New DEWALT PowerStack Battery Platform Coming

DEWALT just launched a new 20V battery platform that uses stacked lithium-ion polymer pouch cell batteries. Called the PowerStack, this battery is designed to deliver a lighter, smaller, and more powerful battery.

PowerStack Uses Stack Pouch Battery Cells

Designed with stacked pouch battery cells instead of cylindrical cells, this battery looks a lot like a stack of smartphone-like cells protected in an armored battery housing.

Traditionally, DEWALT 20V batteries use either 18650 or 21700 cells. The PowerStack battery uses 5 lithium-polymer pouches, stacked on top of each other.

Dewalt 2.0 Ah Compact Battery vs PowerStack Battery

When comparing the DEWALT 18650 cell-based 2.0 Ah pack [DCB203] to the PowerStack [DCBP034] the PowerStack comes out on top.

  • 50% more power than their 2.0 Ah pack
  • 25% more compact housing than their 2.0 Ah pack
  • 15% lighter than their 2.0 Ah pack
  • Twice the charge cycle lifespan than their 2.0 Ah pack.

Larger Batteries, Including FlexVolt To Follow

The new Dewalt PowerStack battery (DCBP034) has a 1.7Ah charge capacity, and Dewalt hinted that other battery sizes will soon follow, telling us that the Flexvolt could also see this upgrade.  A 12 Ah size battery with this technology would be much more effective at running high-draw tools like the reciprocating, SDS Hammer, and table saw. We’ve heard that we’ll see more on this come Springtime 2022.

1.7Ah Battery Designed For Compact Tools

Dewalt designed this 1.7Ah  PowerStack battery to optimize with their more compact 20V Atomic tools such as:

  • 2-speed drills
  • Impact drivers
  • Oscillating multi-tool
  • Compact circular saw
  • Router
  • Compact rotary hammer
  • Compact band saw

Compatible With ALL 20-Volt Tools

The DEWALT PowerStack Battery is compatible with all DEWALT 20V tools and chargers and will roll out to North American stores and distributors, beginning December 2021. The global roll-out will continue through spring 2022

PowerStack Battery Cost

DeWalt has three PowerStack Configurations

  • DCBP034 Compact Battery – cost $119
  • DCBP034C Compact Battery Starter Kit with DCB112 Charger – cost $149
  • DCBP034-2 (2-pack) – cost $179

Thoughts on Power

When using these tools at the media event I could definitely feel the power difference. I used them in almost all of the 20 Volt compact tools and compared them to the older 2.0 battery. In all instances, the tool performed faster and felt more powerful. We look forward to taking these to work and putting them through the daily rigors of the job site.


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