Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Impact Driver 2467-21

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Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Impact Driver 2467-21

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 2467-21
Price: 149.00
Power source: 12 Volt
Weight: 2.56 lbs.

Installing Fasteners In Tight Spots

As a Carpenter specializing in renovations and finish work there have been many times where I have had difficulty getting my standard impact driver into tight spaces. In these instances I wish I had a right angle impactor.

milwaukee-m12-right-angle-impact-driver-2467-21You know those areas, such as:

  • Installing squash blocks for point loads inside an existing floor system in beteen subfloor and the beam to pick up a newly created pointload, no other tool was able to fit in such a space
  • Installing built in shelving in a closet and the top shelf is too close to the ceiling to use a finish nailer
  • Upgrading drawer glides for a existing kitchen.These situations become very frustrating, several companies offer right angle drills or even right angle attachments for drills which are ok, once in a while, but in certain situations they don’t offer the proper torque. It certainly left me wondering if there has to be a better way.

Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Impact Driver 2467-21

Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Impact Driver 2467-21 Review

Milwaukee has the answer to these situations, joining their M12 lineup of tools is their right angle impact driver kit model number 2467-21.

The Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Impact Driver 2467-21 is geared specifically to times when you cannot fit a standard impact driver in a space. The head is comprised of magnesium and the chuck is the standard metal 1/4” hex type chuck which is very robust.

This impact driver is sleek and slim, the main body is almost identical to Milwaukees M12 right angle drill and the M12 multi tool. Both of these tools are the perfect shape and size for getting into tight spaces.

Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Impact Driver 2467-21

Cool Paddle Style Trigger

Instead of a single finger type trigger, the right angle impact features more of a paddle style trigger. All of Milwaukee’s 12 volt line tools, feature the battery fuel gauge is on the tool itself, as opposed to the battery.

The variable speed paddle style trigger allows the user to have a better grip on the handle without compromising giving the proper amount of pressure behind the tool to drive commercial fasteners.

Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Impact Driver 2467-21

Using The Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Impact Driver 2467-21

Over the past few months I have found numerous situations to use this impactor, and the results have exceeded my expectations. There was zero issue with having enough torque to drive larger wood screws into structural components both standard spruce and pressure treated. I was able to easily fit the impact in between a cedar hot tub that had a wrap around deck, with tight framing to tub clearance.

I used it to install some cabinetry and hardware and used smaller trim head screws and small pan head screws, in both situations this the fasteners were a breeze to install.

On a recent project I was installing a set of basement stairs. I always drive 2” wood screws from behind the bottom of each riser into the back of the tread to reinforce that joint and eliminate squeaks. Normally I would have to fight this with a standard impactor, its a fight to hold the screw on the bit and still hold the tool. The right angle impactor made this task much easier.

Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Impact Driver 2467-21

Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Impact Driver 2467-21 Specifications

  • Voltage 12V
  • Length 12.1
  • Weight 2.56 lbs.
  • No Load RPM 0-2,450
  • No Load IPM 0-3,300
  • Drive Size 1/4″ Hex
  • Tool Warranty 5 Years

A Problem Solver

As a trim carpenter and remodeler I perform a wide varitey of tasks on any given day. I was surprised to find so many situations and tasks were this impactor preformed the task faster and easier based in its ability to access tight spots.

Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Impact Driver 2467-21
Room To Improve?

They only room for improvement I can see would be to offer a second battery pack with it and maybe change from the nylon bag to a plastic case.

Though one thing not on the tool is a belt hook, the very slim streamlined body can easily fit into a toolbelt or pant pocket.

Overall Impression

Milwaukee really did their homework and knocked this one out of the park, the driver did everything I expected from it. It was able to get into those tight spaces no other drill can get into.

I found it to have enough torque to drive 3-1/2” #10 deck screws, as well as, small trim head screws without stripping out the heads or snapping them off.

Ultimately the M12 2467-21 Right angle impact driver drill kit is a sure fire winner. The only shocker is that im surprised I havent seen more tradesman carrying it in their toolbox, I have been making sure its on board my own truck at all times so im not trying to Macguyver my way out of odd situations with other tools less suited for such tasks.

The Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Impact Driver 2467-21 is definitely suited for professional trades, I especially recommend it to finish carpenters, cabinet installers, plumbers, electricians, hardwood stair specialists who install fasteners from behind the stairs and HVAC installers who are always installing their ductwork between strucutural members. This tool sells for $149.00.



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