DeWalt Mid-Torque 1/2″ Impact Wrench Review (Model DCF894H)

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DeWalt Mid Torque 1/2″ Impact Wrench Review (Model DCF894H)

I am a cordless tool fan for many reasons, but mostly the convenience of no cord. I see our fleet our mechanics in the garage dragging an air hose around as they work on the skid steers, trucks, buses, and all the other vehicles and equipment for the company. So one day I took a few minutes and asked them why they don’t use a cordless impact? The answer was simple and straight forward – the impact wrenches aren’t strong enough. When DeWalt announced it was releasing a Mid-Torque Impact Wrench I challenged them to use the DCF894H for a few months and see what they think. I knew this was my chance to share the new generation of cordless tools with them. After a few months of use the DCF894H was their go to Impact Wrench. One mechanic recalled an old Snap-On he use to use but said it was heavy, bulky, and the batteries didn’t last. The first time he used the Dewalt Mid-Torque Wrench, it broke the lug nuts loose with such ease and speed that he thought they were already loose.Dewalt Mid Torque -11

Dewalt Mid-Torque Features and Specs

• Up to 330 ft-lbs max of fastening torque
• Includes the new Precision Wrench™ Control feature. This feature helps by adding more control when using the tool in forward and reverse. In Forward, the tool will pause before impacting to help prevent overtightening. In Reverse, the tool lowers speed when fastener is loose to help prevent run-off.
• 3 mode settings to complete a variety of applications
• DEWALT-built brushless motor for increased efficiency and runtime vs. brushed model
• Variable speed trigger helps to provide speed control
• LED light to help illuminate dimly lit areas
• Compact and lightweight design for comfort when working in tight spacesDewalt Mid Torque -12

Run Time

Running the DCF894H on a 5.0 Ah battery was essential. When using this tool you are looking for power and run time. Nothing is worse than being in a parking lot trying to replace a tire and not having the juice needed to do the job you need to do. The on-board fuel gauge was a huge help in tracking the remaining run time.
Having the 5.0 Ah battery was providing the longer run times and never made the shop reach back into the toolbox for the air powered wrench.

Equipment/Automotive Repairs

The Mid Torque was best choice when it came to equipment and automotive repair applications. The shop was using it for everything from basic tire rotations and repairs to shocks, struts and axel replacement work on the company’s vehicles and equipment. The LED light is perfectly located on the tool and helps illuminate your work area. This is especially handy when working on the underside of a vehicle and you are relying on “drop lights”.Dewalt Mid Torque -8

The DCF894H was the go to tool for the disabled PolarTrac during a recent snow fall. The PolarTrac had a tire pop off its rim and couldn’t easily be driven back into the shop for repair. The mechanic grabbed the Mid-Torque, a few necessary hand tools, and a spare tire and was able to do the repair in minutes onsite with ease.Dewalt Mid Torque -9

Construction Applications

Dewalt Mid Torque -5We used the Mid Torque nonstop in the garage for fleet maintenance and repairs but additional applications we see for the DCF894H is driving fasteners like Tapcons, large diameter sleeve bolts, etc. The DeWalt Mid-Torque could also be used in the assembly and tightening of bolts of small steel structures.

This impact wrench has moxie. It has a good design of weight and power. The DeWalt Mid Torque is perfect because is not too heavy, not too long, not too weak. These combinations make it a must have tool for mechanics and contractors. Lastly, if the DCF894H is in your arsenal you will be throwing it in the trunk on long trips as part of your roadside assistant kit. Replacing that tire iron or my father’s cross wrench and making you feel like you are part of a NASCAR pit crew.

Tool Connect

Dewalt Mid Torque -6You will notice in some pictures a few zip ties around the back top of the Mid-Torque. DeWalt is now joining other companies with the ability to track your tools. We took a Tool Connect Tag and zipped tied to the DCF894H so we can track it. The Tag is applied with glue, screws, tape but for this trial we opted for the zip ties. It will help you track anything on the jobsite from materials, gang boxes to larger tools and equipment. It was fast and simple pair with the app on our phones and the LED indicator made it easy to identify. This connector is made for durability, it is water and dust proof. Having the tag on the Wrench gave us real time updates of its location. I knew when the Wrench left and returned to the garage.

DeWalt is now integrating the Tool Connect into their tools, batteries and providing connectors to use with your existing 20V MAX tools. For more information visit the Tool Connect mini-site on


The DeWalt Mid Torque come with DeWalt’s 3 year limited warranty, 1 year free service, and 90 day money back guarantee. More information on that can be found at

What Could Be Improved

Dewalt Mid Torque -2There is only 1 complaint the shop had regarding the DeWalt Mid Torque and it was the location of the forward and reverse switch. On a few occasions the switch was flip while in use. Those times occurred when the heavier more bulky gloves were being used. It seems the gloves would knock the switch either causing it to stop or go into the opposite direction. Other than that there really isn’t much to complain about with this tool. It kicks ass!

This will Last

This powerful Mid-Torque is tough. The shop tortured the DCF894H with drops, oily/greasy hands, taking it on the road for onsite repairs and it didn’t back down. It is still going strong. The bottom line – the DeWalt Mid-Torque Impact Wrench convinced a few mechanics who are so use to air powered tools that the new generation of cordless tools is redefining how we work. They were sold on the power and size of cordless which has made them want more cordless tools!

DeWalt Mid-Torque Impact Wrench with either Detent Pin Anvil or Hog Ring Anvil can be found online as kit for around $400 or as bare tool for around $200.

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  1. I bought this mid-range impact wrench for the sole purpose of lug nut removal of a flat tire. I broke my upper right arm years ago. I’m over over 50,and I have no desire to wrestle with a lug nut wrench while chan changing a flat tire. THIS LITTLE THING IS A BEAST!! It removes lug nuts on my SUV like a hot knife slicing through butter. I was shockingly impressed. I’ll be a Dewalt fan for life..unless they do something very stupid production wise,of which I hope they never do.?

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