Milwaukee USB Stick Light with Magnet & Charging Dock

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Milwaukee USB Stick Light Review – 2128-22

Milwaukee USB Stick Light with Magnet & Charging Dock

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 2128-22
Price: $159.00
Power source: RED LITHIUM
Weight: 1.2LBs
Milwaukee which is known for its cordless tools also has a lineup of LED lighting solutions. The new USB Stick Light provides superior lighting options for equipment and automotive mechanics. It also touches on remodeling contractors like TBB editor Rob Robillard who loves lumen! We all agree with him, more lumen for those of us who venture into the dark spaces.
The Milwaukee Tool RED LITHIUM USB Lighting Solutions are expanding constantly to provide the most advanced LED technology and optical designs for a more effective workplace. Milwaukee sent us one to try out in the field after we recently saw this light at the June 2022 Pipeline Event.

Milwaukee USB Stick Light

Milwaukee USB Stick Light Docking Station

The charging dock has a keyhole and magnetic installation options from hanging. When longer run-time is required, users can keep a spare REDLITHIUM USB Battery in the second bay and switch it out.

Here the charging station is hung with the magnetic feature. This is the perfect storage solution in the tool chest or shelving unit in your work van or trailer.

Shown here is the keyhole installation. This is where I store my light in my garage shop. It is next to my charging station and I just run the USB over to one of my chargers and I have power!

Four Output Modes

Featuring four output modes: front, back, dual, and inspection, the light provides users with ultimate control over their beam light. The Stick Light delivers 550 lumens and has a two-hour run time on. The light is designed with 220 degrees of vertical light head rotation.

Milwaukee USB Stick Light on the Job

We recently were working on a 4-family remodel where the electrical had not been finished. On bright sunny days, there was not a light issue, but on these cold and rainy October days here in New England it was tough to see. Here I am trimming out the baseboards in the basement stairways. You can see how dark it is outside of the area being worked in.

The Milwaukee Stick light comes equipped with a magnet on the bottom of the light. This magnet is strong. Working in the same unit,  the inside of the front closets. The magnet on the bottom of the light worked great on the metal corner bead. The adjustable head on the light is great for pointing down or upward to illuminate the area you are working in.


The Milwaukee USB Stick Light also comes with a metal hook at the bottom of the light. This hook folds in flush with the bottom of the handle for storage when not using.

Milwaukee USB Stick Light

IP45 Rating

What does IP Rating mean? The IP rating or IP code classifies the degree of protection provided by an enclosure, for electrical equipment with a rated voltage. The rating consists of the letters IP followed by two digits, the higher the number the better the protection.  Sometimes a number is replaced by X, which indicates that the enclosure is not rated for that specification. This Milwaukee USB Stick Light is IP54 rated for protection from most chemicals found in the shop or on-site, and impact resistant for drops up to six feet.

First Number
5 – Protected against dust-limited ingress, no harmful deposits.

Second Number
4 – Protected against water splashing from all directions, limited ingress permitted.


Because it is user-focused and invests in game-changing technology, Milwaukee continues to study and create lighting solutions that can adapt to, perform well in, and withstand the demands of professional use.  The Milwaukee Stick Light w/ Magnet is ideal for lighting in tight spaces.  Paired with a slim light blade design and inspection light, this flashlight is perfect for work in tight, poorly illuminated areas. This USB Stick Light with a charging station is going to run you about $160.00 and is Tool Box Buzz Recommended!

Milwaukee USB Stick Light with Magnet & Charging Dock

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