DEWALT 20V MAX 3 x 360 Green Laser Review

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DEWALT 20V MAX 3 x 360 Green Laser – Model DCLE34030G-QU

DEWALT 20V MAX* 3 x 360 Green Laser

Manufacturer: DEWALT
Model number: DCLE34030G-QU
Price: $549.00
Power source: 20v MAX
The concept of a laser level has been around since at least the early 1970s, the original spinning-mirror design laser plane and line-level was patented by the late 1980s,  and the compact lens-based laser line level (as produced by many tool manufacturers today) was patented in the late 1990s. DEWALT recently unveiled their new 20v Max 3 x 360 Green Laser. Let’s dive into the review!

Color is currently one of the most discussed subjects on Laser Levels. Is it better to be green or red? What is the distinction? It all comes down to the application and your budget in the end. The precision offered is identical; the price, brightness, visible range, and battery life are the primary differences. Do you know that green laser light is ten to 50 times brighter than a red light laser? Green lasers are much more efficient and visible in areas of broad daylight and direct sunlight. They are also able to travel longer distances, which is why they are so popular on construction sites.

DEWALT DCLE34030G-QU Kit Components

  • 20v MAX 3 x 360 Green Laser
  • 20v MAX 2.0Ah Battery
  • Charger
  • Drop Ceiling Bracket
  • Target Card
  • TSTAK Compatible Case

On the Jobsite

Lasers are used in many trades – construction, installation, surveying… the list goes on. They project a constant line onto a surface on a horizontal or vertical plane and are ideal for situations like aligning cabinets, plumbing, leveling floors, tiling applications, installing doors and windows, or measuring drop ceilings.

During a basement renovation, we replaced the DEWALT Cross Line Laser (DW088CG)(AA battery operated) with the DCLE34030G-QU Laser Level on a tile installation. Having one or more constant lines expedites the laying process and doesn’t require us to pull tape every tile. Taking the time during the layout phase with the laser will allow you more time laying and less time measuring. The steady green beam was easily seen even in a well-lit room over a white Laticrete Stratamat and white thinset.


The DEWALT DCLE34030G shoots a beam up to 165′ and can be as accurate as 1/8″ over 30′. There is a fine adjustment knob that can achieve precise positioning. Being able to fine-tune your line without having to move the whole setup is an awesome feature.

DEWALT DCLE34030G-QU Specifications and Standout Features

  • Accurate readings: accurate within 1/8 in. at 30 ft. to achieve plum lines
  • Precise positioning: fine adjustment knob
  • Extended runtime: up to 10-hours of runtime on a single 20-Volt MAX 2.0Ah battery and longer runtime with larger capacity batteries
  • Integrated magnetic pivoting base with 1/4 in. to 20 in., 5/8 in. to 11 in. thread for use with tripod (sold separately)
  • Debris and water-resistant: IP54 rating
  • Jobsite durability: over-molded case and IP54 rating for dust and splash protection (applies to the tool, not the battery or charger)


The DEWALT DCLE34030G-QU 20 Volt 3 x 360 Green Line Laser shoots three (3) 360-degree green line lasers:

  • One horizontal line
  • Two vertical lines, 90-degrees apart from each other

Mounting Options

This laser has a built-in magnetic bracket that allows for 360° rotation. There are two magnets, both of which are powerful. The laser is securely mounted to the multi-attachment bracket with its two magnets and can be pushed up and down for adjustments once it is installed. The spring-style clip bracket can also be used to suspend from a drop ceiling. If neither of these options work, you may always secure the bracket by screwing it in from both the top and bottom holding it where you need it.

The DEWALT DCLE34030G Laser comes with both 1/4″-20 and 5/8″-11 thread holes which are located on the bottom. These thread holes are great for attaching to a tripod. The DEWALT tripod is sold separately for $32.00 here: DEWALT Laser Tripod

No More Dead Batteries

The versatility of having the laser level operate on 20v versus AA batteries means no more dead batteries and unexpected trips to CVS. Disposable batteries won’t last long in cold or hot weather. Dead batteries suck! Working on the DEWALT platform means no hassle or throwaway batteries. On any given day I have several fully charged batteries ready to go which means no more downtime or guessing how much longer I have using the laser.

Overall Impressions

The DEWALT DCLE34030G-QU Laser is a laser with a high level of accuracy and dependability for all tradespeople. Why waste the money on buying batteries when you can have enough juice to last the whole day? Being on the DEWALT platform this investment is a no-brainer. Save up your pennies though, this 3 x360 20v laser kit will run you $549.00 but sometimes you can catch it on an Acme Tool sale.


DEWALT 20V MAX* 3 x 360 Green Laser

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