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HART 20V Cordless Tool Offerings Review

HART Tools has a whole new look and Tool Box Buzz was given the opportunity to review some of their 20V cordless tool offerings. HART’s new mission is to provide homeowners, DIYers, and first time project tacklers with affordable cordless tool offerings. Lets be clear, these are not professional grade tools designed for demanding job sites. But that is okay! These tools are available to users without the intimidating amount of financial invest and commitment that goes along with buying into a cordless tool line.

Hart 20V Cordless Tools

To see how the HART line stacks up, I selected three commonly used cordless tools found on the professional contractor job site. I then used the HART tools in place of my typical battery of tools and found that they are actually very capable. They will get the job done and that is really what matters. When you factor in the low cost of the tools, that makes their capability even more impressive.

This review will focus on the 20V 1/2″ Hammer Drill, the 20V 1/4″ Impact Driver, and the 20V Oscillating Multi-Tool. These three offerings are types of tools that pros rely on every day and would be just as valuable to the weekend warrior doing projects around their own home.

HART 20V 1/2″ Hammer Drill Model #HPHD01B

Hart 20V Cordless Tools

A 2″ forstner bit was no problem for the HART hammer drill.

A hammer drill/driver is an invaluable tool on the professional job site. For homeowners or DIYers it is a tool that is unbelievably versatile. If you need to bore a large diameter hole through wood, set concrete anchors in your garage for shelving, or hang a clock or picture on a masonry fireplace, a hammer drill is what you want to reach for.

To learn more about the capabilities of hammer drills check out the Tool Box Buzz Best Cordless 1/2″ Hammer Drill article.

Hart 20V Cordless Tools

The HART 20V hammer drill easily bored through 2×4 lumber with a 2″ forstner bit.

HART’s hammer drill features a metal chuck, two speed gearbox, 24 position clutch, LED work light as well as an optional auxiliary handle. The HART hammer drill was fully capable of drilling and driving through concrete and masonry.

Hart 20V Cordless Tools

Hart included 2 speeds and a 24 position clutch on their 1/2″ hammer drill.

The drill is slow during demanding tasks but still capable. The molded attachment point for the auxiliary handle is awkward and would be more ergonomic if it was longer and located above the chuck instead of below.

Hart 20V Cordless Tools

HART 20V 1/4″ Impact Driver Model #HPID01B

Hart 20V Cordless Tools

The cordless impact driver pretty much owns the modern day construction world. The overwhelming majority of fasteners being driven by contractors and pros are being driven by impact drivers. They are also a big favorite of all of us here at Tool Box Buzz.

HART’s impact driver is pretty basic. It will drive fasteners in and then back them out and that’s about it. There is a LED light built into the base of the tool that projects upwards towards the work surface. The 1/4″ collet is also not a one handed insert and requires the use of two hands. While this may be too basic for specialized professionals, this Spartan design removes the guess work for new users when selecting the appropriate speed or mode.

Hart 20V Cordless Tools

The 1/4″ collet on the HART 20V impact driver requires two hands to operate.

The impact driver was fully capable of installing a variety of structural fasteners. During use I had no issues with 3″ coated deck screws or a variety of GRK Rugged Structural Screws. Again, while not the fastest option it will still get the job done.

Hart 20V Cordless Tools

3″ coated deck screws through dimensional framing lumber. No problem for the HART 20V impact driver.

The tool is on the larger side. It is tall and wide and was difficult getting into small cabinets or other confined spaces. The driver I am using currently features a brushed motor. HART offers a brushless version as part of a combo kit that appears to cut down on some of the overall size of the tool.

HART 20V Oscillating Multi-Tool Model #HPMT01

Hart 20V Cordless Tools

Cut outs for in baseboard trim is a task commonly performed using an OMT. The HART 20V OMT performed well in this test.

The capabilities of an oscillating multi-tool (OMT) are essentially endless. They solve a lot of problems from finish sanding, to detailed trim work, as well as tile and drywall installation. They are also a tool that we have reviewed extensively at Tool Box Buzz as part of our Head to Head series.

HART includes a surprising amount of features with their OMT. A power range from 0-20,000 osculations per minute, a variable speed dial, LED work light, on board storage for a blade change wrench, as well as a variety of cutting blades and sanding pads. The grip of the OMT is ergonomic and includes textured rubber over molding. The LED work light broadcast well onto the work surface and greatly enhances visibility.

Hart 20V Cordless Tools

The LED work light on the Hart OMT is bright and projects well onto the work surface.

While using the Hart OMT it was able to power through 5/8″ thick drywall for electrical box cut outs and also 3/4″ primed pine baseboard trim for cabinet cutouts.

This thing is huge. It is longer than any OMT I have ever used before which can feel awkward at times. The blade change system is completely tooled and very slow. The motor is also slightly under powered and the tool struggles with hardwoods and other high demand cutting tasks.

Hart 20V Cordless Tools

With a battery installed the HART 20V OMT is approximately 16″ long. It is a BIG tool.

HART included a few factory blades with their tool, but I would strongly suggest investing in a more high quality set of blades from your local home center or hardware store.

Hart 20V Cordless Tools

Blade change is slow and requires an allen key with the HART 20V OMT.

HART 20V Cordless Tools Battery System

Hart 20V Cordless Tools

The kit options from HART Tools included a 1.5Ah 20V battery along with a 2 Amp slide on type charger. The batteries lack any kind of fuel gauge option which makes battery management more difficult. The 2 Amp charger is compact and extremely simple to use. HART has additional battery offerings for the 20V platform in 2.0 and 4.0 Amp Hours ranges as well as a stand alone power source adapter.

HART 20V Cordless Tools Pricing

For a casual use homeowner or a entry level apprentice just starting out, the cost associated with tools is a big issue. It is clear that HART kept this in mind when developing this new line of cordless tools. While the features may seem basic and the tools lack some of the refinement of higher end brands, HART tools are an incredible value. Each of the tools reviewed above cost less than $80.00 as a full kit. Here is a breakdown of the pricing further;

  • 1/2″ Hammer Drill Kit: $79.00
  • 1/4″ Impact Driver Kit: $69.00
  • Multi-Tool (Bare Tool): $54.00

To get a capable tool, with battery and charger, for sub $80.00 is almost unheard of today. But it gets better. To make these tools widely available, HART partnered with Walmart as their exclusive retailer. All HART cordless tools, hand tools, and outdoor power equipment options are available now at Walmart stores and online. The buy it now box below will bring you to a full listing of tools available at Walmart.

Hart Tools 20V Cordless Power Tools

The low cost of HART tools combined with the easy accessibility through a mega retailer like Walmart make these a no brainer for anyone just starting out in the construction field or looking to try a DIY project at home.

Overall Thoughts on HART 20V Cordless Tools

I was initially skeptical of HART’s new lineup of 20V cordless tools. I knew that they were going to priced low and I fully expected them to be on time use and throw away type tools. However after spending time with these tools in hand and performing common construction tasks with them, I found that I was absolutely wrong.

The HART lineup represents a solid range of options for anyone who wants to get into cordless tools for minimal investment. I can think of countless people in my life who would be well suited using HART tools for common projects around the house. There are also some knuckle-head crews out there that I have worked with that can’t be trusted with nice things. They would be well served with a set of HART tools that the company will likely end up replacing several times.

Overall HART has impressed me with their first generation of cordless 20V tools. One welcome change would be to include some sort of charge gauge either on the tool or the battery. This feature would assist with managing the tool batteries more easily.

For a low cost but capable cordless tool option, check out the 20V line of HART tools that can be found online or at a store likely not too far from your house or jobsite.


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  2. Brian

    You failed to mention the three year warranty that is standard with these tools. That is a HUGE selling point.

  3. Ryan Menke

    hart cordless tools made by dewaldt knucklheads!

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Ummm…..no. HART cordless tools are a division of TTI, which makes Ryobi, Ridgid and Milwaukee.

      1. Tammy

        Is the drill bad? I have Worx tools now and they work great

        1. Todd Fratzel

          They are not bad at all, they are a great DIY / home improvement option.

  4. I bought the Hart Weedeater used it 2 months put up for winter time probably used it 20 hours, then got back out to use for next year battery won’t charge blinks 5 times shows charged ,plug into weedeater nothing thank God I can plug it up to 110 or no weedeater at all, this will be my last Hart tool of any kind.

  5. Van

    I bought a hart 4inch grinder and the tools that come without a battery thing, is stupid shaped the battery from impact to grinder and nothing but wait all the v time dead battery make one or two cuts and dead battery the grinder seems as good as any just suggest dead battery what a let down.

    1. Jim

      I’m have the same problem with the battery life of my leaf blower. The battery life is shit! I use it 5-10 mins and it’s dead. Last Hart product I will ever buy

  6. winston smith

    Just try finding an extra battery………………..

    1. Jim

      Can’t recall the last Walmart I’ve been to that didn’t have spare batteries for sale!

    2. Slee

      Check your local Walmart. TONS of spare batteries. The better priced 2-packs are more limited though.

  7. Orlando Avalos

    I bought combow kit with 7 1/4 cordless skill saw .Not sold on the preform of the saw. I do a lot of cutting on 3/4 plywood .Saw gets hot and shuts down after making (5)cuts have to wait for saw to cool down.So I have to go back to my Milwaukee cordless saw.

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