Metabo HPT MultiVolt Reciprocating Saw Review

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Metabo HPT CR36DAQ4 MultiVolt Reciprocating Saw

Metabo HPT CR36DAQ4 Brushless Multi-Volt Reciprocating Saw

Manufacturer: Metabo HPT
Model number: CR36DAQ4
Price: 399
Power source: 36v battery or Corded
Motor size: 36V
Weight: 10.6 lbs
Reciprocating saws have become a staple for demolition and framing work. And until recently anything but a corded saw was just not heavy duty enough for heavier framing and carpentry tasks. But with the introduction of lithium ion batteries and brushless motors cordless reciprocating saws are everywhere. But sometimes you want the flexibility of running corded or cordless. In comes the Metabo HPT CR36DAQ4 Cordless, Brushless MultiVolt 36 Volt Reciprocating Saw, with the ability to run corded or cordless.

We took the Metabo HPT MultiVolt 36 Volt Reciprocating Saw to a job-site and used it for some selective demo work and some basic framing tasks like cutting out plates for doorways, cutting out sub-floor for repairs, and general framing and carpentry tasks.

Metabo HPT CR36DAQ4 First Impression

This is a powerful and fully featured saw. Some standout features include the variable speed trigger combined with a 4-step push button max speed setting that allows the user to dial in tool speed to the task. The orbital action on the saw is also adjustable in 4 steps with a lever on the side of the tool. There is a bright front-facing LED work-light with a push-button on off switch. This LED light is very effective, putting plenty of light on the cut during use. There is also a nice big rafter hook on a swivel on the side of the tool that will hook onto 2x , LVL, or I-joists easily.

One of the best features of this saw is the ability to go back and forth between corded and cordless. If you’ve got a few quick cuts to make or if you’re going to be moving around a lot just throw a battery in and get it done, but if you’re going to be doing demo all day and want to save your battery for other uses put the (optional) adapter in and cut away. The cord is plenty long at almost 25 ft. The cordless adapter does make for an odd placement of the power cord with it sticking down forward of the handle of the tool. Didn’t cause any problems for us but could make the saw more difficult to maneuver in tight spots. In which case you can just switch to the battery!

In Use: Metabo HPT MultiVolt 36 Volt Reciprocating Saw

This saw is a beast. At one point we needed to cut through a 6″ thick beam in place but didn’t have access to do a through cut. There was sub-floor above, another beam below, and plumbing and electrical in the way on either side hindering access. I was able to rock the blade into the face of the beam and cut a kerf that allowed me to chisel out the beam. The saw didn’t hesitate, kick-back, or bog down in a plunge cutting application in 100 year old framing. I was very impressed that the Metabo HPT 36v MultiVolt was able to do this difficult task with such ease.

We also used the Metabo HPT MultiVolt 36 Volt Reciprocating Saw to cut steel channel. The variable speed function made this very easy to do with great control to get a decently clean cut for a reciprocating saw.

The saw also excelled at general framing and demolition tasks. This saw just chewed through anything we threw at it and didn’t beat us up in the process. The UVB (User Vibration Protection) works well, this saw vibrates much less than many saws I’ve used and didn’t leave me feeling like I’d taken as much of a beating as the wood I was cutting.

Battery life is very good. With a fully charged battery I didn’t need to change out the battery during a normal work day.

Metabo HPT CR36DAQ4 – Room For Improvement

The shoe adjustment is a thin plastic lever that is tucked so tightly into the rubber over-mold grip that it is not at all easy to release. A thicker lever with easier access would be a nice change.

The blade quick release is a twist-collar style, it is tool-less which is good. But a quick release lever that is accessible from the side of the tool is better than a quick release collar that requires pulling on the blade or running to saw to get the collar fully forward and out of the housing at the front of the tool.

Overall: Metabo HPT MultiVolt 36 Volt Reciprocating Saw

A couple minor tweaks to ergonomics on the shoe adjustment lever and the blade change and this saw would be almost perfect.  The Metabo HPT Multi Volt 36 Volt Reciprocating Saw is a killer reciprocating saw, powerful, user friendly, and versatile.



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