Bosch GLI -5Bosch power tools has just introduced two new job site cordless lights. In the all new Bosch GLI 18V300N and GLI 12V 300 LED job site lights, Bosch feels they can truly maximize the hours of usage on a single charge. These two new lights provide lighting solutions for the Bosch 18V and 12V tool lineup. LED or Light emitting diodes use 75% less energy and last 25% longer than a CFL or incandescent bulb. Combine that with being not only smaller, generate 80 to 90% less heat.

Proper job site lighting is one of the most important factors when it comes to a safe work environment. Correct job site lights allows you to work safer and more efficiently.

Problems with current common job site lighting solutions

Now days, the most commonly used lighting on the job are Halogen flood lights and incandescent string lights.  There are 3 known issues with these lighting options:

  1. Both need to be plugged in, live electrical outlets are often very few
  2. The bulbs used in both types of light lack durability and become costly to replace regularly.
  3. Halogen lights are notorious for heating up which creates a risk of fire


Bosch GLI -3The GLI 18v 300N LED LIGHT and GLI 12V 300 utilize 6 led lights which provide 300 lumen. These lights appear to use the same LED array with possible changes on the circuitry that handles the input voltage.  From the waist up they appear exactly the same.

Bosch claims that the 18V version provides 300 minutes of run time for every amp hour that the battery provides. For the 12V version, that number is reduced to 180 minutes per amp hour on the battery.

There is a hanging hook that allows the user to mount or position either light from above. The hanging hook folds down and wraps around the large red power button. This design is the same on both lights.



The most noticeable feature on the GLI 18V 300 job site light is that it fold in half. This folding action allows the user to better aim the light. The folding action can also make it more compact for storage. The Bosch GLI 18V 300N led light weighs in at just under 11 ounces without a battery. We tested the light with the Core 6.3 amp battery, the combined weight is 2.46 lbs. The 18V led light is 10. 8″ tall, 5.4″ long and 3.1″ wide.Bosch GLI -8


 The Bosch GLI 300N led light is much more compact than its 18V brother.  The shape reminds us of the Bosch 12V USB adapter. Measuring in at 7.2″ tall, 2.2″ long and 2.0″ wide it can easily fit into a tool belt pocket. The flexible six sided shape of the 12V light allows you to angle the light as needed.


Run time testing was performed on site as well as in the shop. We took both lights into a large remodel to light up the rooms where there was no natural light. The lights aided the crew for the installation of built in shelving along with hanging doors. We used the hooks on both lights to hang them from pipes in the ceiling, and from pot-light rough in kits.Bosch GLI -6


The run times on these units are where they truly shine. The Bosch GLI 18v 300N clocked in at 32 hours when combined with the 6.3 amp Core 18v battery. The GLI 12v 300 provided 10.5 hours of light while using the 2.0 amp hour battery. In a remodel with freshly primed white walls,  these Led lights illuminated spaces perfectly without that yellow hue we’re accustomed to with incandescent lights.


By coming in such a compact size, the 18V and 12V models can easily be carried at the same time with other tools. Our crew was blown away by the fantastic run times. The GLI 12V 300 had more than double the run time of a competitors 12V job site light. The 18v models ability to fold in half will protect the lens from damage when being stored.Bosch GLI -9


The first thing needing improvement is the single position of the hook on both the 18V and 12V Bosch LED lights make it difficult to illuminate work surfaces.  We feel that if the hook could rotate,  this would alleviate the problem. Additionally, the Bosch GLI 12v would benefit from a Simple nylon pouch that would provide protection against scratching the lens.

Final Thoughts

Sold as bare tools Bosch has aggressively priced the GLI 12v 300 at $29.99, while the GLI 18v led light rings in at $49,99 US. For those already invested in the Bosch 18V or 12V platforms be it a DIY er or Pro, these bad boys are sure to light the way.Bosch GLI -7

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Journeyman Carpenter/ Renovations/ Finish carpentry . graduating from the Nova Scotia Intitute of Technology's Carpentry diploma program in 2005, from there became indentured in the apprenticeship program and then completed the Interprovincial Exam receiving his Red seal in 2008. Focusing mainly in residential high end renovation and custom new homes in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada . He brings his knowledge of better building practices and understanding of how to get the most out of power tools to the team.

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  1. Hi Jeff,

    Good to finally find a review of the Bosch Professional GLI 12V-300 LED Light. It has earned a spot in the GSR 12V-15 FC (FlexiClick)L-Boxx. 🙂

    I didn’t opt for the 18V version because I already had the GLI VariLED that I use on the 18V platform. Personally I’m missing a couple of magnets on the back of the GLI 12V-300 LED Light.

    Keep up the good work, and are you using the GLI 12V-300 LED Light with a > 4.0 Ah battery or with a < 2.5 Ah battery ?

    1. Jeff Kirk

      i use the gli 12v with both 2.0 and 2.5 amp batteries. the 18v gets used with 2.0, 4.0 and the 6.3 amp core

      1. Hi Jeff,

        Thanks for letting me know.

        I agree with you comment that the hook should be rotateable around the lights’ vertical axle.

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