RIDGID® X4 Compact Lithium-Ion Impact Driver Kit (R86034K) Review

RIDGID® X4 Compact Lithium-Ion Impact Driver Kit

This Spring Ridgid introduced a new light weight impact driver in their new ‘X4’ line. The X4 Compact Lithium-Ion Impact Driver (Model #R86034K) is 15% lighter than it’s predecessor with the same amount of power. The folks at Ridgid sent us this new impact driver to test out and report to all of you on our findings.

Features and Specifications

  • High Torque Output 1,750 in. lbs for tough applications
  • One Handed Quick- Load Bit Holder makes bit changes quicker and easier with a snap load collet and simple ejecting bit
  • Hex Grip™ innovative micro texture for secure grip and maximum user comfort
  • Grip Light engages light independently of trigger to illuminate work space
  • Removable Belt Hook for either side of tool to keep impact driver in immediate reach comfort
  • Powered by Hyper™ Lithium Built for high battery performance
  • Volts:     18V
  • Torque:     1,750 in. lbs
  • Chuck:     ¼ in. hex
  • No Load Speeds:     0-2,400 RPM, 0-3,100 IPM
  • Charger Volts:     18V
  • Charge time:     25 minutes
  • Battery Volts:     18V
  • Capacity:     1.5 Ah

My Thoughts On The Ridgid X4 Compact Impact Driver

Over the last couple of years I’ve tested so many impact drivers that I must have more than 20 of them kicking around the shop now. Impact drivers are here to stay and they make life so much easier! So how did the Ridgid X4 work?

  • Power – The X4 has plenty of power and falls in the middle of the pack for torque. Probably the closest compact impact driver that I have tested is the DeWALT DCF826 which has 1,330 in-lbs of torque which is slightly less than the X4 at 1,750 in-lbs. The X4 performed very well driving long 3″ and 4″ screws in dimensional lumber and engineered lumber. It also did very well installing 1/2″ diameter lag screws.
  • Control – I did have some trouble trying to reduce the tip speed so I didn’t strip screws. At lower speeds it’s hard to get the impact action to always engage. However, I was able to correct that issue using a impact driver clutch accessory. This isn’t a huge problem but worth pointing out.
  • Balance – The X4 is very well balanced and extremely comfortable to hold and use.
  • LED Light – The X4 has an LED light mounted just above the battery pack. A unique design feature is the light “trigger” which is mounted lower on the tool grip so that you can turn on the LED light before you start to drill. This is different than other drills that require you to depress the trigger partially in order to turn on the light.
  • Battery Charger – I really like the battery charger for the X4. If you look at the first photo you’ll see the battery charger actually sits in the upright position unlike most 18V chargers that sit horizontally. This design takes up far less room on a shelf which I really like. I’d love to see more chargers take on this shape.

  • Durability – This is one tough tool! This weekend I was using it for an insulation project in my new workshop and I dropped it from the “attic” space to the concrete slab below. Basically the impact driver fell about 14′ and it still works like new! That wasn’t a planned drop but it sure did point out how tough it is!
  • Misc. Features – In addition to the features pointed out above the X4 also comes equipped with other features that you expect in a good impact driver including: rubber pads/bumpers on the tool (they are all over the tool including the base of the battery pack), belt clip, bit holder, and a great LED battery life indicator.

Overall Impression

The X4 Compact Lithium-Ion Impact Driver Kit is a great option if you’re looking for a lighter compact impact driver. I was very pleased with the overall performance of it compared to other similar tools that I’ve tested. I would highly recommend it especially if you already own other Ridgid tools that take the same 18V battery system.

It’s available at The Home Depot for $169.00 at the following link:
1/4 In. Cordless Impact Driver

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  1. Tom

    Only one battery though?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      yes….however, with a 25 min charge time it’s not a deal killer.

      1. Brian

        Is it as light as the Makita impact driver? My dad has a Makita with the slim battery, and I have one of the original Ridgid impact drivers, and mine feels like a brick compaired to his.

        1. Todd Fratzel

          Brian, Do you know which Makita model you’re referring to? This one is much lighter than the previous model.

  2. Simon

    Is it backward compatible for battery? I need these on the shelf in Canada this week. Has anyone seen them for sale in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area? Got to replace my early gen Ridgid boat anchor! My carpal tunnels need a lighter rig.
    Great review btw and thanks for any response, SF.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      I’ll check with Ridgid and get to you. Thanks!!

    2. Todd Fratzel

      The folks at Ridgid tell me they are indeed backwards compatible! I hope that helps.

  3. Jeff

    Just picked up the whole x4 kit in Canadian Home Depot..
    I’m very impressed with the driver, however it’s the cordless circular saw that I’m really impressed with!
    Whole kit – 449.00
    And it comes with the larger batteries.
    Thanks for the review!!

    1. Todd Fratzel

      My pleasure. If you find yourself needing other tool reviews prior to a purchase please let us know. We are always looking for other tools that readers need reviewed.

  4. Al

    Hi, I saw specs on Ridgid site how indicate torque at 1750 for R86034 Impact Driver!?
    Are we talking about the same model?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Al – Not sure I understand the question, are you saying their site says the torque is 1750 in-lbs?

      1. Al

        Yes, Sorry if I didn’t indicate units for torque,
        maybe you use the specs of their other impact model (R86031: 1440 in. lbs)

        1. Todd Fratzel

          Al – You were correct. I think I had some pre-release spec sheets that were updated after release. Sorry for the confusion.

        2. Todd Fratzel

          Al – 1750 in.-lbs is the correct number based on the latest approved testing that TTI uses. The previous numbers are being updated.

  5. Roy

    I’ve had the R86034 for about 3 weeks and I notice that there is a slight hesitation when I pull the trigger. Is this normal? Also I smell what I can only describe as a burning odor while it is running. Again is this normal?

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