Greenworks 24V LED work light Review

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Greenworks 24V LED work light (model 3502302AZ)

Greenworks 24v LED work light

Manufacturer: Greenworks Tools
Model number: 3502302AZ
Power source: Cordless or AC
Motor size: 24V / 120V
Weight: 3.6 lbs
Greenworks continues to expand their line-up of 24V tools by unveiling their dual-power LED cordless work light.  Gone are the days of using old metal drop lights hung from the rafters with the incandescent bulbs putting off equal amounts of light and heat. Instant, bright, portable light is a job site necessity and Greenworks has a solid and relatively inexpensive option to give us Pros more options. To test out their newest 24V cordless light, Greenworks sent us a few items.

Included in Review:

  • 24V LED light (model 3502302AZ)
  • 24V 5Ah batteries, 2 total (model 2949602AZ)
  • 4V Battery charger (model 2938202)

Our first impressions of this Greenworks LED light are that it is very compact and bright.  The head rotated smoothly and locked into the positions very securely with the locking knobs on either side of the light’s head.  The LED light offers multiple hanging choices; floor, wall-mounted, or rafter hanging which all worked well and kept the light safely in place.  The on/off switch is a simple rubberized button that sets both low and high modes.  The Greenworks 24V LED work light is not available with batteries. It is only sold as a bare tool.


Specifications & Features | Greenworks LED work light


  • Hybrid: 24V Battery or 120 AC
  • 2000 lumen output
  • Run time: 5.5 or 7 hrs (5Ah battery, high/low mode)


  • Compact/portable design
  • 360-degree rotating head
  • Multiple mounting options- floor, wall, or rafter
  • 2 brightness settings
  • Runs cooler than Halogen lights
  • 3 Year Limited Tool Warranty
  • 5Ah Batteries have built-in USB charging ports (sold separately)

Light it up:

Using the Greenworks 24V dual-power LED work light has been great. We put the light to use immediately the day it arrived on site.  We used it to illuminate a rough framed over garage space as we did an initial evaluation to plan out future finish work. Then we used it on a simple bathroom fan/light combo install. It was as straight-forward as you can get. And using the dual-power mode was helpful. Plug it in or pop in a battery and hit the button. Done!  We appreciated the ability to save battery power when an outlet was available to plug into.  And the cord-free light put out was impressive. Plus not having to step around or trip over cords is always highly desired on-site.


One additional nice feature of the Greenworks 24V LED work light is that when the battery gets to 5% charge, the light will blink 3 times at 25% max brightness (500 lumens).  We always appreciate smart features built into products like this.  It allows for more efficient use of work time with required battery swaps only. This enables max usage of battery power without any actual work stoppage.

Mounting Options

There are 3 mounting options for this LED work light.  First, you can use it on the floor.  This is the simplest and most readily available configuration.  The base is wide and sturdy and the light was much more apt to slide if bumped into rather than tumble which we appreciated. Second, the light can be wall-mounted.  There are pre-formed attachment holes in the base for this purpose.  This was easily the most secure mounting option and works great if you plan to keep the light in a single location for a while.  Lastly, the light can be hung from a rafter or joist. The hook is designed to perfectly fit a 2x board and still allowed easy light angle repositioning sing the locking knobs on the light head.


Battery Performance

The LED design causes a major reduction in heat which also means more efficient energy consumption.  A single 5Ah 24V battery gives you 7 hours of run time in low mode and approximately 5.5 hours in high mode. These numbers were accurate when we tested it out on-site. And the 24V charger will finish charging the batteries in approx. 2.5 hours. That means that even if you run the light on high, you can still charge a replacement battery in less than half the run time of the mounted battery.

Battery Features

Also, the 24V 5Ah battery has 2 nice design features.  First, it includes an on-board battery life gauge.  This is a pretty standard feature for batteries these days.  But it’s worth noting because on batteries it’s not standard on, it is a noticeable drawback.  Second, and much less standard, is the built-in USB charging port.  We loved the fact that you can charge a phone or tablet on-site without buying any battery attachments.

 Suggested Improvements:

Greenworks should consider pairing the 24V LED work light with a battery and battery charger in a single kit. It would also be helpful if Greenworks designed a better tripod mount into the base.  While there is an attachment point, it was not very robust and required you to start your own threading. These are minor recommendations as overall the light was very functional and performed well on site.

Greenworks LED Light | Overall Impression:

Our overall impression of the Greenworks 24v LED work light is very positive.  Having the ability to run off a 24V battery or 120V outlet is awesome versatility and quickly becoming the LED work light standard for good reason. The battery runtime and design are excellent.  The light was sufficiently bright for all the tasks it was used for.  We loved the multiple hanging options and dual-mode operations.  If you are looking for a compact and relatively inexpensive LED option, especially if you already own some Greenworks 24V tools, then this LED work light is an excellent option.

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