FLEXVOLT 60 V Brushless 9 in. Cut-Off Saw

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DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60 V Brushless 9 in. Cut-Off Saw DCS690 Review

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60 V Brushless 9 in. Cut-Off Saw DCS690

Manufacturer: DEWALT
Model number: DCS690
Price: $849.00
Power source: Cordless
Motor size: Brushless 6500 RPMs
Weight: 10.85 lbs.
I first laid my eyes on the Dewalt FLEXVOLT 60 V brushless cut-off saw at the 2018 World of Concrete trade show.

A year later, I’m still amazed at the innovation of this cordless tool, probably because it’s cordless, and requires NO GAS! Recently I took this saw to my jobsite, to test it out. Below are my thoughts.

Flexvolt Cut-Off Saw

The Flexvolt cut-off saw cuts up to 3-1/4 In. deep, it has a brushless motor that provides up to 6,500 RPM and has a belt-less, all-metal drive chain, eliminating belt and tension adjustments.

Designed to cut multiple materials such as:

  • Concrete
  • Paving stones
  • Steel rebar
  • Cast iron,
  • Steel and stainless steel
  • Aluminum

Adjustable Blade Guard

A 5-position guard allows you to rotate the guard to achieve different angles for optimal visibility, like cutting near the wall and floor connections.

The guard adjusts easily by pulling back, and holding, the guard rotational release lever.

Cut Visibility

The cut visibility on this saw is decent, especially on the left side. The right side has the chain drive box which sticks out a bit and as a dominant right handed user I found myself leaning out to see past it. When I changed hand positioning, the site line improved significantly.

Cordless Power

The tool has a weather sealed battery door box that locks closed with a secure and durable latch.  The ½” [13mm] blade wrench is also stored in this sealed box, which is a great spot for it.

A switch safety lock allows locks the trigger from accidental operation.

Dual Sided Water Feed System

The saw has a dual-sided water feed system offers an OSHA table 1 compliant solution for dust management when cutting concrete and masonry materials.

There is water regulator valve near the trigger allowing you to connect water supply to feed the two-sided dust dampening system for wet cutting.This coupling connects to a standard garden hose threaded fitting and has a quick release to attach to the tool.

The water feature worked well, and did an amazing job at eliminating dust. The water regulator control valve worked well too and can be controlled for less or more water flow.

Front Multi-Position Handle

A front handle allows the tool to be held in 3 different positions [front and both sides] and the 270-degree, mid-handle allows you to hold the saw in vertical or horizontal cutting positions.

Load Indicator Light

A triangular shaped LED light indicates when the tool is experiencing a heavy cut load by providing power output and runtime feedback. If that light is on, you know you are pushing too hard, and using more battery juice. Light off – your more efficient and will have more runtime.

When cutting Bluestone, the light did not come on. We did see the indicator light engage when we cut a 3” deep channel into asphalt. When I backed the saw off the asphalt cutting depth, I was able to cut without the light activating.


According to Dewalt the cut off saw will make the following cuts:

  • 80 cuts in 5/8 Rebar
  • 30 CMU blocks cut in half
  • We made a dozen cuts in Bluestone and cut a 10-foot  by 3” deep channel in asphalt and the battery gauge was at 1-bar.

Comes with Two Blades

The Dewalt FLEXVOLT 60 V brushless cut-off saw comes with a 9-inch diamond saw blade for masonry and abrasive bit blade for metal. The tool has a 7/8” arbor.

Weight and Balance and Durable

The tool weighs 10.85 lbs and is well balanced. I found it easy to carry, and use. Its smaller and easier to store, than a gas saw, and no gas tanks required.

Using the Saw

I used the saw to cut and size Bluestone pavers, using the dual-sided, water feed system. It worked flawlessly and cut the masonry like it was nothing. Later on the same project I cut a 10-foot by 3” deep channel in asphalt to install an invisible dog fence system.

I cut ¾” gas pipe, multiple pieces of rebar, and ¼” thick structural C-channel. The saw never kicked back, but I was able to stall it but cutting too much, too fast. I was impressed with the power and amazed that this is a battery operated tool.


We’d like to see the hose coupling to be made of a more durable material like brass.  Additionally, having a compartment for the water connection coupling, to be stored on-board, would be nice. Currently, I leave it attached to the tool to avoid it from being misplaced.


The FLEXVOLT 60 V Brushless 9 in. Cut-Off Saw Kit currently costs $849 online.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60 V Brushless 9 in. Cut-Off Saw DCS690

The kit includes:

  • DCS690 Cut-Off Saw;
  • (2) DCB609 60V Ion Batteries (9.0 Ah)
  • (1) Fast Charger
  • (1) Abrasive Cutting Wheel
  • (1) Diamond Cutting Wheel


Cordless power and convenience continues to improve, from Dewalt. The FLEXVOLT 60 V Brushless 9 in. Cut-Off Saw Kit is a beast at cutting rebar. We also think it shines for masonry contractors. This tool is a perfect lighter duty cutter and supplemental masonry tool. The dual sided water system allows you to achieve OSHA compliance, which is a huge plus.

Overall, we were incredibly impressed with the FLEXVOLT 60 V Brushless 9 in. Cut-Off Saw Kit – Well-done Dewalt!

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 9 in. Cut-Off Saw Video Review

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