HART 20V Cordless Combo Kit Review

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HART 20V Cordless Combo Kit Review

HART 20V Combo Kit Review

20V Cordless Tool Combo Kit

Manufacturer: HART
Power source: 20V Battery
This tool review focuses on come of the 20V cordless combo kit offerings from HART tools. I first had the opportunity to review some of the cordless offerings from HART in 2020. Overall, these are capable, value-oriented, tools with homeowners and DIYers in mind. HART sent me their 20V Inflator Model HPIF01, 20V HandVac Model HPHv01, and their 20V Rotary Tool Model HPRL01.

At the time HART sent these tools to me for review, they were available as a standard combo kit. HART’s kit offerings have changed since then and these three specific tools are no longer available as a standard kit. You can see the current kit configurations here.

HART 20V Battery Platform

HART 20V Cordless Combo Kit Review

Overall the I have found the 20V battery platform to be the main strength of HART’s cordless platform. The batteries are reliable and provide sufficient power. Additionally, the four-port charger offered by HART works well and charges the smaller 1.5 Ah batteries quickly. This larger charger greatly helps with battery management as well because the batteries do not feature a charge gauge. This can be frustrating at times as I mentioned in my review of their 20V Cordless Sander.

HART 20V Inflator

HART 20V Inflator

The Model HPIF01 is capable of up to 150 PSI of output. Overall this tool is well suited for common household tasks like bike tires or other outdoor power equipment. It has a very large grip that I found to be very comfortable, but I do have XXL hands. The HART inflator is also perfectly capable of inflating car tires as well.

HART 20V Inflator Screen

The controls are definitely a shortcoming though. With the air hose attached to the valve stem, the display screen clearly shows the current PSI of the object you are inflating. However, once you are pulling the activation switch, the screen no longer reads the proper PSI. There is also no lockout on the trigger and it must be held down the entire time. This turned into an odd game of guessing in my head what the PSI might be, then releasing the trigger to see where the PSI actually drops to and settles. This became aggravating at times.

HART 20V Hand Vac

HART 20V Hand Vac

As a kid, my mother had a hand-held cordless that really wasn’t very useful at all. Dust and debris seemed to fall out of it more than it actually cleaned. The HART Hand Vac is the complete opposite. HART’s Model HPHV01 vacuum is powerful and convenient. It quickly became a “go-to” in my house for quick cleanups.

HART Handheld Vac

The nose of the vac has a folding crevice tool that greatly helps reach into small areas. The crevice extension clicks solidly into place during use. To empty or clean out the vacuum, the entire front end disconnects from the main tool body. The blue filter holder is then removed by hand and the collection tank can be emptied.

HART Hand Vac Review

Overall the HART Hand Vac is great for small cleanups. It is not well suited for heavy cleanup work or large piles of sawdust, but it does well with smaller dry piles. One concern is that the detachable tank has a bit of a weak detent connection and occasionally popped off while I was using it. Making another mess to clean up. The mesh screen in the filter area would often get clogged if cleaning up pet hair.

HART Hand Vac Combo Kit Review

HART 20V Rotary Tool

HART 20V Cordless Combo Kit ReviewOf all the tools I tested in this kit, the Model HPRL01 rotary tool is my favorite. The cordless convenience allows the tool to be used anywhere. This is a true craft/DIY style tool and I enjoyed using it outside with my family for a variety of projects. The speed is adjustable from 5,000-34,000 RPM with designated high and low settings. The RPMs are easily adjusted using a speed control nob on the front of the tool.

HART Cordless Rotary Tool

The rotary pen portion of the tool has a flexible shaft and a convenient spindle lock built into the grip. Swapping out tool heads is fast and easy thanks to this lock. Furthermore, the tool includes 33 accessories bits with a built-in storage case. There are round peg-holes on the top of the tool for convenient access and storage during use. The spindle is compatible with all common rotary tool accessories.

HART 20V Rotary Tool Review

Price and Availability of the HART 20V Cordless Combo Kit

HART Cordless Combo Kit Review

Like with all HART tools, the 20V cordless combo kit that I had the opportunity to review is exclusive to Walmart stores. Pricing and availability will also vary depending on which combo-kit purchased or if going the bare tool route. HART’s bare tool pricing is very attractive for individuals looking for occasional use or craft/DIY platform. The 20V Rotary tool retails currently for $69.00, the hand vac for $29.76, and the inflator for $19.88. These prices are typically unheard of in the power tool world.

The variety of combo kit options offered by HART is, in my opinion, extremely attractive when purchasing for others or first-time buyers. An individual looking for tools to craft with or projects with their families would be well suited with the HART offerings.

Click the Buy Now box below to browse the wide selection of HART tools at Walmart.

20V Cordless Tool Combo Kit

Overall Impression of the HART 20V Combo Kit

HART Cordless Combo Kit

Overall the performance of the tools from HART was not in the same class as their professional-grade counterparts. However, they do work and they are affordable. The secret niche I have seen with HART’s offerings is that they are encouraging individuals to get out there and try things for themselves. More importantly, it becomes almost a household event. My kids were even more excited than I was to get out and use and test the HART 20V cordless combo kit. That’s a powerful thing. The fact that individuals who may be hesitant to try things can save some money by purchasing a HART combo kit is just the icing on the cake.

If you are looking for professional performance and capability, then you need to shop accordingly. For instance, purchasing a compact 12V compact platform or 18V sub-compact platform form a professional brand. However, for tinkering and doing projects around the house, my kids and I can give a big thumbs up (or one tongue sticking out) to HART.

HART 20V Cordless Combo Kit Review

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