Bosch 18V Multi-X Oscillating Tool Review – Model MXH180BL

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Bosch MXH180BL 18V Multi-X Oscillating Tool

Bosch MXH180BL Oscillating Tool Kit

Manufacturer: Bosch
Model number: MXH180BL
Price: $229
Power source: 18V Li-Ion
Motor size: Brushless
Weight: 3 lbs
Bosch Power Tools introduced their version of the cordless oscillating tool, the 18 volt Multi-X, model MXH180BL. This brushless circuitry designed motor now offers up to 30% more power and better efficiency. When you consider that Bosch added a 4.0 Ah fat pack battery to this tool and then combined that with their Constant Response™ Circuitry which allows the tool to maintain constant speed under a heavy load and protect it from overheating, you have to be impressed.

Bosch MXH180BL Kit

MXH180BL First Impression

The MXH180BL weighs in a little over 3 pounds, around 12.6 inches long, and has a variable speed ranging from 8,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute (OMP). At first appearance its very noticeable that any tool user would be able to use this for cutting the bottom of door jambs, flush-cutting, plunge cutting, sanding, grinding, grout removal, and scraping all without the 4.0 Ah fat pack battery getting in the way.

Bosch MXH180BL OMT

MXH180BL Power

When it comes to cordless tools, the question of power and battery life are typically the first few questions asked. I would go as far as saying that this tool, equipped with the appropriate battery can easily be compared to it’s corded version, the MX30E. During our Head to Head competition, the MXH180BL took best in class for cutting 16 penny framing nails. It also took 2nd place in plunge cutting, but should be noted that the power of this model made it VERY easy to complete this task.

Battery Compatibility

The Bosch MXH180BL is compatible with all generations of Bosch lithium-ion Fat and Slim Pack 18-volt batteries. What you may not know, is the new 4.0 Ah batteries feature the CoolPack™ design with special heat-conductive housing that keeps the batteries cooler in extensive use.

Bosch MXH180BL Blade Holder

Tool-Less Accessory Changing

No extra parts??? Bosch has one of the nicest accessory changing features on the market – no tools or small loose pins to deal with. An accessory change lever is located on the side of the working end of this tool and makes for a fast and easy changeover allowing for any of the 12 blade positions. It’s time to forget about those wrenches and small pins that other manufacturers have.

The Bosch MXH180BL uses the Oscillating Interface System (OIS) accessories.  Other blade manufacturers’ line Imperial Blades also utilize the OIS accessory systems and are compatible with the Bosch MXH180BL.

MHX180BL Vibration

The Bosch MXH180BL has a soft start motor and a reinforced gear housing to reduce vibration and soft rubber grip areas for comfort. Although the vibration was a little more than one of its competitors, it was still easy to use and only 78 decibels. Reduced vibration and decibel level..that’s a win all day.

What’s In the “Boxx”

The MXH180BL comes in an L-Boxx with an exact fit insert, as a bare tool and is set up for users who are already using the Bosch 18V platform.  However you will find the OSC312F Segment saw blade and accessory storage box. Whether you are a tradesman, or handy-man, having a specific storage container for a tool not only keeps the tool safely stored, but saves time, which in turn saves money. The Click and Go system continues to do just that. It maintains organizational/storage needs while allowing anyone to stay mobile.

Bosch MXH180BL Cutting Nails

Using the Bosch MXH180BL

We’ve been using the Bosch MXH180BL 0n the job site for  some time now to cut exterior trim, siding, moldings and other precision cuts and are impressed with the power and run time.  Powerful, soft start, minimal vibration, tool-less blade change, variable speed, what more could anyone ask for? CORDLESS!!!

The Bosch MXH180BL did everything we asked of it during our Head to Head testing, and then some. I personally own the corded Bosch Multi-X MX30E and having used both, I can boldly say the cordless has no problems keeping up with the quality the MX30E version has already laid down. Bosch has recognized the need for cordless tools. They took the well-designed MX30E corded multi-tool and incorporated it into the Bosch Empire.

Bosch MXH180BL Specifications

  • Lithium Ion Battery Chemistry
  • 18 volt
  • L-Boxx-2
  • 12.6 inch length
  • 1.4 degree oscillating angle
  • 8,000 – 20,000 Oscillations per minute (OPM) and speed
  • 3 pounds
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty, Limited 3-Year Warranty with ProVantage
  • Rubberized over-mold soft grip areas
  • No-mar plastic ribs, protecting the vertical surface in front of the tool

Room for Improvement

If Bosch was looking for feedback on how to improve this tool I’d tell them to consider slimming down the body of the tool. As a go-to cordless tool, it would be nice if it was a little sleeker. Also along those lines I would consider adding rubber overmold to the underside of the tool, where the operator’s fingers tend to stay.

Also, the newest feature of all most every tool, include LED lighting of some sort. Where this tool is used in smaller areas, and sometimes awkward areas, a little extra light on the situation is always helpful.

Overall Impression Bosch MXH180BL

The MXH180BL is an “ask and you shall receive” kind of tool. The design, though intuitively complex inside, outside is simple enough for even the most novice of handy-men to use. To then maintain Bosch’s cordless design with tool-less accessorizing, you truly get an impressive tool. Bosch maintains the integrity of their cordless tools, so it’s no surprise that the MXH180BL did so well during our Head to Head testing. For that reason, the capability of the tool, and what it comes with, I could not help but recommend this tool for a variety of tool enthusiasts.

How Much and Where to Buy

The kit comes complete with an L-Boxx storage case, Exact-Fit Tool Insert Tray and one accessory blade for a suggested retail price of $229.00. Users can add their choice of batteries and chargers, which are sold separately and are interchangeable with all existing Bosch 18-volt cordless tools.

Bosch MXH180BL Oscillating Tool Kit


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  2. sevenkul

    How many nails did one blade cut approximately?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      It depends on the blade. If you use a carbide blade you can cut dozens.

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