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FEIN Model AFMM14 MultiMaster Cordless Kit

FEIN MultiMaster Cordless

Manufacturer: FEIN
Model number: AFMM 14
Price: $499
Power source: 14.4 Volts
Weight: 3.7 lbs (Incl. Battery)
FEIN has been the “father” of oscillating multi tools since it released the first oscillating cutting tool back in 1985 for the auto glass industry. Since then they have set the standard for the Oscillating Multi Tool (OMT) category. I recently had the opportunity to try their cordless MultiMaster, Model AFMM 14, as part of our OMT head to head series.

The head to head testing and evaluation was a unique opportunity to use the tool side by side with the other leading cordless OMT’s. The testing was a great way to compare all the features in a very relative process.

FEIN MultiMaster Cordless

FEIN MultiMaster Cordless Features

  • High torque motor with performance identical to corded version.
  • Large battery capacity and maximum performance due to 8 lithium-ion cells.
  • Convenient, tool-free accessory change, using the QuickIN rapid change system.
  • Highest ‘Made in Germany’ quality
  • Capacity indicator on every battery.
  • High-tech Li-ion battery technology with monitoring of individual cells.
  • 8 point tool mounting for outstanding torque transfer.
  • Electronic speed control.
  • Integrated interface for mounting additional system accessories.
  • Softgrip zone provides optimal handling.
  • Wide selection of accessories available for all applications.

FEIN MultiMaster Cordless and Corded Versions

Compact Portable Design

The FEIN AFMM 14 cordless MultiMaster is a very nice compact and portable oscillating multi-tool (OMT). While it’s slightly larger than the corded version it’s considerably smaller than some of the larger 18V brands on the market. The first thing I noticed about the AFMM 14 is it’s sleek design that incorporates the shape of the battery pack into the tools overall shape and appearance. The result is an OMT that fits into tight spaces and won’t get caught on things as you cut, sand and scrape with it.

The AFMM 14 comes with a very nice hard case that holds the batteries, charger, and accessories in a very organized way. It’s certainly the nicest OMT case on the market hands down.

FEIN MultiMaster Cordless Cutting Walnut

FEIN MultiMaster AFMM 14 Precision

During my recent head to head testing of seven different cordless OMT’s I found the FEIN AFMM 14 to be one of the most precise, and easiest to control during precision cuts. Testing involved making vertical plumb cuts in pine baseboard. The FEIN was the easiest to control and most comfortable in this application. I think one of the biggest reasons is this tool seems to be the smoothest in terms of vibration (which is a strange concept considering these tools work by using vibration).

FEIN MultiMaster Cordless Grip

FEIN AFMM 14 Comfort / Ergonomics

Obviously ergonomics is a very subjective topic. However, I think it’s quite obvious that FEIN has spent a lot of time working on the shape of this tool in an effort to make it very comfortable to use. Anyone that uses an OMT on a regular basis knows that the tool is always being rotated, tipped, and tilted in your hands as you use it to cut. Because the FEIN cordless MultiMaster is so sleek I find it very easy to move around from position to position in a very fluid motion. It may not sound that important, but when you pick up 7 different models and start performing the same tasks, it really stood out to me as an important factor to consider.

FEIN MultiMaster Accessory Storage

FEIN Accessories

One of the really impressive things about the FEIN AFMM 14 is the number of accessories that come with the kit. It includes everything you need to get started on most any project. In addition to the accessories that come with the kit, FEIN produces lots of accessories for their OMT line including a cutting guide and depth guide. The quality of their blades and accessories are very good and I find that the blades stay sharp longer than many of the competitor blades.

FEIN MultiMaster Cordless Cutting Nails

FEIN MultiMaster Cordless Power

The one place that the FEIN AFMM 14 falls short of the competition is power. The problem from my point of view is the fact that the FEIN is the only OMT using a 14.4 volt battery platform. This puts the tool in a strange situation, as it’s more powerful than the 12V models out there yet falls short compared to the 18V models. I’d really like to see them upgrade this tool to an 18V battery platform which would likely drastically improve how this tool compares to the other 18V models.

To test the power of the AFMM 14, we did head to head testing against 6 other brands all using the same blades (Bosch OSC114C, Multi-Tool Carbide Tooth blades), cutting 16d framing nails. This is a fairly extreme test but it allowed us to get a very relative comparison of power. While the FEIN AFMM 14 was able to cut the nails without any trouble, it wasn’t able to keep up with the speed and ease that other 18V OMT’s produced.

While this tool didn’t offer as much power, that lack of power most likely was a primary reason that I felt this tool handles much better in precise cutting situations.

Overall Impression of the FEIN MultiMaster Cordless AFMM 14 Kit

The FEIN MultiMaster Cordless AFMM 14 Kit is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for a cordless OMT. If you’ve owned a MultiMaster in the past you’ll find the cordless version works exactly the same as the corded version and offers the same speed and oscillations. The fit and finish on FEIN tools is always very impressive. This tool performs very well in finish applications where precision and accuracy are important. Because this is a 14.4 volt cordless tool there are other more powerful cordless OMT’s on the market if you need to cut lots of metal and difficult materials.

FEIN is the father of OMT’s and their quality and attention to detail are still one of the reasons they lead this category. While certainly not the cheapest option out there, you do get what you pay for and this is a tool that will last for years to come.

FEIN MultiMaster Cordless

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  2. prima

    I had my fein for26,27 years. Never broke down. Lately the head r a n wwarm after a while and decided te replace the bearings. Easy to buy horrible to replace.
    The batteries still last strangely. Festool has broken down after 3 times, the batteries have died 4 times

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