Senco Framing Nailer FN91T1

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Senco 3-1/2” 34° Paper Tape Framing Nailer FN91T1 Review

Senco Framing Nailer FN91T1

Manufacturer: Senco
Model number: FN91T1
Price: 2.99.00
Power source: Compressed Air
Motor size: Pneumatic nailer
Weight: 8.39
I recently reviewed the Senco Framing Nailer FN91T1 on a whole house remodel I was doing. This new Senco nailer is a 30-34° pneumatic nailer capable of handling 2- 3-1/2” smooth, ring and screw shank style nails.

First Impression

First impressions are important. To me, the Senco Framing Nailer FN91T1 is a large, robust, powerhouse weighing in at 8.39 lbs. I like that the nailer is an all-in-one full-head framer for me, having the versatility to handle a range of nails and nail styles.

The first project I used this on was to install three sets of LVL large beams and headers. I was impressed with the power of the nailer to easily sink 16d nails into LVL and PSL-engineered lumber.


• Weight 8.39 lbs.
• Height: 14.13″ (358 mm)
• Length: 17.25″ (438 mm)
• Width: 4.88″ (123 mm)
• Warranty: 5 years
• Capacity: 80
• Power Type: Pneumatic
• Operating Pressure: 70 – 120 (PSI)
• Air Consumption: 6.7 (SCFM)
• Air Inlet NPT 3/8″
• Nail Range: 2″ – 3-1/2” Paper Tape

Using the Senco Framing Nailer FN91T1

The Senco Framing Nailer FN91T1 is well balanced, its magazine is large enough for two strips of nails and still easily manages toe-nail easily between studs.

Another feature I liked was that the in-line magazine allows for an unobstructed line of sight for left- and right-hand users. Nice engineering!

Depth of Drive

Setting the depth of drive for plywood was super easy and quick with its large, ambidextrous aluminum knob that is easily manipulated with gloves on.

Acceptable Nails

  • Ring shank paper tape nails, degree: 34°, range: 2″ – 3-1/2″
  • Ring shank paper tape collated nails, degree: 34°, range: 2″ – 2-3/8″
  • Screw shank paper tape collated nails, degree: 34° range: 3”
  • Smooth Shank Paper Tape Collated Nails, degree 34° Range: 2″ – 3-1/2″


The working end of the nailer has a super aggressive tip for toe nailing that makes it a breeze, solving a major frustration I’ve had with my older nailers, where the tip slides when toenailing.

Rafter Hook

A large, rotatable, aluminum rafter hook on the right side of the tool easily fixes over doubled materials and folds easily out of the way.

Dry Fire Lockout

The Senco has a dryfire lockout top to reduce wear and tear on the tool and alert you to reload.

How Much and Where to Buy

The Senco Framing Nailer FN91T1 sells online for $299.00 and can be purchased here: LINK ADDED SOON

Overall Impression

My first ever framing nailer, 30 years ago, was a Senco FramePro 600, then I moved on to a Paslode framer. The Senco Framing Nailer FN91T1 is a perfect framer or remodeler nailer. Its versatility can handle a variety of nail styles and is powerful to handle today’s engineered lumber.

It’s found a home with our crew, highly recommended!!

Senco Framing Nailer – Video Review

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  1. lsajs78

    Hi Rob seen your review on the senco fn91t1 I purchased one and I cant get 80 nail in the magazine after it quits shooting nails with 5 nails left in magazine. Did you have this issue.

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