DEWALT 20 Volt Brushless Lithium Ion Drywall Screw Gun DCF620

DEWALT 20 Volt Brushless Lithium Ion Drywall Screw Gun DCF620

Manufacturer: Dewalt
Model number: DCF620
Price: $199.00
Power source: 20-volt
Motor size: Brushless 4,400 RPM
Weight: 3.3 lbs

DEWALT 20 Volt Brushless Screw Gun DCF620

The new DeWalt brushless lithium Ion drywall screw gun was designed to work longer and Get More Done™ without power cords.

The screw gun was deigned for driving screws into both wood and steel studs in residential or commercial applications. For many years drywall and plaster contractor avoided cordless tools because they were less powerful, slower, heavy, and their cordless run-time sucked!

DEWALT 20 Volt Brushless Lithium Ion Drywall Screw Gun DCF620

The DeWalt brushless lithium Ion drywall screw gun runs off of the 20-volt platform, and features a brushless motor for longer run-time and tool longevity. This screw gun spins at 4,400 RPM [no load speed], which is the speed expected of a corded screw gun, only this baby is cordless.

On the Job Site:

We liked the high performance and run time on this compact tool. This screw gun weighs 3.3 lbs. with a 2.0Ah battery pack, and measures 8-3/4” long at the head of the tool.

One nice feature on the new screw-gun is the adjustable driving depth nosecone that locks to the tool, a trigger lock-on switch, which is a must for Pros. Additionally there is a a belt clip, and a LED light with 20 second delay. The LED light is a feature DeWalt has had for a long time and one that we have come to appreciate. It allows you to touch the trigger and use the light to see in dark areas. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never used it as a flashlight to look for screws and other parts in dark spaces!

DEWALT 20 Volt Brushless Lithium Ion Drywall Screw Gun DCF620

How Many Screws?

That’s the question I get asked all the time. Well the DCF620 when equipped with a 2.0 Ah battery will install up to 45 sheets of 4’x 8’x 1/2” drywall on 2” x 4” pine studs with 1-1/4” coarse thread black-coated drywall screws. When you base that on 50 screws per sheet on average, that’s 2,250 screws!

When equipped with a while one 4.0Ah battery the DCF620 allows the user to hang up to 58 sheets of 4’x 8’x 5/8” drywall on 20 g steel stud with 1-1/4” fine thread black-coated drywall screws.   When you base this installation on 50 screws per sheet, on average, that’s 2,900 screws.

What About Auto Feeding Screws?

DeWalt is also releasing a collated screw auto-feed magazine attachment (DCF6201) will be available separately for users looking to drive collated strips of screws. The attachment is capable of driving collated screws up to 2” in length and is compatible with most major screw strip brands on the market.

How Much and Where To Buy?

Look for this new tool in April 2015. The DCF620 will be sold in the following configurations:

  • Bare Kit (DCF620B: $139.00),
  • Two 2.0Ah batteries Kit (DCF620D2: $199.00),
  • Two 4.0Ah Lithium Ion batteries (DCF620M2: $269.00).
  • Collated magazine attachment (DCF6201: $99.00)

Overall Impression:

We liked the weight, speed and power that this tool provided, although, full disclosure we did not test the auto-feed magazine.

If you’re considering making this investment for board hanging your looking at a minimum investment of $239.00 for the auto feed magazine. Using the collated screw system allows for a faster installation, and minimizes dropped/wasted screws.


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