Milwaukee Switch Pack Sectional Drum Review

Milwaukee Switch Pack Sectional Drum Model 2775B-211 ReviewThe Milwaukee Switch Pack

M18 FUEL Switch Pack Sectional Drum System Kit

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 2775B-211
Price: $889.00
Power source: 18v
Weight: 41.5
The Milwaukee Switch Pack Sectional Drum System is an excellent mobile system that makes it quick and easy to transport into residential jobs. The backpack feature really allows you to go mobile. Not only is it a time saver but it is also very convenient. The Milwaukee Switch Pack system is tool-free utilizing heavy-duty buckles that allow you to quickly change between drums. Multiple drums can be carried and quickly switched between for different size cable thicknesses. Additionally, drums can also be combined to reach up to 100′ in total. These features combined with the powerful brushless motor make this a great choice for most residential and commercial plumbers.


  • Max cable length: 100′
  • Drain line capacity: 1-1/4″ – 4″
  • RPM spin speed: 250
  • Warranty: 5-year tool, 3-year battery, 2-year cable

Switch Pack Sectional Drum Options

The Milwaukee Switch Pack

The Milwaukee Switch Pack Sectional Drum System is a tool-free system that utilizes heavy-duty buckles which allow you to quickly change between drums. Additionally, the kit includes a drum with a 50′ cable. Therefore, multiple drums can be purchased with different size cables allowing easy switching between cable sizes in seconds depending on the job you are working on. The Milwaukee drums are fully enclosed to prevent any job site mess. If you purchase a second drum you can easily connect the two extending your reach to 100’. It’s also worth mentioning that all Milwaukee cables have rust guard protection.

The Milwaukee Switch Pack System is Portable

The Milwaukee Switch Pack

The quality that sparked our interest in the Milwaukee Switch Pack Sectional Drum System was by far the mobility. Being cordless, the Milwaukee Switch Pack Sectional Drum System could be thrown on your back and easily brought to the job site. Carrying the Milwaukee Switch Pack System upstairs, up a ladder, or into a tight space is no problem. I can tell you for certain that this system is a time saver, eliminating the need for two people to lug it into the house like our traditional Rigid unit. Therefore, it reduces the risk of damage to floors, carpets, and walls. Additionally, not having to run extension cords onto a roof or a crawl space is another great benefit of this cordless system.

The Milwaukee Switch Pack

Brushless Power, Braking, and Belt Drive

Milwaukee claims the Switch Pack has 5x faster braking and 2x more clog power than corded competitors. There was no lack of power for the many clogs we tested with this unit. We easily pushed through some serious grease that was clogged solid from a garbage disposal. The integrated drum brake stops this tool quickly, giving us more control while in use. In addition, the belt drive system is well-designed. When using our old Rigid unit the drive belt would often slip off the drum, especially when worn. The Milwaukee belt design is enclosed and attaches directly to a pulley on the drum. Locking onto the pulley leads me to believe it will be more reliable than the old Rigid system we have been using.

The Milwaukee Switch Pack

Electronic Foot Pedal

The Milwaukee Switch Pack

The electronic foot pedal is coated in non-slip rubber. Our older Rigid model uses an air valve-style pedal that would give us trouble and could leave a lot of room for failure. Being hard-wired this pedal system is more dependable and responsive than our old Rigid model giving us more control and the ability to go back and forth slowly while hand-feeding the cable. The pedal can also be neatly tucked away in the tool itself when in transport and the wire can be disconnected from the tool itself easily if needed.

The Milwaukee Switch Pack

M18 FUEL 5.0 Battery and charger

Included with this kit is one 5.0 Ah Red Lithium extended capacity battery pack, along with a charger that is capable of charging M12 and M18 batteries. During the testing process, we ran the cable through a good amount of pipe and even powered through a few actual clogs, without having to swap batteries. As a result, the battery will easily handle multiple clogs on a single charge.

The Milwaukee Switch Pack

On-Board Accessory Attachment and Storage

The Milwaukee Switch Pack

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Switch Pack Sectional Drum System includes 4 different heads.  A key way is also included to change the heads easily or attach another cable. The heads neatly hang on the base of the tool. This feature allows you to keep all of the heads together. Therefore,  you can select the desired head you need when you evaluate what you are working with.

The Milwaukee Switch Pack

Room For Improvement

The fact that all of the heads can be easily secured onto the base of the tool is a nice feature. However, I found the metal retainer arm to be a little flimsy. Before we figured out how it worked we bent one of the metal retainers right off the bat. We tried to bend it back and get it functioning correctly without success. This is not a deal breaker, and once you learn how to access the heads, you shouldn’t have any problems. I would recommend that Milwaukee improve upon or beef up this retaining clip in the future.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, The Milwaukee Switch Pack Sectional Drum System is an extremely mobile system that is easy to carry. It can be strapped onto your back and quickly brought into the job site with everything you need. The backpack feature eliminates the need to have two people drag a heavy unit into a house and risk causing damage. Quickly change between drums without the need for tools. Multiple drums can be carried and quickly switched between. Additionally, drums can also be combined to reach up to 100′ in total. All these features combined make this an easy decision for plumbers.

Buy It Now

Priced at $889.00 I believe that this is a good investment for most plumbers. Undoubtedly, this tool will not only save you time but its mobility will help prevent unwanted damage when going to residential homes. Backed by Milwaukee’s 5-year warranty on the tool there isn’t much to worry about when making this investment. We will also be considering the Milwaukee switch pack cable drive accessory which allows the cable to be automatically fed and retracted, instead of hand feeding.

Follow the Buy Now link below to purchase the Milwaukee Switch Pack from our friends at ACME Tools.

M18 FUEL Switch Pack Sectional Drum System Kit

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