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 HILTI 22V Nuron, Brushless D-Handle Jigsaw Model SJD 6-22

HILTI SJD 6-22 Cordless Jig Saw

Manufacturer: HILTI
Model number: HILTI SJD 6-22
Price: $239.oo
Power source: Cordless (Li-Ion)
Motor size: 22V
Weight: 4.9 lbs (Bare tool)
We recently got the chance to test out the HILTI SJD 6-22 Cordless Jig Saw during one of our head to heads and we wanted to dig a little deeper on this model, especially since it performed so well. HILTI has a reputation of dependability and good quality for all things related to concrete cutting, boring and fastening. But how well does the HILTI SJD 6-22 handle wood? Let’s go down the rabbit hole on the SJD 6-22 D-Handle jigsaw and get into the details.

Features and Specifications | HILTI SJD 6-22


  • Variable-speed trigger with lock
  • Keyless “push in, click” chuck
  • LED light
  • Integrated dust blower design
  • Removable vacuum “suction adaptor”
  • Anti-splinter insert
  • Orbital blade action 


  • Model: SJD 6-22
  • Power Input: 22 Volts
  • Total SPM settings: 6
  • Total orbital settings: 3
  • Bevel range: +/- 45 degrees
  • Blade Type: T shank
  • Strokes Per Minute: 0-3,000 SPM
  • Stroke Length: 1-3/32″
  • Sheet steel (max) thickness: 13/32 in.
  • Wood & composites max thickness: 5.9 in.
  • Dust Port Diameter: 1.08 in.
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs (tool only)

Design & Key Features

Blade Setting Adjustments

The HILTI SJD 6-22 jigsaw comes with a lot of features, many of which are standard. The saw has an adjustable dial for controlling the blade strokes per minute (SPM) which is smartly designed into the rear tool body under the D handle. This “set and forget” feature allows the user to focus on the cut and not the trigger with minimal risk of accidently hitting (and changing) the SPM setting mid cut. The trigger also easily locks via an easily reached, ambidextrous thumb switch. SPM settings range from 800rpm (setting 1) to 3000rpm (setting 6). This saw also has a Stroke-based soft start, starting at 75 SPM before ramping up to the desired SPM setting.

Strokes Per Minute (SPM) setting dial

In addition to tailoring the SPM setting to the job at hand, you can also set the orbital (back and forth blade motion) to math your current task. The orbital action of the blade can be set from 0 (no action) to 3 (High). It is done using a lever on the front left side of the tool body just behind the blade guard. It is out of the way during cutting operations and was firm but not difficult to operate. This is a feature found on most PRO level tools so we were glad HILTI included it as a core feature on their SJD 6-22 Jigsaw.

Visibility Features

The saw comes with an effective anti-splinter insert.  We’ve included it in visibility features because it actually proved helpful in aligning our cuts using the forward cutting channel. It was easy to use the front of the anti splinter blade channel to guide along our cut lines. Although it’s designed to be transparent, it had little effect on the overall usefulness of the insert. The tool body also has a powerful LED light well placed on the leading edge of the tool body centered above the blade contact point. It easily illuminates the line-of-sight without creating distracting or obstructive shadow lines. It is on a 10 second timer from trigger release.

Anti-splinter insert used for guide-line cut

Safety Design Features

The blade guard can only be used when the plate is set to 90 degrees.  However we rarely use the blade guard as it affects the overall line of sight (like most guards) and doesn’t pose a real safety risk if removed. The anti-splinter insert seals the forward edge of the base plate and the tool body protruded past the saw edge. This means the blade has very little exposure for injury even without the guard.

Besides the blade guard discussed above, the HILTI SJD 6-22 also has a few under the Radar but effective, integrated safety design features. These include a rapid blade brake and Active Vibration Reduction (AVR). While the rapid blade brake is pretty straightforward, the AVR is a bit less obvious. Simply put the AVR is an internal design using vibration resistant materials meant to dampen internal component-based vibrations to increase tool longevity and decrease operator fatigue. Importantly, it is not an active feature and will not prevent tool “chatter” if the user doesn’t apply consistent pressure to the cutting material.

HILTI also has a two-part option for fall protection mounting on the SJD 6-22. A 15 lb. rated retaining strap is secured to the tool via an insert on either side of the battery slide housing. screws are tightened with the Nuron battery removed to secure the strap in place. Next, a carabiner on the 15 lb. rated tool tether bungee cord can be hooked to the retaining strap and a secure anchor point. While we hardly use a jigsaw in a way that requires a fall arrest strap, it’s nice to at least have the option should the job (and OSHA regulations) require it.

Dust Control & Extraction

Baseplate & Suction Adapter

Dust control is as critical for maintaining a clean, safe job site as it is for ensuring a clear line-of-sight while cutting. The HILTI SJD 6-22 has a innovate design that incorporates two channels from the blade to the back of the baseplate for the purpose of dust collection. A removable suction adapter clicks in to the channels, allowing the user to hook up a shop vac to this jig saw. This is one of the most interesting baseplates we’ve seen on any saw.

And it works extremely effectively. The blade guard seemed to help channel the suction from the two channels and improved the overall dust collection. Additionally, underneath the saw, there is a small electrical receptacle which powers the SJD DRS-6A dust removal module. This is an additional dust accessory that we didn’t get a chance to test out for this review.

Integrated Dust Blower

Additionally, the HILTI SJD 6-22 jig saw incorporates an integrated dust blower feature into its design. This is a common feature among PRO-level jigsaws and one that we’ve come to very much appreciate. The saw redirects a jet of air created by an internal fan blade towards the blade contact point. This jet of air helps blow dust away from line-of-sight when the motor is running. It worked on par with other PRO jigsaws we’ve used.

Overall Performance & Ergonomics

Ease of Cutting

The SJD 6-22 jig saw uses HILTI’s rock solid Nuron 22V battery powerplant to deliver smooth and impressive overall power. We used it primarily to do a range of curved cuts in 3/4 in. plywood as well trimming some stair stringers. One positive that really impressed was the SJD 6-22’s ability to maintain perpendicular blade angles despite the radius of the cut. The anti-splinter insert somewhat reduced tear out. It also provided a consistently clear line-of-sight which allowed us to maintain accurate, drift-free cuts whether flat or vertical. The magnesium base stayed rock solid and the overall tool balance (with a 22-85 Nuron battery) made it easy to mostly avoid chatter. It was expectedly a bit “rear-heavy” with a larger B22-170 Nuron battery.

Ergonomics & Adjustability

The blade ejection lever, orbital setting switch, and SPM dial were also well placed and felt secure but not stiff. Of note, the blades can be directly inserted into the blade retention slot. The lever only needs to be used to release and replace the blades. The click-in blades were convenient compared to other jig saws that require the blade lever to be pulled to both load and unload the blades. We always appreciate design features that save us time.

Blade Ejection Lever

The switches, to include the trigger lock switch was easy to reach mid cut. We loved the design and overall feel of the grip. The rubber over mold was very comfortable and, when combined with the smooth handle lines, limited tool fatigue more than we expected.

Variable Speed Trigger & Thumb Lock Switch

Baseplate Adjustability

One rare frustration with the HILTI SJD 6-22 is that it requires an Allen wrench to adjust the baseplate angle. Tool free adjustment is always easier and more time efficient on the job site or in the shop. In the Hilti SJD 6-22’s case, you need a small Allen wrench. To make things more complicated, there is no on-board tool storage for the required Allen wrench. This would have been an easy design feature to integrate into the tools body or baseplate design. It’s a noticeable weak spot in an otherwise ingenious baseplate design.

Allen bolt (centered) for base plate bevel adjustment

Final Thoughts | HILTI SJD 6-22

The HILTI SJD 6-22 is an extremely capable and comfortable D-handle jig saw. We appreciated the well located and secure controls as well as the great line-of-sight picture. The construction quality is excellent per HILTI’s high standards, and this jigsaw feels built to last on the job site. The SJD 6-22 exemplified excellent power & battery life, providing smooth flat and vertical cuts while maintaining a consistent blade position. The dust collection features performed very well too. It is a feature rich tool with a great customer support team backing it up. Yes, we weren’t fans of the tool-required baseplate design, but it was a minor takeaway. The HILTI SJD 6-22 will run you $279 but it is worth it for a product that works exceptionally well and is built to last!


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