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M12™ Cordless Realtree Xtra™ Camo Heated Hand Warmer

Milwaukee 2322-20 M12 Cordless Black Heated Hand Warmer Only

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 2321-20
Price: $59
Power source: M12 Lithium Ion

Once again Milwaukee has come up with a brilliant idea for their heated work wear lineup. To go along with their ever popular heated jackets they now offer a heated hand warmer. The Milwaukee M12™ Cordless Heated Hand Warmers come in two styles, Realtree Xtra™ Camo, and black. I recently received a sample and wanted to share my thoughts before cold weather gets here!

Heated Hand Warmer Features

  • Milwaukee Heated Hand Warmer2321-20Upgraded carbon fiber heating elements: Distribute heat hands – 3 heat settings
  • Multi-layered fabric technology: Actively warms hands and stimulates blood circulation to fingers
  • Realtree Xtra™ Camo: Versatile pattern that’s effective for ground, rocks, deadfalls and open areas on a special fabric blend that reduces noise
  • Powered by the M12™ REDLITHIUM™ Battery: Up to 6 hours of continuous heat on a single charge
  • Convenient external pocket: Provides storage for keys, phone, camera, rattle bag, release aid and more
  • Adjustable buckle strap: Securely holds hand warmer around waist

Ideal for Tradesmen and Sportsmen

When Milwaukee introduced their Realtree Xtra™ Camo heated jacket last year I thought it was brilliant! In fact, I wore that jacket deer hunting several times and had friends and family wanting to steal it off my back! So when they introduced a heated hand warmer earlier this year I wasn’t surprised but I was super excited.

Milwaukee M12 Heated Hand Warmer - Camo

The Milwaukee M12 Heated Hand Warmer functions just like the heated jackets and hoodies. It uses a M12 battery pack that fits in the small zipper pouch on the front. Inside the zipper pouch is the control switch, which turns it on and off and also lets you switch between the three heat settings; each heat setting is represented by a different color; Red = Hottest, White = Middle Setting, and Blue = Lowest Setting.

Milwaukee M12 Heated Hand Warmer Switch

The inside of the hand warmer is made of a very soft fleece type material. The outside is a water and wind resistant polyester material that prevents noise (for all you stealth hunters) with the Realtree Xtra™ Camo pattern. It comes with an adjustable belt with an easy to use snap buckle. The belt will fit large guys most likely up to about a 50 inch waist. It’s also available in the color black. Each color is available as a stand alone or you can buy a kit with a battery and charger.

I love this heated hand warmer. Not only does it keep my hands really warm for hunting or fishing, but it’s great for contractors. There are some great gloves on the market, but there are lots of construction tasks that require a bare hand, resulting in “frozen” fingers. The heated hand warmer is a perfect way to warm up your hands doing tasks like siding, roofing, or even working on a car. The list of useful tasks that would benefit from a hand warmer like this are endless.

If I had one small suggestion for Milwaukee it would be to make the front pocket larger. When I go hunting I usually carry a small pouch/fanny pack with my license, some matches, a compass, and other misc items. The pocket on the heated hand warmer isn’t very large so it will be somewhat limited in how much you can store in it.

Final Thoughts

Priced at $59 (hand warmer only) I think it’s a very reasonable price. It’s a product that you can buy to use at work and then also enjoy it on the weekends. The pouch works very well and gets very warm. Not only can you keep your hands warm but you can even warm/thaw things out like caulking, adhesives and all sorts of things. If you work outside, play outside, and live in a cold region I’d highly recommend a Milwaukee Heated Hand Warmer.

Milwaukee 2322-20 M12 Cordless Black Heated Hand Warmer Only

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