Ryobi 40v Hybrid 20″ Air Cannon Review

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Ryobi 40v Hybrid 20″ Air Cannon – Model RY40HF01

Ryobi 40v Hybrid 20" Air Cannon

Manufacturer: Ryobi
Model number: RY40HF01B
Price: $229.00
Power source: Hybrid [40v + AC/DC]
Weight: 30 Lbs
Before you know it, the sweltering summer months will arrive, and having a dependable fan nearby can be quite helpful during those demanding workdays. Having a fan, dubbed as an “Air Cannon” that can use cordless batteries or an extension cord for all-day cooling relief is a great option.

Ryobi sent us their new 40v Hybrid 20″ Air Cannon to test and evaluate. Fans are the unsung heroes of our daily grind on long, hot days. Not only are fans useful on hot Summer days, but they are extremely useful working in warm rooms like mechanical rooms and poorly ventilated spaces.

Ryobi RY40HF01 | Specifications

    • 6,300 CFM on High Setting
    • Hybrid Option: Battery & AC/DC capabilities
    • 34 hours of run-time on low w/ RYOBI 40V 12Ah battery
    • Durable metal construction
    • 180° pivoting head
    • Pivoting handle
    • 6″ all-terrain wheels
    • Low / Med / High |speed settings


With the name “Air Cannon” most people will likely assume this fan is loud. The Ryobi RY40HF01 is part of their Whisper Series line and is extremely quiet. Ryobi has several tools in their Whisper Series line. These include; cordless blowers, lawnmowers, string trimmers, and fans. Ryobi continues to cut down the noise, while still delivering the power needed to get the job done.

We performed a decibel test with an app on an iPhone called “Decibel X”. We have used this app on other tool testing and the results on those tests were extremely close to what the MFG specs were. The phone was placed at the user’s ear height and 8′ away from the fan but in the fan’s wind path. The fan was set on the ground and the fan pivoted towards the user.

Decibels Recorded

      • 77.1 was the max decibels recorded on HIGH.
      • 65.5 was the max decibels recorded on MEDIUM
      • 44.8 was the max decibels recorded on LOW

Whether employed in a workshop or inside the household,  this fan operates very quietly, allowing for uninterrupted conversations or unexpected phone calls. Surprisingly quiet, it improves the workspace as a whole, creating an ideal environment for uninterrupted work.

CFMs Per Settings

The Ryobi RY40HF01 Air Cannon comes with four operational settings. There is a large speed switch on the right side of the fan. On this speed switch, there is 0-Off, 3-High, 2 – 2-Medium, and 1-Low. Here is a list of the CFMs per Ryobi on each setting.

    • High – 6,300 CFMs
    • Medium – 4,450 CFMs
    • Low – 2,850 CFMs

Ideal Usages

The Ryobi RY40HF01 Air Cannon fan proves invaluable in many different applications. Whether it is keeping the air flowing through the workshop, or expelling paint fumes or dust, this air cannon has got it covered. Outdoors, it transforms into a cooling beast, offering relief from sweltering temperatures. Having the air cannon handy for that backyard BBQ or weekend camping trip is a must. With the rugged wheels and portability, we feel that this fan would be delightful at the beach on a hot summer afternoon.

During renovations, the fan can efficiently clear demolition dust. The large volume of airflow can quickly displace particles ensuring a cleaner workspace.

We used it in the shop to provide ventilation and cooling and to assist in drying cedar clapboards that we pre-painted indoors due to the colder outside temperatures. We can also see the Air Cannon being useful when used to dry wet spaces or floors due to cleaning, or water leaks.

The versatility of the Ryobi RY40HF01 air cannon extends beyond just air movement, making it essential for comfort, safety, and efficiency in various environments and tasks.

Air Cannon | Run-Time

The Ryobi RY40HF01 has an impressive run-time. Ryobi says it will get 34 hours of continued run-time on the lowest setting using a 40v 12Ah battery. As you can see in the diagram above, times reduce roughly in half when going to a 6.0Ah and three-quarters when running with a 4.0Ah battery.

AC/DC Capable

One nice feature of the Air Cannon is that it is a “hybrid fan,” meaning it has AC/DC capability. If you need continuous operation you have the option to plug in an extension cord. [Cord not supplied] This plug is located inside the bottom of the battery compartment.

TBB Crew member Rob was so impressed with the Air Cannon that he is going to put it in his shop as a permanent fixture, permanently plugging it into line voltage.

Adjustment Knob | Pivoting The Fan

The Ryobi Air Cannon has one large-sized adjustment knob for fan pivoting,  located on the left side. To modify the fan head’s angle, loosen the adjustment knob. When loosened, this knob allows for 180° of pivot. To secure, select the desired position and tighten the knob.


The Air Cannon comes with 6″ rubberized wheels which assist with maneuverability and portability on the job site. These wheels required assembly after unboxing. One bolt and 3 washers per wheel and set up was complete.

We found that the Air Cannon rolls easily over grass, gravel, and concrete.  To assist in transportation there is a large, collapsible handle on the top of the unit, the handle folds down when not in use. This handle is robustly constructed with ABS plastic and metal pivot pins. The handle rotates off a stationary [black colored] crossbar that we found useful for securing cam straps to when transporting this fan in our work van.

Two-Handed Carry

On the opposite side of the fan, just above the battery location is an indent designed to assist as a “built-in” handle when lifting the fan with two hands.

Sturdy Construction

The Air Cannon is constructed mostly of metal components and some ABS plastic. Ryobi used metal where it counts; on the frame, axle, fan shroud and fan grill.  Its clear that some thought was put into the use of metal as it appears robust and designed to withstand transportation and falls, ensuring durability and longevity in your investment.

Room for Improvement

We’d like to highlight one potential improvement idea. The recessed carry handle on the battery side could benefit from being larger. We noted that a few of us found it too narrow for our hands when carrying the unit from a van or trailer.

Overall Thoughts

When it comes to the Ryobi 40v line of equipment, we feel that they continue to get it right.  Our crew has always been impressed with the outdoor power equipment, and this hybrid air cannon fan is no exception. With three speeds, the option for all-day run-time, and the ease of portability, your scorching job sites will soon be tolerable and might even have you reaching for that long-sleeved sun shirt. It is really quiet and will not interfere with your normal job site conversations or make you turn the volume up on the radio.

Ryobi 40v Hybrid 20" Air Cannon



Ryobi 40v Hybrid 20″ Air Cannon Video Review

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