HILTI PC 2-22 Portable Pressure Cleaner Review

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HILTI Pressure Cleaner

Hilti PC 2-22 Portable Pressure Cleaner

Manufacturer: HILTI
Model number: PC 2-22
Price: 225
Power source: 22 Volt Nuron Battery
Weight: 4.6 lbs
A pressure cleaner is indispensable on a construction site for maintaining cleanliness, safety, and efficiency.
The Hilti PC 2-22 Portable Pressure Cleaner is cordless and designed for light cleanups around construction sites, ensuring your equipment stays clean and in optimal condition. Its water flow rate of 0.58 gallons per minute (max 1.19 gallons per minute) ensures effective cleaning.

Applications For the Hilti PC 2-22

• Remove mud off equipment tires
• Clean truck beds
• Wash heavy equipment
• Clean decks, staging and platforms
• Wet mud, and fresh slurry
• Light jobsite cleanup.
• Clean mixers, coring bits and concrete cutting equipment
• Cleaning “slurry” from cutting concrete slabs and cores. Especially in places with no access to a hose.
• Washing down small areas of new masonry after acid washing.

The Hilti PC 2-22 Portable Pressure Cleaner runs on the Nuron 22V battery platform and one great feature is that it can siphon water from a bucket, or tank, as well as connect directly to a water supply hose. The siphon feature is great because it allows for remote cleaning with no running water.

An additional detergent accessory can also be purchased.

Key Specifications

• Water Pressure: 580 PSI (working), 870 PSI (maximum)
• Water Flow Rate: 0.58 gallons/minute (max 1.19 gallons/minute)
• Tool Body Weight: 4.6 lbs.
• Price: $225
• Weight 2.1 kg • 2.1 kg
• IP code IPx5 • IP X5 (Protection against water jets from all directions)
• Nominal pressure 40 bar ±3 bar • 40 bars ±3 bar
• 6 MPa
• Water connection. 1⁄2″ water hose / coupling • 1⁄2″ water hose / coupling
• Maximum inflow temperature 40 ℃ • 40 ℃
• Maximum inflow pressure 0.6 MPa • 0.6 MPa
• Nominal flow rate (water) 2.2 ℓ/min • 2.2 ℓ/min

Using the Hilti PC 2-22 Portable Pressure Cleaner

The PC 2-22 used double fixation threads to connect the wand and cleaning head to the tool The connections are all ABS plastic with rubber O-rings, and we found the tool easy to assemble, dis-assemble, troubleshoot, and clean. The pressure cleaner is easy to use, there is a lock and a trigger plus the head nozzle has 4 cleaning options to choose from.

I used the cordless cleaner to clean my truck and a bobcat by siphoning water from a 5-gallon bucket. I additionally used it to clean my patio and pool filter at home by using a quick coupling connector direct to a garden hose. The pressure was similar on both when siphoning and when connected to a hose. There were no differences in pressure perceived.

Notable Features of the Hilti PC 2-22

Cleaning Power

The Hilti PC 2-22 boasts a working pressure of 580 PSI, with a maximum pressure of up to 870 PSI. While this is nowhere near the 1300 to 2400 psi of a gas pressure washer, this range of pressure allows you to tackle a variety of tasks, from cleaning small equipment to washing away wet mud or slurry with ease.

A 4-in-1 Adjustable Nozzle

One of the standout features of this pressure cleaner is its 4-in-1 adjustable nozzle. It offers the flexibility to switch between a turbo wash with concentrated pressure for tough spots and a 60-degree wide spray for broader cleaning areas. This adaptability ensures you have the right tool for any light cleanup task.

Compact and Portable Design

Weighing in at just 4.6 pounds, the Hilti PC 2-22 is incredibly lightweight, we found that it can be used one-handed. Its compact design and detachable pressure washer lance make it easy to transport and store, fitting conveniently into any workspace or vehicle, eliminating the need to lug around bulky cleaning equipment – this cleaner is designed for ease of use.

Ergonomic and User-Friendly

The ergonomic design of the Hilti PC 2-22 includes a convenient handle and an easy-pull trigger, ensuring comfortable handling during extended use. This thoughtful design minimizes user fatigue, allowing you to work longer without discomfort.

Cordless Convenience Operates on the Nuron battery platform and is capable to suction water from a bucket or a hose feed.

Suggestion on Improving

One thing I’d like to see Hilti improve on would be provide better hose  and coupling / connections. The hose kinked up a few times, impacting water pressure, having a thicker or moire durable connection at the coupling might prevent that.


The Hilti PC 2-22 Portable Pressure Cleaner combines reasonable cleaning power, versatility, and portability.
We think this would be great for washing “slurry” from cutting concrete slabs and cores. Especially in places with no access to a hose. Also it would be great for washing down small areas of new masonry after acid washing for example. This would be awesome for washing down decks, just today I was helping install railings on a deck, it had rained, we had mud all over the new composite decking…that would have been sweet for cleaning up after.

At just $225, it offers excellent value for a tool that promises to enhance remote cleanup tasks.

HILTI PC 2-22 Portable Pressure Cleaner Video Review


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