Makita 18V X-LOCK Angle Grinder Review

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Makita X-LOCK Grinder – Model XAG25Z

Makita XAG25Z 18v XLock Grinder

Manufacturer: Makita
Model number: Makita XAG25Z
Price: 159.00
Power source: 18v
Motor size: 8000 RPMs
Weight: 5.99Lbs
Makita has been on a roll with releasing some new tools over the past several months. Recently released was their new angle grinder with X-Lock technology and they sent one to us for review on our job site. In this review, we are taking a look at the Makita 18V X-LOCK Angle Grinder.  X-lock technology is not new to the remodeling/construction industry as some competitor brands have X-Lock technology. One thing for sure, we’re glad Makita jumped on the bandwagon.

X-Lock Accessory Compatibility

Some selected accessories are backward compatible and work with a standard 7/8″ arbor angle grinder. If you use a corded grinder, just add the X-Lock wheels to your standard arbor and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, you can not use standard arbored wheels on the X-Lock grinder.

Available Models

Makita has released three separate angle grinders all with the X-Lock technology.

  • XAG26Z – 18V 4-1/2″ – 5″ Paddle Switch X-Lock
  • XAG25Z – 18V 4-1/2″ – 5″ X-Lock
  • GA4570 – 4-1/2″ Corded

What is X-Lock?

X-LOCK Angle Grinders feature a unique accessory quick-change system that speeds up wheel/disc changes up to 5 times faster than conventional interfaces. Without having to use a spanner wrench or flange nuts, the wheel is securely fastened or easily removed.  Pull the lever and pop the wheel on or the wheel comes off. Spend less time searching for a tool to remove the wheel and more time concentrating on cutting, grinding, or prepping.

Available Discs

  • Diamond Blades
  • Grinding Wheels
  • Cutt-Off Wheels
  • Flap Discs
  • Wire Brushes / Wheels

XAG25Z On the Job Site

We have been using the Makita X-Lock grinder on 2 bathroom remodeling projects. Using the 4-1/2″ diamond blade that Makita send over we cut out numerous notches in porcelain tile. The Makita XAG25Z 18v grinder had plenty of power when making these cuts. Whether we were notching out for baseboard heating pipes or toilet flanges this grinder got the job done!

When using the XAG25Z, the vibration was not an issue. In comparison to the standard switch, the paddle switch is a nice feature that is easy to use. It’s a more secure method of operation.
You have complete control of the grinder and do not need to adjust your hands to turn it off. The grinder’s guard is easily rotated, and a handle can be screwed in on either side for lefties or righties.

Additionally, we have been using the Makita XAG25Z coping crown moldings. Using the 4-1/2″ sanding disc that Makita provided we coped our crown molding with ease. A cope is a much better joint than mitering because you can pressure fit a coped joint and it doesn’t open up in seasonal changes like a miter tends to. We grind out the majority of the wood at a back angle and clean anything left with either the coping saw or round file for a perfect fit.

Overall Impressions

Makita continues to release new and innovative tools that continue to make our lives better. With the release of the X-Lock grinder, we can spend more time working on the task at hand versus changing out the grinding discs. What might seem like a matter of minutes to most, multiply that by several times a day or even a week and you are eventually consuming maybe a half-hour? That’s a half-hour less on the project and that equals money. In our opinion, if you are using the Makita 18v platform and use a grinder, then this is definitely a tool worth purchasing!

Makita XAG25Z 18v XLock Grinder

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