DEWALT FlexVolt Cordless 8-1/4″ Table Saw – 4 Year Look-Back Review

DEWALT FlexVolt Cordless 8-1/4″ Table Saw – Model DCS7485T1

4-1/2 years ago I tested the Flexvolt 8-1/4” table saw. Back then I told you that I was impressed with its portability, versatility, performance, and power.

At that time the new table saw had all the same features as their corded sibling. So if you were already used to using a DEWALT table saw, there was NO learning curve.

At that time I told you I was a fan of all DEWALT table saws, but the best feature of this saw is obviously that it’s cordless. I had also inquired whether an accessory power cord was in the making, so users could plug into a power outlet for AC current.

DEWALT, told me back then that the cost for an AC adapter /cord similar to the miter saw accessory, would be substantial as the electrical current needs to be converted from 60v to 120V. They also said they were currently working on an adapter but it was still about 9 months or more away.  Well, that hasn’t happened.


We did a runtime test using a 60V, 4 Ah battery pack at the time. We cut  For the 256 lineal feet of IPE decking material, 264 lf of framing lumber, and 608 lf of ¾ plywood. Impressive right?

Back then we told you that if you were serious about using a cordless table saw, we recommended a second battery. While that’s still good advice – DEWALT now offers higher Ah batteries extending the saws runtime even more.

Probably one of the best features of this saw is the amazing rack and pinion fence design.  This fence allows for two positions in order to rip up to 24” material. It’s so nice that everyone else has copied it. I told you back then that the fence was super smooth, and made easy micro-adjustments. That still holds true today.

The fence extends wide enough to allow a 24-inch rip capacity on the right side of the blade and will allow a 12-inch rip to the left of the blade.

The riving knife is also a nice feature and it mirrors the saw blade doing a nice job at keeping the saw kerf from closing behind the blade while ripping, it also helps prevent a bind between the blade and fence from getting caught by the saw teeth on the back of the blade.


We felt that the DEWALT Cordless 8-1/4” Table Saw was durable for Jobsite use with its metal roll cage protecting the saw and convenient handle for carrying.

We liked the heavy-duty black canvas shroud that is mounted to the underside of the table to the motor.  The canvas is sized to follow the motor as it is raised/lowered or beveled.  The shroud captures and directs dust toward the dust chute. This dust feature works well, well done DEWALT!!

So did we get this right – YEP we did!

The DEWALT FlexVolt Cordless 8-1/4″ Table Saw is still going strong and is used daily.

Our biggest pet peeve with this saw is the safety “stop lever” over the power switch. I believe has been addressed by DEWALT already on upgrades.

The power switch “stop lever” on our saw slaps the stop button if you left it come down too fast. This turns off the saw, seconds after starting it.

After conferring with the product manager at DEWALT, it was determined that the red stop lever spring force was too high.  DEWALT told us back then that they would refine and make adjustments before the tool goes into full production. I hope they did.


We are very impressed with the DEWALT Cordless 8-1/4” Table Saw and the attention to detail put into it.  This saw is a prime example of the hard work DEWALT put into making their tools, and their commitment to making a cordless job site.

This cordless table saw is a fantastic tool with some nice unique features, it is powerful and you can’t beat the fence system!

If you liked this lookback video take a peek at our DEWALT table saw vs Milwaukee table saw a comparison.

DEWALT FlexVolt Cordless 8-1/4″ Table Saw – Look-Back Video Review


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