Makita 18V XPK02Z Planer

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Makita 18V Brushless Cordless 3-1/4″ Planer XPK02Z Review

Makita 18V Brushless Cordless 3-1/4" Planer XPK02Z

Manufacturer: Makita
Model number: XPK02Z
Price: 259.00
Power source: 18 Volt
Motor size: Brushless 1200 rpm
Weight: 7.3 lbs
Carpenters have been using handheld power planers to adjust doors and plane down cabinets and boards for years. It’s hard to imagine that Makita first released an electric planer in 1958 and today they have the Makita 18V XPK02Z Planer which is brushless and cordless!

Makita 18V XPK02Z Planer

New Makita 18V XPK02Z Planer

Portable handheld power planers are huge time savers on the job site. They typically come with a 3-1/4-inch-wide plate and use two carbide cutting blades.

We looked at the new Makita 18V XPK02Z planer. The newer design has a brushless motor, which equates longer run time, increased power and speed, and longer tool life. This brushless motor can run at up to 12,000 RPM for fast stock removal.

It can plane up to 3-1/4″ wide and 1/8″ deep in a single pass with the ability to rabbet up to 1″ deep.

Makita XPK02Z Specifications

  • Plane Cut Width             3-1/4”
  • Plane Cut Depth:            1/8”
  • Ship-lapping Depth:        1”
  • Overall Tool Length:      14-3/8”
  • Tool Weight:                 7.3 lbs [w/out battery]
  • No Load Speed              12,000 / min

Automatic Speed Change Function

This planer has a  “high-speed mode,” and “high torque mode.” The tool will automatically adjust cutting speed and torque under load. When the load is low the tool will run in “high-speed mode,” for quick stock removal. When the cutting load is high the tool will run in the “high torque mode,” for more power.  There is s mode indicator LED light on the body of the tool and it will light up when in high torque mode, or blink if placed in an overload condition.

Electric Brake and Safety Foot

Like many portable planers, there is a spring-loaded foot at the rear of the tools shoe plate. This elevates the base to protect the blades and workpiece from a spinning blade. The electric brake stops the blades almost instantly, almost eliminating the need for the safety foot.

Excellent Dust Extraction

The Makita 18V XPK02Z Planer has two features to assist in dust collection:

  1. Dual dust ports with a recessed, chip discharge stopper
  2. AWS Auto-Start Wireless System for a vacuum

The chip discharge stopper is used to direct the saw chips out the opposite dust chute.

One thing we noticed with this stopper is that it slides over and locks onto a fixed tab to hold it in place. Removing the tab can be a fingernail bender and we found it stiff. To remove it we used a knife or blade to pop it off.  Later we found that if you twist the cap hard you can get it to disengage. I’d like to see Makita put a raided tab on this to assist in removal.

The AWS System  (Auto-Start Wireless System) is Bluetooth technology that enables wireless power-on/power-off with an AWS-equipped dust extractor. This means no more reaching across your workspace to turn on the dust extractor.

Note – the Auto-Start Wireless Transmitter (part no. 198901-5) is sold separately.

Overheating Protection

In an overheat situation the planer will automatically stop and will need to be restarted once the overheat condition ceases. During an overheat situation, the battery gauge will blink.

Depth of Cut Knob

The depth of cut knob is located at the front of the tool and is turned to the desired cut. We really liked that when you turn this knob it has positive clicking-action to securely hold its position. The knob has an easy-to-read scale with settings from 0″ to 7/64″ for precise depth adjustment.

Makita Planer Fence system

The fence that comes with the planer adjusts the entire with of the planer shoe plate [3.25”] It screws to either side of the planer and is easily adjusted with a nicely sized screw knob. There is also a depth guide for rabbiting.


Chamfering is something I find myself doing a lot. The bottom of the planer’s shoe plate has three different sized v-grooves for chamfering. I’d best describe them as designed for small, medium, and large chamfers. We tested all the=ree and they worked well.



The Makita 18V XPK02Z Planer sells for $259.00 online at the link below.

Makita 18V Brushless Cordless 3-1/4" Planer XPK02Z

Overall Impression

The Makita 18V XPK02Z planer is powerful and well thought out. It’s a TOTAL KEEPER and will be replacing my Bosch. Having the AWS dust system option on this tool is not only a nice option but also gives you a GREAT excuse to get a Makita vacuum!

2o Years ago, Makita WAS the go-to company for woodworkers and carpenters. Many of my first tools of the trade were Makita brand. In the last decade, Makita took their foot off the gas and lost some market share to Dewalt. Well, guys, I’m happy to say in the last 8 years or so they’ve got BOTH FEET on that gas pedal and headed to the passing lane!

Makita 18V XPK02Z Planer – Video Review

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  1. Tim Trillwood

    Great stuff Rob, I’ve been a makita guy since day one and was looking at this planer the other day, i have the corded version, how ever i am doing Heritage restoration work on windows in mansions built in 1914 or so, have been using the bosses bosch which also blows both ways, so we can reach out the window and plane the striker edge and direct the dust out of the window, crazy stuff i know. Only down side i think for me would be the weight. Great review.

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