FLEX 24V 12″ Dual Bevel Miter Saw Kit Review

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FLEX 12″ Dual Bevel Cordless Miter Saw Kit – Model FX7141A-1J

FLEX 24V 12" Dual Bevel Miter Saw Kit

Manufacturer: FLEX
Model number: FX7141A-1J
Price: $799.99
Power source: 24v
Weight: 48.1 Lbs (bare)
FLEX is stepping up their game and coming into the cordless miter saw world. The FLEX 12″ Dual Bevel Miter Saw Kit was released on February 1, 2024. FLEX sent this new saw out earlier this year for extensive field testing and review. Following several months of field use, the following evaluation focuses on the features, specifications, and performance. Let’s look deeper into the FLEX 12″ Dual Bevel Cordless Miter Saw.

FLEX, a tool manufacturer founded in 1922, developed the world’s first angle grinder in 1954.  FLEX has its headquarters in Germany and still operates independently, despite joining the parent company Chevron in 2013.  In North America, FLEX delivers power for professional contractors through their 24V cordless platform.



  • Voltage – 24V
  • Blade Diameter: 12″
  • Blade Arbor Hole – 1″
  • No-Load Speed – 4,000 RPMs
  • Max Miter Angle – L:0-52° / R:0-60°
  • Max Bevel Angle – L: 0-48° / R:0-48°
  • LED Shadow Line
  • Weight – 48.1 Lbs (Bare Tool)

Kit Components

The FLEX FX7141A-1J miter saw kit comes with the following:

  • Miter Saw – FX7141X
  • 10Ah Stacked Lithium-Ion Battery – FX0341-1
  • FLEX 24V 280W RAPID CHARGER – FX0421-2
  • Dust Bag
  • Dust Elbow
  • Material Clamp
  • On-board Allen wrench

Robust Design

The FLEX FX7141X Miter Saw weighs in at 48.1 lbs as a bare tool. All the moving parts on this saw are made of solid metal. Once the lever locks are engaged, neither the fence nor the table extensions move or wiggle. The fit and finish of the moving parts are excellent, as noted by the lack of slop or movement when secured in place.


The FLEX miter saw has a large footprint that requires ample space to operate. The depth of the FLEX FX7141X measures 41-1/2″. That is from the front handle to the back of the sliding rail.  The measurement side to side with the base extensions fully open is 39-7/8″.  The height of the saw when closed and locked is 17-3/4″, however when open the height is 29-1/4″.

The miter saw has a top carrying handle as well as side carrying handles for the option of one or two-handed carry. These handle locations are comfortable and easy to use with gloves on. You should not carry this saw by the table extensions while they are extended.

When compared to other 12″ cordless miter saws, this FLEX saw is similar in size and weight.  Most remodeling contractors do not want to lug around a large, heavy saw like this. Our opinion is if you have this saw on a mobile stand to assist with transportation you should be ok. If not mounted on a mobile stand, this saw is better suited in the shop.

Spindle Locking Mechanism

The FLEX miter saw comes with a unique spindle locking mechanism lever which is different than your typical push button spindle lock.  FLEX calls it SpindleStop and the operator no longer has to hold down the spindle lock button while trying to loosen the blade bolt.

To remove the saw blade simply push the spindle lock lever down and rotate the blade slowly until it fully seats into its locked position. Then use the on-board Allen wrench, which is stored behind the right fence, to remove the blade bolt. This process is super simple to achieve. Because this feature stays locked in place until the level is returned back, FLEX has built-in a safety feature. When the main switch is pressed while the spindle lock is engaged, the LED shadow light will flash as a reminder to disengage the spindle lock.

Handle Design

The main switch has a lock-off safety lever that must be moved to the left to be able to depress the main switch. The safety lever keeps the saw from accidentally being turned on. The handle is large with a large opening allowing easy access for the operator to have gloves on.

The LED shadow light system is controlled by the shadow light switch and is independent of the miter saw main switch. This switch is located on the handle and can easily be engaged while holding the handle. This handle is comfortable for both left-handed and right-handed users.

Run-Time Test

FLEX claims that this saw will make 630 crosscuts in 3-1/4” MDF baseboard trim.  This run-time test is based on the saw running on a 10.0 Ah Stacked 24V lithium-ion battery. A run-time test was conducted on the FLEX FX7141X.

For the run-time test, repetitive cuts were made using 2×6 KD lumber until the battery was exhausted. The saw was started and brought up to full speed. The saw was brought forward, the cut was made and waited for the blade to stop. Cuts made were 3/4″ wide on the lumber using a positive stop and a vise clamp. The cut piece was removed and then the process was repeated.

The test was conducted with a fully charged 24V 10.0 Ah battery, which is included when you purchase the kitted version.  The results of this run-time test were 222 cuts in 2×6 KD lumber. After the 222nd cut, the saw would not turn back on. The LED light just flashed indicating a dead battery.


The FLEX miter saw is AC/DC compatible and uses an AC battery-like adapter. This feature is designed for long-duration remodeling jobs where constantly changing and charging batteries can be avoided or at the end of the day when your batteries are depleted but there is still more work to be accomplished.

The connection at the adapter pivots to eliminate wear and tear when the saw is angled or beveled. The FLEX adapter comes with a 12-foot cord section that allows for freedom of movement for various workspaces and applications. The adapter is also wall mountable, perfect if you are using the saw in your workshop.

Dust Collection

The FLEX FX7141A-1J kit comes with two options for dust collection. When purchasing, the users get a saw dust bag and a vacuum adapter. The vacuum adapter accepts vacuum hoses with diameters 1¼” (32mm) or 1½” (38mm).

The saw features a large rubber chute that collects dust, which functions adequately. It was observed that a considerable amount of sawdust accumulated on the back of the saw following the completion of the run-time test. A dust extractor, which had recently been emptied and fitted with new filters, was connected to the saw during the run-time test.

Ease of Use | Bevel and Miter

The miter gauge is easy to read with black letters on the silver plate. The gauge can be easily adjusted with a set screw and the on-board wrench (same tool as the hex key for blade change). The saw did require some adjusting of the set screw to get the blade perfectly dialed in.

The miter saw will bevel 52° to the left and 60° to the right. There are several positive detents at the common angles of 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, and 45° both right and left. There is a button to press to eliminate the positive detents and set it to the desired angle. You can push the handle down to lock your non-detented angle.

The bevel adjustment handle has stages. If you pull the handle up one click, it will loosen the handle and it will stop at the next positive detent in the direction left or right. When you pull the handle forward completely towards you, it allows you to move to the desired angle. Once you have reached the desired angle, push the handle back down to lock it into place.

Positive Bevel Detents

  • 22.5° Left and Right
  • 33.9° Left and Right
  • 45° Left and Right

Cut Line | LED Light

Miter saws with lights on both sides of the blade to create a kerf width shadow is a significant improvement in precision cutting technology. This LED cut line provides users with clear and exact cut lines, resulting in unmatched accuracy. Many Tool Box Buzz crew members prefer the LED light shadow line versus a laser line. 

LED work light can be turned on by the momentary switch that will automatically turn off after 1 minute if the saw is not in use. One minute is too long for the light to stay on. 20-30 seconds is more than enough time to illuminate the work surface. The light is also activated automatically every time the tool’s main trigger is pulled. The LED worklight begins to flash when the battery is near the end of its charge.

FLEX FX7141X | Buying Options

The FLEX FX7141X is sold in two options; bare tool or in a kit.  The bare tool option gets you the saw, a dust bag, a vacuum adapter, a material clamp, and a blade change wrench for $599.99. The kitted version will give you the same as the bare tool but adds a 10Ah stacked lithium-ion battery (FX0341) and the 280w charger (FX0421) and costs $799.99. The AC/DC power adapter (FX0511-Z) is not included in the kitted version and sells separately for $199.00

Overall Thoughts

FLEX continues to impress the Tool Box Buzz Crew with its well-designed, well-thought-out power tools. FLEX continues to make waves not only in the power tool category but also in the lighting, accessories, and tool storage areas. We were impressed with FLEX’s cordless miter saw with a long run-time on a 24V 10Ah stacked lithium-ion battery with the option of AC/DC power. Their power tools are always finishing near the top on our Head-To-Head tests and we feel that when we do another large Cordless Miter Saw Head-To-Head this FLEX FX7141X will not be any different.

FLEX 24V 12" Dual Bevel Miter Saw Kit



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