DEWALT Cordless Tools Built In The USA

DEWALT Brings Jobs Back Home To The US

Tradesmen and women are passionate about lots of things and that’s particularly true about their desire for tools made here in the US. All you need to do is visit the forums related to construction and tools and that discussion is a prominent one. So there’s clearly an advantage to be had by tool companies that find a way to make tools here at home.


In the Fall of 2013 DEWALT announced that they start building some tools here in the US. I’ll be the first to say I was skeptical of the claim and wondered if it might be a marketing “gimmick” and an effort to secure some more market share. I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Charlotte NC to visit one of DEWALT’s facilities that serves as a massive distribution center and now also serves as a manufacturing facility.

DEWALT Manufacturing Facility Charlotte NC

The facility in Charlotte NC has created 350 new jobs since opening just over a year ago. The facility is manufacturing, assembling, and shipping several cordless tools including drills, reciprocating saws, and impact drivers. The label on these tools says “Built in the USA with Global Materials” which certainly made me question the claim. After visiting this facility I can tell you that these tools are definitely being built here in the US!

DEWALT MotorEach tool is vastly different with respect to the materials used to build them, but each of them are being fully assembled in this facility. In this facility they are making the motors, and they are assembling the cordless tools with materials from around the world including materials and parts made here in the US. Some of the materials and parts are being made in NC, SC, and TN to name a few.

The Built In The US Advantage

Clearly the movement to build products here in the US is based on the desire of consumers to buy products made here at home. After visiting the facility and hearing that DEWALT plans to expand upon this facility even more means there’s a certain level of success by moving some of the manufacturing back to the States.

Two benefits that were mentioned included reduced shipping costs and quicker response to large purchases from distributors. Because this facility is located in DEWALT’s huge distribution center they can manufacture a tool and walk it across the plant and ship it directly to the retailer. This is far more efficient that waiting for a tool to clear customs, get shipped to the distribution center, to finally be shipped off to the retailer.


In addition, it’s clear that the ability to handle the quality control here in this Country is also a huge benefit. Each tool coming off this line goes through a rigorous quality control test which ensures the highest quality. As soon as the testing is finished, the tool moves along the line and gets labeled, packaged, and ready for shipment.

Video Tour – DEWALT Manufacturing Facility Charlotte, NC

Real Jobs Equals A Real Difference

I’m sure many of you will find something to gripe about, whether it’s the “Global Materials” or the fact that DEWALT still manufacturers a vast majority of their tools overseas, but this is a great start. In North Carolina they added 350 new jobs, in Indiana there’s another 150 jobs for a total of 500 jobs building tools that didn’t exist just a few years ago. As consumers respond to this movement by buying more of these US built tools, and more manufacturers catch on to the advantages, I’m hopeful that this trend will continue. At the end of the day, I’m certainly very interested in buying tools that I know were built and assembled in our Country.

Todd Fratzel DEWALT Drill Build

I also had an opportunity to jump on the line and build my own cordless hammer drill. We got to build a DCD995 1/2″ Brushless 3-Speed Hammer Drill. I can tell you the people working in the plant make it look much easier than it is! This special token will surely remind me of my special tour, and the great American’s building tools for the men and women who help build our great Country. Let’s hope this trend continues, and I’m thankful that DEWALT is giving it a go!

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