Dewalt 20-Volt LED Work Light DCL044

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Dewalt 20-Volt LED Work Light DCL510

Manufacturer: Dewalt
Model number: DCL044
Price: 59.00
Power source: 20-Volt

Dewalt 20-Volt LED Work Light DCL044 Review

I use a flashlight in all aspects of my work. My quest to find the perfect sized work light led me to the Dewalt 20-Volt LED Work Light DCL044. Most of the work lights I’ve used so far are long and bulky to carry. And while headlamps are great, I just don’t feel like wearing a headlamp all the time.

Dewalt 20-Volt LED Work Light DCL510

Dewalt 20-Volt LED Work Light DCL044

The Dewalt 20-Volt LED Work Light DCL044 is a perfect size work light that can fit on your belt, in a tool bag or my tool belt pockets. Its lightweight and compact but still puts off a decent amount of light.

Light Output

Dewalt thought this little light through when designing it. The light bezel rotates 180-degrees and also pivots 180-degrees which gives you 360-degree lighting coverage.

The bezel lens is plastic so some chemicals may affect it.

The Dewalt 20-Volt LED Work Light DCL044 puts out 130 lumens in a bright, round, spot light and a wider, round, halo. I found the spot light was useful for intricate work and the halo provided necessary ambient and peripheral lighting. Having both light patterns covered all the bases. The light pattern is not adjustable.

The halo light pattern from 36-inches away measures 32-inches round. The spot light pattern ins approximately 4-6 inches round. The quality of the light is clean and bright.

Dewalt 20-Volt LED Work Light DCL510Multiple Positioning

The Dewalt 20-Volt LED Work Light DCL044 has several methods of placement and mounting:

  1. Lay on flat surface
  2. Use of kick stand 90 and 45-degree position
  3. Belt mounting
  4. Magnet mounting

Laying the unit flat on a surface [battery side] allows you to illuminate many different angles. The kickstand folds out and clips into the lamps body for storage. When in use you can stand the lamp upright or lean it at a 45-degree angle. The 2” deep belt mount clips onto tool bags, tool belts or your pant pocket for carrying or illumination.

The magnet mount is on the lamps back side and allows you to mount the lamp on metal surfaces. I find myself using the magnet and laying on flat surface positions the most. Coupled with the swivel / pivoting bezel head I can illuminate most areas well.

Dewalt 20-Volt LED Work Light DCL510Improvements

We found the magnet to work well, but feel Dewalt should invest in stronger magnets. The lamp does not mount well in the upside down position.


The Dewalt 10-Volt LED Work Light DCL510 sells as a bare tool, online for $59.00 here: DEWALT-DCL044-Hand-Held-Light

Overall Impression

I make no apologies, I love Lumen!  This little work light simply brightens my day!  Its a great size, perfect light output and the price is right!

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