Hart Tools Launches New Line of Tools at Walmart

HART Tools Exclusive to Walmart

HART Tools has announced an exclusive deal with Walmart to offer an extensive new line of tools for the DIY and Home Improvement market. The new line of HART Tools will include hand tools, cordless power tools, outdoor power equipment, storage and safety, and accessories. This new line will allow shoppers at Walmart to find nearly any tool they could possibly need for home repairs, DIY projects and yard care.

HART Tools has been around for a long time, and many of you know them from their great line of hammers. Owned by TTI (Techtronic Industries Company Limited), Hart Tools is one of several brands including Milwaukee, Ridgid, Ryobi and several others that TTI manages. So it’s not surprising that when Walmart went looking for a new exclusive line of tools that TTI stepped up to the plate.

HART Tools Lineup

With this new lineup of tools from HART targeting the DIY and home improvement market the number of tools is quite extensive. The preliminary lineup of tools that HART will be offering through Walmart includes:

  • 45+ Power Tools
  • 20+ Outdoor Power Equipment Tools
  • 180+ Hand Tools and Storage Options
  • 70+ Power Tool Accessories

HART 20V Cordless Tools

The new cordless tools from HART are based on a new 20V MAX (18V) slide pack. With over 45 tools launching in this category there are tools for every possible project around the house or garage. Drills, impact drivers, saws, lights, blowers, fans, and even buffing wheels are included in this new line of tools. While these are not developed for contractors, they are designed for DIY projects at a price point that is hard to ignore.

HART 40V Outdoor Power Equipment

The HART line of OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment) is powered by their new 40V MAX (36V) battery pack. Tools include mowers, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws and blowers. With the explosion of cordless OPE in the market this line is sure to be very popular.

HART Hand Tools, Accessories and Storage

The hand tool, accessory and storage market is huge. Whether fixing a leaking faucet, tightening training wheels on a kids bicycle or assembling your new gas grill, everyone needs pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers and basic hand tools. Storing all those tools and having enough accessories to do the projects are all things homeowners deal with. Having all these tools available at a store like Walmart that’s open nights and weekends will be very convenient for those of us less prepared for projects around the house.

The new line will include a huge array of tools including hammers, pliers, wrenches, mechanic sets, tape measures, knives, and screwdrivers to name just a few. Tool storage bags, rolling carts, and tool boxes will round out the storage category.

Final Thoughts

We review a ton of PRO grade tools here at Tool Box Buzz. However, there is a massive market for DIY tools and we’d be remiss for not covering this segment of the market. From what we’ve seen so far at the Media Event this is a very wide ranging offering from HART and the marriage with Walmart makes great sense for the DIY market. Consumers will benefit from the TTI backing that brings massive resources behind the launch.

We plan on getting some of these tools in to review so we can offer our thoughts on them. These tools will start showing up online at Walmart in December with many tools rolling out after the new year in the stores. With great pricing and a wide range of tools we feel this will be a win win for DIY’ers looking for affordable tools.

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  1. Scott kern

    Not a comment this is a Question. I am looking for a HART impact driver but I don’t want it with only one battery that would suck if the battery goes dead and then you have to sit and wait a couple hours for it to charge. But I have lithium batteries at home from Black and Decker I’m wondering if they would match or is there adapters to make the match

    1. Todd Fratzel

      I’d suggest just buying a second battery. No, other brands are not compatible.

    2. Robert A Melchitzky

      I went in to buy a new battery today and it was $44. The 3/8 in drill came with a battery and the drill for $48 so basically you buy a battery and a charger and you get to draw for free

      1. Wes Bartosik

        I agree. At that price, the drill kit makes total sense.

  2. Barbara R Loehr

    Are the HART batteries interchangeable with HyPer Tough?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      They only work with HART tools

  3. Jeffery holloway

    I have a comment on the 215 piece box they have at Wal-Mart. The sockets I think should be in the bottom of the case. The case is top heavy and if you carry them around in the back of a truck like I do it flipped over and over spilling out the contents of the drawers fly out. I’m just about at the point of just tossing them to the side and not use them.

  4. Doug

    I bought the attachment capable string trimmer and love it. I was wondering if other brands of attachments are compatible with Hart. It seems no Walmart in my area carries the multiple attachments for the attachment capable trimmer.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Just Hart is our understanding

    2. JAMES

      Check the drive shafts and diameter, but i would think they should be interchangeable.

    3. Jack Parker

      Look and see how it fits my dad has the 40v ryobi system and wanted a curved trimmer. Ryobi did not sell one but, Craftsman,Homelite, BD, and a lot of others did use the exact same link up for expansions. It seems the extension part is somewhat universal.

  5. Shannon Boldman

    I’ve never heard of Hart tools before Wal-Mart had them.Where were they for sell at before?

    1. They are a new brand for Walmart

      1. Will H

        Then please expain this line in the article “HART Tools has been around for a long time”?

        1. Todd Fratzel

          Hart Tools has been around a long time….this new line is an expansion of the Brand

    2. Sam’s had some of the hand tools before Walmart same company that makes ryobi Milwaukee and rigid

  6. William Birt

    I purchased the hart bench grinder and it’s really a ryobi for half the price. Great 👍 product for 44 dollars.

  7. Deborah

    Is the Hart impact drill n drive bit set compatibles o work with a black n decker 20v cordless drill driver

  8. Drew Stephens

    Rigid has never been made by TTI. Rigid has been wholly owned by Emerson Electric since 1966.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Not true….the plumbing tools are the Emerson side, the Ridgid power tools are on the TTI side, and typically manufactured through licensing agreements with many different tool manufacturers.

  9. Hypert TOugh

    Bought a Hyper TOugh 40!! cordless weed trimmer. Uses 2 batteries and you can feed line via a switch. It broke but batteries are good. Cant find another of a 40 anywhere. NOw they are selling Hart. Can I use the same hyper tough cordless batteries?


    Been trying to get an answer to this as well. Looked everywhere. Going to bring my battery to Wmart – open a Hart box and see. Liked the HT 40 trimmer too but it broke as well. The shorter trimmer 13″ is available, but only uses 1 battery. That would be ok since I now have 2 and would have a 3rd, but dont like the feed. Liked the switch feed you mentioned.

    Pathetic that so quickly WM can change a brand and not offer the same product.

  11. I bought hart drill set was builting deck first time use and it stripped out just clicks not worth the money how do you get a replacement from Walmart I don’t have receipt anymore

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