Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cordless Compact Band Saw Kit Review

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Milwaukee M12 Compact Band Saw – Model 2529-21XC

Milwaukee M12 Compact Band Saw Kit

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 2529-21XC
Price: $299.00
Power source: M12 - 12V
Weight: 6.96
The band saw is one of the few tools that, when used with the right blade, is equally effective regardless of material. Cutting various sizes of conduit, all types of threaded rods, small diameter plastic, metal pipe, and strut channel are ideal opportunities to use a portable band saw.

Band saws are great for making clean smooth cuts because of their high speeds and thin blades. Unlike a reciprocating saw, there is no back-and-forth motion. That means that band saws are very easy to start into the material, cut very quickly, and are meant for one-hand operation. With a wide variety of blades available (with an equally wide variety of teeth per inch (TPI), it’s easy to optimize cutting speeds in the materials that you commonly work with.

Milwaukee M12 Band Saw First Impressions

There were several things that grabbed our attention out of the box with this M12 Band Saw! First, the Milwaukee M12 band saw is really light. Weighing in at 6.0Lbs this is ideal for the intended one hand operation and allows for easy overhead cutting. It is well balanced with the battery located on the handle versus the tool housing making it easy to control and comes in a nice zip style carrying bag.

M12 Fuel Band Saw Kit Includes

  • M12 FUEL Compact Band Saw – Model 2529-20
  • M12 RED LITHIUM XC 4.0 Battery Pack
  • 30-9/16″ 12-14TPI Extreme Thin Metal Band Saw Blade
  • M12 Charger
  • Contractor Bag

Milwaukee 2529-21XC Specifications

  • Integrated rafter hook for easy storage
  • Weighs 6.0Lbs
  • Cut Capacity: 2-1/2” X 2-1/2
  • Built-In LED Work Light
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Pipe Reamer Compatibility
  • Integrated Blade Covers
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • 14.12″ Deep, 8.0″ Wide, 6.0″ Height

Rafter Hook

The Milwaukee Compact Band Saw comes with a rafter hook for ideal storage in between usages. The hook is secured to the motor housing, out of the way, and allows for perfect vertical storage.


Weighing in at only 6.0Lbs, it is super light and makes single-hand operation really easy. Your productivity is raised while your level of weariness is decreased by the enhanced performance, lightweight design, and one-handed usability.


Blade Change

Blade changes can be done quickly and easily. The blade inside the housing was freed by a sizable tension lever. The housing cover is held in place by two sliding locks; when those locks are released, the cover opens, allowing the blade to be removed. Slide the new blade in, close the cover, secure the slide locks, and swing the tension lever back to complete the installation process.



Using the Milwaukee M12 Band Saw on the Job

There are many tools out there that we would refer to as “specialty tools.” Tools that do not make a daily appearance daily on your job site. This tool for me fits in this category!

As a residential remodeling contractor, I seldom use a band saw. During a house remodel, we were outfitting eight new closets and used the bandsaw for cutting the chrome rods. The band saw was able to cut smooth, fast cuts making this task super easy virtually leaving no burrs to file down. The one-hand operation allowed us to hold the rod with one and cut with the other. To test this saw we used the included 12/14 TPI 30-9/16″ blade for this application.

I also used it to cut some rebar for some deck footing we were finishing. Normally I would grab a reciprocating saw or grinder, but this was safer and easier one-handed.

The Milwaukee 2529-21XC  has a 2-1/2 inch cutting opening width. In the shop, we tested out the M12 Band Saw on various other types of material to see how well it cut. These materials included:

  • Gas pipe
  • EMT
  • Metal conduit
  • Angle iron
  • Rebar
  • PVC pipe

The M12 band saw cut fast and clean. I like how it allowed me to make one handed cuts and avoid having to use an abrasive chop saw, grinder or that old-school hack saw. 


Milwaukee M12 2429-21XC certainly worth taking a look at and adding to your tool arsenal. This saw is not going to be your everyday source of material cutting, or will it? There are several applications in which this saw can be utilized. Plumbers and Electricians are more so than the residential remodeling contractor but still deserve to occupy a slot in the work van or toolbox!  Keep in mind that this is not a full-size band saw replacement, but rather one that is ideal for portability. It is designed for single-hand use, cutting thin materials and maximizing productivity!

Milwaukee M12 Compact Band Saw Kit

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