Milwaukee M18 Table Saw – 2-1/2 Year Look-Back Review

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Looking Back At The Milwaukee Table saw and Folding Stand

Milwaukee M18 Table Saw

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Price: $599 [kitted] $450 [Bare Tool]
Power source: Cordless M18 battery
Weight: 40 lbs
2-1/2 year ago we tested the Milwaukee M18 Table Saw. Back then we told you we impressed with the quality materials and a metal frame. Oh yea, and it’s cordless!

The rack and pinion fence is a quality feature that we’ve come to expect from job site table saws. DEWALT was the first to introduce the rack and pinion fence, and we’re BIG fans, since its earned its reputation as a sturdy, repeatable and accurate fence.

We also noted that Milwaukee resolved a Dewalt saw pain-point – the blade height adjustment knob. [operator must rotate the blade height knob many times to get the blade to full height.] M

Better Blade Height Gearing

Milwaukee designed a larger gearing ratio in their blade height and can achieve full blade height in 14 turns. In contrast, the DEWALT requires 35 turns to raise the blade to full height.

One of the biggest improvements compared to the competition is the on/off switch which works easily and effectively. It’s robust and much easier to use than the DEWALT switch that can be frustrating at times.

The frame and handles on the M18 table saw make it very easy to carry and move. Weighing just over 40 lbs this saw is extremely portable and a great option for punch list work, finish work, and remodeling where a large saw isn’t practical.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Table Saw GiveawayThe Milwaukee also features a tool-free guard and riving knife removal, which is also an excellent feature. A lever on the rear of the saw easily and quickly releases the riving knife. No need to reach below the table surface into the blade area to release the guard.

Dust Collection

Milwaukee spent some time thinking about dust collection, like DEWALT they installed a canvas cover that “follows” the saw blade trunion.  This design helps keep dust in alignment, with the dust extractor suction and keeps the dust flowing in the right” direction.

The reality is that most contractors do not connect to a dust extractor, but when hooked up to one, it works reasonably well. We use this feature once in a while and it works great.

So Did we get this one right?

Yep we did!  The Table saw has been awesome! Plain and simple. There are NO NEGATIVE issues on the saw whatsoever. Total Keeper!!

Table Saw Stand – The saw stand lost did lose an adjustable foot. We ordered a new one at and haven’t looked back since.

One-Key Features

With regard to the One-Key functionality. A lot of contractors myself included have not “jumped on the One-Key bandwagon,” instead of deferring to larger commercial contractors to get excited about it.

The Milwaukee M18 Table Saw has One-Key technology and as I think more about it there are three major benefits to having it:

  1. Security
  2. Tracking
  3. Asset Management

The reality is after 2.5 years I have yet to use the feature.


Milwaukee M18 Table Saw Price and Availability

The Milwaukee M18 table-saw will sell for $589 as a kit [12 Ah battery] and $450 as a bare tool. The stand is an additional $99.00

Milwaukee M18 Table Saw
$599 [kitted] $450 [Bare Tool]

Milwaukee M18 Table Saw Final  Thoughts

We are very impressed with the Milwaukee M18 Cordless 8-1/4” Table Saw and the attention to detail put into it.

This saw is a prime example of the hard work Milwaukee is putting into building out the carpentry core tools, and their commitment to making a cordless job site.

This cordless table saw is a fantastic tool with some nice unique features, it is powerful, has great features, and now competes with the DEWALT Flexvolt!

Healthy competition means better tools for us! Check out our  Dewalt vs Milwaukee Table Saw ~ Comparison Review.

Milwaukee M18 Table Saw – 2-1/2 Year Look-Back Review

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  1. Lander

    Please, would you be able to tell me if this saw can be mounted on a wheeled stand? Like from DeWalt or Bosh? Thanks!

    1. Todd Fratzel

      I”m sure it can, but you’ll likely have to make some modifications. This is a small saw, much like the DEWALT flexvolt.

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