FLEX 24V Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

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FLEX 24V Model FX4111-1A Oscillating Multi-Tool Review


24V Oscillating Multi-Tool

Manufacturer: FLEX
Model number: FX4111-1A
Power source: 24V Li-Ion Batttery
Weight: 2.8 Lbs
In November of 2021, the TBB Crew had the opportunity to revisit the current selection of cordless oscillating multi-tools. Our revamped Head-To-Head highlighted twelve of the latest offerings and put them through a rigorous series of tests. During the testing, I had the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the outstanding FLEX 24V Oscillating Multi-Tool Model FX4111-1A. The FLEX oscillating tool stood out amongst the competition with its compact size,  formidable feature set, excellent ergonomics, and user comfort.

FLEX Oscillating Multi-Tool Features

Fast and Easy Blade Change

FLEX 24V Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

Going with the Starlock blade system was a very smart move in my opinion. Starlock is very popular in my area and the blades are readily available. The ease of securing a blade is also second to none. The metal locking tabs on the FLEX (OMT) snap into place positively and securely. I experienced no issues with blades coming loose, that security also contributes to a better distribution of energy during cutting.

LED Light System

FLEX 24V OMT Review

The LED work light system is one of my favorite features of the FLEX tool. FLEX incorporated two cube-shaped lights into the FX4111-1A. There is a light on each side of the housing, above the blade. The unique cube shape of the lights broadcasts the lights in all directions instead of a focused beam on a traditional LED light. This design will light a workspace regardless of the angle or position of the tool.

Flex multitool

Blade Release Mechanism

A large easy to reach lever on the top of the FLEX Oscillating Multi-Tool positively ejects blades when released. The lever is easy to actuate with gloves on. Additionally, it spits out the Starlock blades without any need for tools or a second hand. This is greatly appreciated when changing a hot blade during use.

Digital Speed Adjustment

The majority of OMTs on the market use a rotary dial to adjust the speed of oscillation. FLEX decided to inject some technology and innovation into their tool and chose a push-button LED speed adjustment system. When I first saw this, I thought to myself why hasn’t anyone thought of this before??? The system is simple and intuitive with no guesswork involved. The five speed settings adjust from 10,000-20,000 OPM.

FLEX Ergonomics

FLEX 24V Oscillating Mulit-Tool Review


The FLEX 24V oscillating multi-tool is a very compact design overall. Even with a 5.0 Ah battery pack installed, the length is kept short and it feels very balanced in hand. There is also minimal felt vibration during use. For operators with extremely large hands, this can be a slight challenge. I have XXL hands and found it difficult to place both hands on the main barrel grip of the tool, at once. Instead, it was far more comfortable, and easier to control, by choking up with one hand on the tool body and using the other hand on the rear of the tool at the battery pack to steer and adjust. The grip surfaces are all contoured and there is generous rubber over-molding covering the exterior.

FLEX 24V OMT Review

Overall Impressions


The 24V oscillating multi-tool was an impressive introduction to the FLEX brand for me. I really enjoyed using it and think that the outstanding features and ergonomics it has made it stand out from the crowd. Overall I think it is an excellent professional option that is worth checking out, regardless of what battery platform you are currently invested in. Furthermore, the FLEX FX4111-1A is available as a kit with a charger and (1) 2.5 Ah battery for $199.99. That’s a tremendous value when you compare price to the features and capabilities of the FLEX. For more details on this tool checkout out our Head-To-Head article and video, which are linked above. Below is a Buy Now option to purchase the FLEX from some of our preferred retail partners.

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