Metabo HPT 18 GA Brad Cordless Nailer Review

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Metabo HPT 18 GA Cordless Multivolt 2 Inch Brad Nailer (Model: NT1850DFQ4)

Metabo HPT 18 GA Cordless Brad Nailer (Model NT1850DFQ4)

Manufacturer: Metabo HPT
Model number: NT1850DFQ4
Power source: Cordless Li-Ion
Motor size: 18V
Weight: 4.4 lbs
We recently got a sample of the new Metabo HPT 18 GA Cordless Brad Nailer to test out in our shops. We used it for a wide range of trim applications and also on some custom-finished furniture orders. It was powerful, comfortable, and incredibly reliable over the course of a few weeks of use. We looked at the power & performance, design & ergonomics, and overall value. So to see our highlights and takeaways, read on!

Features & Specifications | NT1850DFQ4


  • Air spring drive system
  • Tool-less depth of drive adjustment
  • Single LED light
  • Side lock switch prevents accidental firing
  • Warranty: Lifetime Tool Warranty, 2-year battery warranty, and 1-year charger warranty


  • Power Output: 18V
  • Nail Size: 18 Gauge.
  • Nail Length: 5/8 – 2 in.
  • Nails/Charge: 1,300 (w/ 2.0Ah Battery)
  • Magazine Capacity: approx. 100
  • Multi Nail Speed: 3 fasteners/second
  • Battery Type: 18V Li-Ion (or 36V w/ Multivolt)
  • Weight: 4.4 Lbs

Power & Performance

The major highlight of the Metabo HPT 18 GA. Cordless Brad Nailer (Model: NT1850DFQ4) was its overall performance in the shop and on the jobsite. This finish nailer had zero jams or hangups during our testing. There are very few cordless finish nailers we can say that about. And while a jam is bound to happen, this speaks to the overall quality of this Metabo HPT finish nailer. In addition to performing reliable, it also exemplified satisfying power. Whether 3/4 in. or 2 in. nails in pine or cherry, this nailer consistently produced flush to slightly inset nail-heads in line with the desired settings. The fastener depth setting is a standard depth collar integrated into the tool body just above the non-marring tip.

We were also extremely pleased with the battery life of the NT1850DFQ4. Metabo HPT advertised this finish nailer as driving 1300 nails on a single 18V 2.0Ah charge. And while we are in the habit of throwing our batteries on their chargers as part of our daily site clear up process, we can attest to a full workday of regular use on a single 18V battery. As with any nailer, framing or finish, the stopgap was the standard fun of loading more fasteners.

Ergonomics & Design

The Metabo HPT 18 GA. Cordless Brad Nailer is a very well balanced, light, and comfortable cordless finish nailer. The molded over grip provided nice tack for reach-required overhead tasks. Loading nails was easy with a well-placed integrated trigger-switch-style release. The battery status indicator on the back of the battery made it easy to see, mid task, how much juice the battery had left; although as explained before we didn’t have to do that often at all. Finally, this Metabo HPT finish nailer auto turns off after 30 mins which was a good amount of time to not shut off in the middle of a task when I set it down. It also prevents showing up to a jobsite to find a dead battery in a tool that someone forgot to plug in or turn off.

Loaded Nail Strips

Loading/Release Trigger

Metabo HPT also includes a spot to store extra non-marring tips. Since these are a small consumable part that is easy to lose it was a nice touch. The tips also stayed in place with little “walk” even when fastening at angles. This can make a difference in select fine finished tasks so it worth pointing out.

Control Panel

This cordless nailer also features an integrated control panel to turn on/off the tool and change the mode settings. The controls are not as intuitive as found on other cordless finish nailers we’ve used. There are only 2 battery status indicator lights which are shared LEDs with the power indicator. But really if you need to check the battery you just press the indicator on the battery itself which 1) Is MUCH more accessible and 2) has 4 vs. the 2 bars. The right button and lights is for the mode using a single blue LED. Solid means single shot mode and blinking means multi or bump shot mode. The buttons are also recessed into the trigger/grip area and are not convenient to press in the middle of a task. It IS effective and there is very minimal chance of accidentally hitting buttons while using so we give it points for that.

Integrated LED

This Metabo HPT cordless finish nailer features a single integrated LED light on the right side of the main tool body. The placement of the LED is less than ideal however. It causes shadows to be cast on the left side of the tool where the light is obstructed by the tool body. It is almost halfway up the tool body as well so the light blocking is quite noticeable. This is also different from other cordless finish nailers we’ve used where the LED tends to be closer to the tool tip.

LED Placement in the Tool Body

LED Shadowing During Use

Key Takeaways | Metabo HPT 18 GA Brad Nailer (NT1850DFQ4)

The Metabo HPT 18 GA. Cordless Brad Nailer very quickly stood out as a consistent performer. Unlike other cordless 18GA brad guns we’ve used, the Metabo HPT experienced no jams in the first week of use. This is an exceptional performance rate on the job site and saves valuable time. We used both the single and contact actuation (bump) settings without any issues. Both modes are set via a button on the base. We weren’t huge fans of the indicator light placement and design since the LED indicator is very close to the battery status indicator light. But once its set it wasn’t a big deal. And since it performed well in both modes it was a preference vs a design issue. If you are already a Metabo HPT 18V user or looking to switch cordless nailers, this is a great option at $265 to choose from.

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