Metabo Impact Driver SSD 18 LTX 200 BL

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Metabo Impact Driver 602396 Review

Metabo Impact Driver SSD 18 LTX 200 BL

Manufacturer: Metabo
Model number: 602396
Price: 199.00 / 399.00
Power source: 18 Volt
Motor size: Brushless
Weight: 3.1
The folks at Metabo released a new brushless ¼” impact driver that pairs nicely with their compact 4.0-Ah battery.  This new impact driver has some upgraded features and specs and was redesigned for heavy duty construction use. It promises to deliver durability and precision, while only weighing in at 3.1 lbs. with the battery. This impact driver is powerful.

New Impact Mechanism and Robust Design

This new Metabo impact driver has an ALL NEW impact mechanism, that is night and day in comparison, to the older brushed model, when comparing speed and torque. It also features a robust die cast aluminum gear housing that is optimized to durability and heat dissipation.

Metabo makes these units in their own factory and do all their own heat treatment and machining turning processes. They are super proud of their die cast aluminum housing and gear box. The gearing on this impact has been engineered with extremely tight tolerances.


Impact Driver Ploy-Fiberglass Outer Housing

One interesting fact that you may not know is that Metabo uses a blend of material to make their tool housing more durable, and less susceptible to breaking if dropped. They use a 70% polymer [for flexibility] and a 30% fiberglass mixture [ strength] in their housings.

Speed and Tightening Torque

Metabo, like many brushless tools, uses advances electronics to control the tool, prevent overcharging and overheating. This “full electronic package,” works to monitor and communicate between the tool, brushless motor and battery.

The speed and tightening torque are connected directly by a dial at the base of the tool. This dial has twelve speed/torque levels.  The lower the speed, the lower the tightening torque. The tightening torque is influenced in three ways:

  • Speeds 1-12 = Controls torque
  • S Mode= Designed for self-tapping screws, Metabo calls it “Automatic Power Shift,” [APS].
    APS activates at the beginning in high speed while the fastener is drilling, and later at low speed for tightening the screw.
  • VS Trigger = Provides additional control

Automatic Power Shift (APS)

The Automatic Power Shift (APS) monitors drilling speed and automatically adjusts torque when working self-tapping screws.

The APS is designated as the “S” mode on the tool adjustment knob. The APS supports working with self-tapping screws: the electronics in the tool sense when the screw threads engage and slow down to give the user more control and to prevent overdriving or stripping.

LED Lights

Two LED Light are located on either side of the adjustment knob. The light stays on approximately 12 seconds after the trigger is releases and casts a 6” x 6” circular pattern around the bit.

Metabo Impact Driver SSD 18 LTX 200 BL

We used the Metabo impact wrench for fastening framing and LVL materials on two recent jobs and were impressed with the speed and power of the tool. It was smooth!

The Metabo impact wrench features a Max. no-load speed of 2900 RPM and a Max. impact rate 4000 BPM and 150 ft. lbs. of torque.

Very Little Vibration

Many impact drivers have rotational torque and vibration – this driver has none! Impact screw driving 19.3 m/s²


The Kit comes with a hard case, charger and two 4.0 ah batteries and sells for $ 399.00. You can purchase the bare tool for $ 199.00


When I first started using the Metabo impact I thought that the 4.0 Ah batteries would not last the day – man was I wrong. The battery may be compact, but their value in runtime, is impressive.

I found the tool lightweight, powerful and comfortable to use.
In fact, the BEST TRADEOFF on this tool is its size and speed of application. It is a smooth impact driver and one that will become a go-to for us when remodeling!

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