision. Original FEIN accessories with Starlock mount are compatible with most oscillating machines in the market (FEIN, Bosch and other manufacturers with 12-point mounts). Up to 25% faster performance is achieved with all FEIN oscillating power tools in the market.

Multi-tool Evolution

The most extensive machine and accessory system

As the inventor of oscillating power tools, FEIN offers the widest range in the market: from the universal, new-user model for interior construction and renovation with 250 watts of power output to the most high-performing oscillating power tool with 450 watts output for specific applications in specialized industries. Each machine achieves the highest cutting speeds in its particular performance class.

The battery-operated power tools (from 12 to 18 volts) are as powerful as the corresponding corded models. FEIN has tuned the system of power tool and accessories for high power, fast work progress and precise results. With over 100 different accessories, this manufacturer offers the largest variety of applications. Many parts are patented and only available from FEIN.

FEIN manufactures all its oscillating power tools and many accessory components at its company headquarters in Schwäbisch Gmünd-Bargau, Germany. Another special feature developed by FEIN, which was presented for the first time in 2014, is its patented anti-vibration system. Due to an innovative construction, almost none of the oscillating motion of the power tool is transferred to the user. Vibrations are reduced by up to 70%. The self-supporting motor is connected to the motor housing via flexible damping elements. This means that continuous daily operation for eight hours is achievable, even when sawing. In addition, the anti-vibration system reduces noise generation by approximately 50%. Almost all FEIN oscillating power tools work with this vibration damping (with the exception of the MultiTalent Start and QuickStart corded tools).

New FEIN oscillating power tools with Starlock mount

vibrationAt 450 watts, the FEIN SuperCut Construction FSC 500 QSL is the most powerful renovation system in the market. The new generation with Starlock tool mount is now, for the first time, equipped with the FEIN anti-vibration system and offers an impressive performance with an increased oscillating angle of twice 2.1 degrees. The FEIN SuperCut is designed for professional groups such as carpenters, interior remodelers, window restorers, tile installers, HVAC installers and plumbers. Each of the professional sets is matched to the trade and its special applications.

The equally new FEIN cordless SuperCut AFSC 18 QSL operates with powerful 18 volt lithium-ion batteries, with optionally 2.5 or 5 ampere-hours. It is shipped with a newly-developed, high-efficiency, brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor.

Additional information about FEIN oscillating power tools with Starlock tool mount and original FEIN accessories will be available, beginning in April, at:

FEIN oscillating power tools and accessories are available at specialty dealers. The FEIN MultiMaster, FEIN MultiTalent and accessories are also available at Bauhaus branches.

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