DEWALT 20-volt 550 PSI Power Washer Review

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DEWALT Power Washer – Model DCPW550B

DEWALT 20v 550 PSI Power Washer

Manufacturer: DEWALT
Model number: DCPW550B
Price: 149.00
Power source: 20v
Weight: 5.5
We have all had times where a garden hose just does not give you the pressure you need to get something cleaned off or a gas-powered pressure washer has too much pressure for your application. The DEWALT Power Washer fills in that grey area of too little pressure and too much pressure.

We want to make sure we are all on the same page, this is not a pressure washer. This is a power washer with a lot less power! A pressure washer creates pressure that can vary from 1500-4400 psi, this power washer puts out a maximum pressure of 550PSI. Think of this tool as a pressure booster for your hose. The best part is how much quieter these are than a gas powered pressure washer, they are really portable and nearly zero maintenance.

New to the Industry

Portable power washers are a relatively new addition to the industry.  Other brands have already released cordless power washers, but when it comes to Max PSI output, DEWALT has a significant advantage. Most competitors have a maximum PSI of 320, whereas the DEWALT has a PSI output that is more than 70% higher than the other brands.

Using the DCPW550B

The DCPW550B can be used for many applications. In New England this time of year the pollen is horrific. If you do not stay on top of cleaning your automobiles or patio/deck furniture they will soon be the color yellow!

Car Washing

We took the power washer to the cars first. After filling up the soap container we attached it to the power washer and applied the soap. The PSI was low and it didn’t seem like the soap was being shot out at a high enough pressure to be effective.

Once the truck was soaped up we connected the long wand with the 40° nozzle and rinsed it off. Switching over to the turbo nozzle and it was powerful enough to get all the build-up crud inside the wheel wells and running board.  Started the washing process off using a 20v 5.0 Ah battery and it made it 3/4 of the way. We ended up putting a 60v Flexvolt battery in the washer and finished the rest of one vehicle and the entire second truck.

Power Washing

With Spring in the air, it is time to uncover the deck furniture from the winter hibernation.  With this, we felt it was a great time to power wash the deck as well and get it ready for the summer BBQs that await! Started cleaning the patio furniture that was just covered in pollen, quickly went from yellow back to black!

We moved to the deck after cleaning up the furniture. On the deck board, the DEWALT DCPW550B performed admirably. I’m embarrassed to admit but this was the first time I’d washed my deck since it was built in 2017. For the deck boards, we used the 25° nozzle. The 550PSI pressure was more than enough power to remove the pollen, bird crap, dirt, and leaves.

DEWALT DCPW550B Specifications

  • 10x more powerful than a garden hose
  • 550 MAX psi
  • On-the-go adaptability to draw water from any fresh water source
  • Quick connect adapter
  • Easily apply detergent with the included soap bottle
  • 2 speeds for higher cleaning power and extended runtime
  • Multiple quick-connect nozzles and on-board storage to easily switch between application

Bare Tool Kit Includes

  • DCPW550 Power Cleaner
  • Long Wand with quick connect
  • Turbo Nozzle
  • 15° Nozzle
  • 25° Nozzle
  • 40° Nozzle
  • Soap Bottle
  • 20′ Suction Hose
  • Quick-Connect Hose Adapter
  • Storage Bag

2 Speeds

The DEWALT DCPW550B Power Washer has the ability to switch from high speed to low speed. At high speed, the power washer will spray 1.0 GPM [gallons per minute] at 550 PSI. At low speed, the output is 2.2 GPM at 60 PSI.  The switch is conveniently located on the rear handle and easy to toggle back and forth.


Overall Impression

The DEWALT 20V MAX* Power Cleaner is a great option for portable cleaning on the job site or at home due to its 10X cleaning power of a garden hose. You can easily clean your tools and equipment, as well as decks, boats, outdoor furniture, and vehicles, with this all-in-one device. If you are on the DEWALT 20V platform this is a great addition to your tool assortment!

DEWALT 20v 550 PSI Power Washer

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  1. Troy

    The quick connect for the garden hose snapped off 5 seconds into operating. The rest is going back in the box and returning. My expectations were maybe a bit high.

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