FLEX Power Tools 24V Line-up Review

FLEX Power Tools 24V Brushless 5-Tool : It’s What’s Next

There’s a new battery operated tool company in the house, the new FLEX Power Tools 24V line-up. FLEX Power Tools have been a leader in polishers and grinders. Now they are ready to lead the race in 24V brushless tools. Taking a lead into the competitive line of brushless 24v power tools is the new FLEX Power Tools, being distributed by Lowe’s Home Improvement. FLEX will be launching out 100 new tools starting in May 2021. FLEX offers a 5 year warranty. But if you purchase your tool by the end of the year, you can be in the Founders Warranty for life.

History of Flex Tools 

Flex tools have been a leader in grinders and polisher for almost 100 years, starting in 1922. Flex tools were the inventors of the side angle grinder in 1954. Now they aren’t just a powerhouse in metalworking and polishing tools. They have recently jumped into the woodworking tools division. Their advanced technology makes them a true competitor to all top-brand cordless tools. The innovative designs are producing better battery load and faster battery chargers. FLEX advertises that they’re “It’s what’s next!” and we were excited to see if we agreed.

24V Brushless Impact Driver | FX1371A-2B

¼” Quick Eject Hex Impact Driver with Multi- Mode Kit 

Let’s start off with this 24V Brushless Impact Driver, that FLEX has really put R&D to the test to provide us with a driver that will be saving you time in the field and money in your pocket. This Impact is compact and the power inside delivers pure performance with adaptability with a 2.5Ah, 5.0Ah, or 8.0Ah. 

The power on driver was impressive with driving Head Lok’s into framing material several times, or adjusting to using finish cabinet screws, the adjustability switched easily. A cool feature on the Impact is the EJECT button with, a 1 finger action to remove the bit out of the driver. Having this right above the trigger lets the ease of changing bits, fast. 

The weight of tool with any of the 2.5Ah or 5.0 Ah is balanced well, and the grip fits your hand well. A plus is the raised lines behind the trigger to keep your fingers well positioned and eased while holding the tool. The tool comes with an Anti-vibration system, to keep your muscles and nerve endings in less tense situations, and you feel the difference. 

The stackable boxes can hold the tool with the battery attached up to a 5.0Ah size, battery charger and hold (2) extra batteries, either/or 2.5Ah or 5.0Ah. There is enough room to hold bits and accessories if needed in the separated compartments. 

One downside we have seen in the design of the Impact Driver is the side accessory attachment, either the belt clip can be installed or a (2) bit holster can fit. We wish to see FLEX design an area to hold bits incorporated into the tool, so you can still have the belt clip attached. 


  • 4.7” length and 2.7 lbs without the battery 
  • Max Torque 2,500 lbs
  • 3 speed 


  • Quick eject ¼” Hex
  • Self tapping screw mode 
  • ANTI Vibration 


24V Brushless Hammer Drill Driver | FX1171T-2B 

½”  2-Speed Drill Driver with Turbo Mode Kit


FLEX has come out with three different versions of the drill. The ½ speed drill with turbo mode is what we have tested. 

A great feature to the drill is the anti kick back that is incorporated into the tool.  We tested a PT 4×4 post, engaging the anti kick back technology. The drill knows what it’s boring through and will command itself to power down or power up to push through the material.  You know the 5.0 Ah battery was working when we bogged down through the 4×4 PT post. The accessory handle has a good grip for ease of control of the drill. Our other tests were through layers of trim board and 2×4 stock. All showed no hesitation of the series of 12-15 holes, all concurrent in test. 

Again, we see the negative design in the attachment belt clip. Installing a two clip design on both sides of the tool will have universal attachments. The weight of the tool is balanced with any battery attached. The accessory handle has good grip size, and was comfortable boring down through material.



  • Weight: 3.7 lbs tool only
  • Length: 7” 
  • Max Torque: 1,400” lbs 
  • Low Speed: 0-550 RPM and 0-2,000 RPM
  • Turbo Speed: 0-700 RPM and 0-2,500 RPM


  • Anti- Kick Back in drilling through material
  • Left/Right Accessory Handle




24V Brushless 5” Variable Speed Grinder | FX3171A

Flex Power Tools were the inventor for the side angle grinder. They showed us who is boss in 2021. The easy adjustable guard, with no tool, is a key success to this grinder. The wheel replacement is a breeze with the large lock button. Using the accessory tool to tighten or loosen the wheel. A 4 ½” or 5” wheel diameter can be attached, of up to ¼” thickness.


Another feature for this tool is the paddle switch. If you’re a fan of the paddle control you’ll either love it or hate it. There is 1-4 levels for variable speed control. Easily changeable by adding or subtracting levels with a touch of a button. The lowest level is at 3500 rpm, 5000 rpm, and 7000 rpm. The highest level is at 10,000 rpm. 


FLEX has a unique feature new to the tool grinders. The filter  screen at the battery side of the tool is removable.  You’re easily able to blow compress air for cleaning the controls of the tool near the battery. This will assist the performance and extend the life of the grinder. 



  • Weight: 4.2 lbs tool only
  • Wheel Diameter: 4 ½” and 5”
  • Speed: 4 settings- 3,500rpm 5,500 rpm 7,500 rpm 10,000 rpm


  • Paddle Switch 
  • Quick Change of Grinder Guard 
  • Easy Filter Screen clean out on tool at the battery for dust and debris
  • 24V Brushless 5” Variable Speed Grinder *Also a Fixed Speed Grinder FX3171A
  • 5” Variable Speed Angle Grinder with Paddle Switch Kit
  • FLEX Bag- durable material with padding on bottom, and three accessory pockets on each side can hold tool, battery, charger, and accessory grinders. 




24V Brushless Reciprocating Saw | FX2271

The reciprocating saw speed is at 3000 spm, (strokes per minute). The saw can be set at regular or orbital action. The blade’s tool-less clamp is a breeze to install and remove.  If the blade is hot, it is easy to release. The reciprocating saw comes with a framing hook. The pivot shoe has a release button. 


The power on the reciprocating saw is a variable speed motion with a lock and unlock feature just above the trigger. Clearly defined in an integrated window at the top of the handle. 


When we used the reciprocating saw we first tried it out on a 4×4 PT post, with a 5.0 Ah battery. The saw cuts were effortless and we were excited on how much FLEX really delivered all around.  The shoe plate is modified for the user to see right through a window to visual see the cut’s travel. The LED light casts a wide beam on the material, even in the sun. We also cut through PVC pipe, we had control and precision. The power for the reciprocating saw didn’t miss a beat making repetitive cuts.



  • Weight: 7.4 lbs tool only
  • Stroke: 1 ¼” distance
  • Speed: 0-3,000 rpm 



  • Top Mount lock and unlock feature 
  • Orbital and Non-orbital action
  • One button quick release for the saw shoe
  • 2 position rafter hook design 




24V 7 ¼” Circular Saw | FX2141-1D

FLEX designed this tool with the user in mind, giving enough blade view on the cut. The handling of the 7 1/4″ circular saw proved accuracy and powerful cuts through a wide selection of materials.

This heavy weight saw, really packs a punch in its sawing capabilities through each cut. Using the 8.0Ah battery, we’re seeing strong performance cuts through 3/4 plywood, framing stock, and quick butt cuts on stock trim. We were totally impressed on how powerful the cut through 3 pieces of 3/4 plywood. The weight of the tool surprised us in the beginning at 13 lbs with the battery. It delivered and we were impressed with its power and capabilities.

The shoe plate and the bevel cut gauge are all made of magnesium. The embedded lettering and numbering for the bevel cut gauge are clear and stamped into the steel. No ink the stamped lettering to wear off overtime. It is clear and easy to manage for changing the angle. FLEX did a well thought out process on the openings when looking down or from the side of the saw.  This gives the user the most comfort in seeing your cut line.


The saw cuts were smooth, powerful, and fast. With the 8 Ah battery attached, this circular saw delivers to its technology that FLEX brought to us.

FLEX power tools, has also presented an inline 6 1/2″ circular saw that is belt driven.



  • Weight: 9lbs tool only
  • Saw Blade: 7 ¼” 
  • Speed: 5,800 rpm 
  • Bevel Capacity: 0-56 degrees



  • Cut Capacity at 90 degrees is 2 ⅝”
  • Cut Capacity at 45 degrees is 1 ⅞”
  • The weight of tool is up to 13 lbs with the 8ah battery on the tool
  • Integrated blade change tool in the saws base plate
  • 1 position rafter hook
  • Smooth base plate, with a magnesium bevel guide and stamped degree angles 




Battery Chargers |FX0411

This new battery charger from FLEX  will be a leader in charging services for tools. With having a 50% faster charging from leading competitors. Showing off a dual fan technology to prevent over heating on the charges. With that dual fan system, the charger does give off a more higher decibel volume than other battery chargers. 

The batteries from FLEX Power tools, come in either a 2.5Ah, 5.0 Ah, 8.0Ah, or 12.0Ah. 

The charging time for each of the batteries is 30 minutes for the 2.5 Ah, 1 hour for the 5 Ah, 1hour and 40 minutes for the 8 Ah, and 2 hrs and 30 minutes for the largest battery, a 12.0 Ah, all at 100% capabilities. 

The charging levels, is easy recognizable on the charger, having a solid green when complete charge, to a blink and full green for 80% charge. 

The 2.5 Ah, 5.0 Ah, 8 Ah, or the 12 Ah are all Lithium-Ion at 24V, and feature a one push release to the tool. The batteries have a dual charging indicator light on each side of the battery. They show the level of charge by a 4 light system, with very little bleed over to the next level. The batteries come with a Therma-Tech system. This keeps the battery cooled and extend its life when it’s in use. Thus producing a 25% longer run time for the battery on highest charge. 


Stackable Boxes: 

Lets give FLEX Power Tools 2 thumbs up on introducing their own stackable boxes for the Hammer Drill and Impact Driver. These boxes are versatile, easily storable in your van or truck, and durability is a key factor here. They have designed the interior to switch with having either the Hammer Drill or Impact Driver in the same mold pattern, and they both can fit up to 3 batteries to store in! Plus the battery charger!

We hope that FLEX Power Tools can deliver more to the consumer in the stackable boxes category for their tools to be protected and live up to their name. The compartments have dedicated spaces for the tool, batteries and chargers, along with accessories to the tool itself. Let’s see more stackable boxes- FLEX Power Tools!


FLEX Power Tools 24V – Final Thoughts

We are impressed with the FLEX Power Tools 24V line-up.  Their technology, performance, and the capabilities to the Lowe’s Home Improvement market really puts FLEX as the 1,2,3 punch to other battery operated power tools. The battery performance is unlike what we have seen before.  Finally, a whole tool line to improve the skill trade’s and live up to their name. We are excited for the future of FLEX Power Tools.  Their history in the grinder and polishing market has payed off, and we are looking forward to what comes next out of FLEX. It is what’s next!


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  1. Greg Esres

    It will be interesting to see if this brand can make inroads. Many of us have already invested heavily in one brand of power tool battery, which doesn’t provide too much motivation to sample another brand’s wares. Moreover, my 20v tools already have enough power to almost jerk out of my hands, so I don’t feel much need for a few more volts.

  2. OldDominionDIYer

    I ordered the Hammer drill despite being heavily invested in Red cordless tools including two generations of hammer drills. I am interested to see how the Flex stacks up. It would need to blow away my other hammer drills to impress me. I’m also keen on seeing how the trigger functions, it needs to be smooth, linear and controllable, this is extremely important to me. This is a make or break if I don’t care for it I will probably gift it to someone I don’t really like to much!

  3. Eric Stephens

    Back In 2002 I invested in Rigid’s “lifetime warranty” cordless combo ttool kit. I thought that would be the last time I would ever have to buy atool kit given the fabulous/too good to be true warranty which included batteries! Need to say, that “lifetime warranty” was very short lived and was somehow allowed to be phased out with no recourse for the customers. I swore to never buy another Rigid product again. My point is I plan on buying this Flex combo kit strictly for the offered “lifetime warranty” which includes batteries if purchased before December 31, 2021
    I guess we shall see if they are a reputable company and honor their lifetime warranty as described.

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