Milwaukee M18 FUEL Mud Mixer Review

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Mud Mixer Review – Model 2810-22

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Mud Mixer Kit

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 2810-22
Price: $349.00
Power source: M18
Weight: 6.0lbs
Is an 18-volt mixer capable of mixing heavy compounds? Other brands use 36 volts, 40 volts, and even 60 volts. Milwaukee is not one of them! The Milwaukee Fuel Mud Mixer is a powerful machine that relies on the M18 platform. Concrete mixing and mortar mixing are no longer a problem with the Milwaukee POWERSTATE brushless motor.

Mud blending is becoming increasingly popular. When it comes to deploying a mud mixer, the most popular end-users are tilers, drywallers, and masons. I’m sure most of these specialists are still seeking a power outlet and an extension cord. Let’s take a look at the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Mud Mixer – Model 2810-22 to see if we can help you save money and time on the job by cutting the cord.

Milwaukee Mud Mixer Kit Components

The M18 FUEL Mud Mixer can be purchased as a bare tool or in a kit. The following items come in the kit:

  • M18 FUEL Mud Mixer – Model 2810-20
  • (2) M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 Extended Capacity Battery (48-11-1850)
  • M18 / M12 Multi-Volt Charger (48-59-1812)
  • Contractor Bag
  • Chuck Key

Mixing Thinset with the Milwaukee M18 Mud Mixer

While working on a basement renovation, the Milwaukee M18’s first mission was to mix several bags of Laticrete 253 Gold thin-set to lay our uncoupling membrane before beginning the tiled area of the basement. On a single 5.0Ah battery, Milwaukee claims you can mix up to 15 five-gallon buckets. To lay our Laticrete Stratamat, we did not mix that many buckets of thin-set. We mixed 4 bags of thin-set which was easily accomplished with one battery.

With the onboard chuck key (located in the handle of the mixer), we attached the egg beater-style mixer and plunged it into the mixture. The speed controls on this mixer are a great feature. You have 3 ways of controlling the speed. First is the 8-speed setting dial built into the handle. Second is the variable speed trigger and lastly is the lock-on button for long-duration mixing. The power this 18v tool produces is pretty sweet.

** Note ** The chuck key that is stored in the handle of the mixer slides into the handle and there is enough friction that keeps the key secured. After countless uses, the key never moved. It remained in place. There is no worry from us that it will get lost.


Milwaukee 2810-20 Stand Out Features

Some of the standout features of the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Mud Mixer are:

  • Multiple Speed Controls
  • Power to mix concrete
  • 0-550 RPMs
  • 15 Five-Gallon Bucket Battery Life
  • 180° Rotating Handle
  • Chuck Key stored on the tool
  • LED Light

180° Rotating Handle

Are you tired of misplacing your mixer’s auxiliary handle? When you need it, it’s never there, and when you don’t, it’s constantly in the way. The rotating handle on the Milwaukee Mud mixer provides 180° coverage and frees up space in your tool bag that the auxiliary handle previously occupied. There will be no more aggravation or time wasted screwing and unscrewing the handle. There are 16 distinct modifications to choose from, all of which are ideal for ergonomics and comfort.

Power to Mix Concrete

In the same basement renovation, we are doing a cement shower pad. Using the Milwaukee 2810-20 Mixer we mixed up several 60lb bags of Quikrete sand/topping mix. We mixed the cement only until it could hold its form and then poured it into the shower pan. The Mixer had no issues mixing this heavy mix. This definitely beats the old way we used to do it, by hand in a wheelbarrow with a shovel!

Overall Thoughts

Is cutting the cord worth the money? That is the question you need to be asking yourself. As a remodeling contractor, I can be doing a variety of things on a day-to-day basis. I can go from mixing thin-set to mixing concrete and then over to self-leveling floor mixing. The idea of bringing my mixer to the job and not worrying about a long enough extension cord or having power is what makes us say yes it’s worth it. Purchasing the kit for $349.00 is certainly an investment but if you are on the Milwaukee M18 platform you can skip the kit and you can purchase the Mud Mixer as a bare tool for $199.00



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