Makita 40V MAX XGT Dust Blower Review

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Makita Model GSA01Z 40V XGT Dust Blower Review

40V MAX XGT Dust Blower

Manufacturer: Makita
Model number: GSA01Z
Weight: 3.16 Lbs. Bare Tool
The cordless dust blower was one of the first tools Makita introduced with their new 40V MAX XGT line. Originally I was curious about what the Model GSA01Z would bring to the table for Makita’s new high-performance battery platform. However, after using the blower during the review process I can say that this is an exceptional tool with an almost limitless number of possible uses. From clean-up work to drying tasks, the Makita XGT dust blower is now a constant companion of mine.

Makita Dust Blower Features

  • Max airspeed of 447 MPH and Max air volume of 39 CFM
  • 4 Airspeed settings
  • Up to 50 minutes of rin-time with a 2.5 Ah 40V XGT battery
  • Cleanable filter on the blower housing
  • Includes 5 total nozzles for different applications

The XGT blower features removable housing on the rear of the blower head. Underneath is a screen and pre-filter sponge that can be removed for cleaning.

Power and Performance

Makita XGT 40V MAX Dust Blower Review

The performance of the Makita dust blower is outstanding. The XGT is compact and lightweight in hand but provides exceptional power with an airspeed of up to 447 MPH. From cleaning off a miter saw at the end of the day, to keeping dust clear from a cutting station, the XGT dust blower is the perfect tool for the job. The ability to adjust the airflow output is ideal for working in confined spaces or with sensitive materials. Makita’s digital push-button control features four different settings.

Makita XGT dust blower review

Room For Improvement

Overall this is an impressive tool. The only area of improvement I can identify is the LED work light. The current design features a bright LED light above the activation switch. However, this design often leaves dark spots when used at off angles. For a tool intended to be used at any angle, to remove dust and debris from nooks and crannies, I would prefer lights on the main housing or ideally in a halo configuration. That change would make an already great tool even better.

Overall Impressions

The 40V XGT blower dominates through caked-on sawdust and oil. This would be an excellent option for any mechanic.

The Makita 40V XGT dust blower is great for more than just cleaning carpentry tools. With its lightweight, compact design, and powerful performance, this tool has limitless potential. From IT pros who clean out servers and computer terminals to road mechanics who need quick air-cleaning options, or anywhere else in between. I found performance with a 2.5 Ah XGT battery to be excellent, while still maintaining a small and handy profile.

As awesome as the XGT blower is, it may not be enough to justify the switch to XGT if you aren’t already considering it. However, it would make an excellent addition to anyone on the XGT platform’s collection. Makits has announced that an 18V version is in the works for users on the original 18V LXT platform. The blower currently retails for $179.00 as a bare tool. While expensive, it is an excellent solution to many common tasks. Additional accessories are also being released from Makita such as a flexible hose option as well as a specialty head for cleaning anchor bolt holes.

The Makita XGT Dust Blower is currently available from our friends at ACME Tool and Ohio Power Tool. Follow the Buy Now links below to purchase one for yourself.



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