Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9 Inch Cut-Off Saw

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9 Inch Cut-Off Saw 2786-20

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9 Inch Cut-Off Saw 2786-20

Manufacturer: Milwaukee Tool
Model number: 2786-20
Power source: 18 Volt X2 [36V]
Weight: 10.6
We recently tested the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9 Inch Cut-Off Saw as part of our Best 9 inch Cut off saw Head to Head.     Milwaukee’s 2786-20 performed well, taking second place in the Head-To-Head competition. The Milwaukee is a high performing tool and is perfect for all but the toughest masonry and metal cutting tasks.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9 Inch Cut-Off Saw Specifications

  • Cut Depth: 3- 1/2”
  • Blade Diameter: 9”
  • RPM: 6,600
  • Blade Arbor: 7/8”
  • Onboard Water Connection: Quick Connect
  • Load Indicator Light
  • Onboard Tool Storage: For wrench and hex key
  • RAPIDSTOP™ Blade Brake
  • ONE-KEY™ Enabled: Yes
  • Rotatable tool guard – Variable
  • 18-volt battery platform
  • Tool Length (w/ battery): 25.98”
  • Tool Weight Bare Tool: 10.6 lbs Tool w/ 12.0 Battery: 14 lbs

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9 Inch Cut-Off Saw –  Feature-Rich

The Milwaukee 9-Inch Cut Off Saw is a new tool to the Milwaukee lineup and the designers were paying attention to the market and created a cut-off saw that competes well. We especially liked the friction glide adjustable guard that the user can adjust to any position without having to use any pre-set detents. This feature allows a lot of flexibility in how the saw fits with workpieces and the user stance.

The Milwaukee is the only saw that offers the One-Key™ system. This feature allows users to track the location of their tool; allows the user to lockout/disable the saw out from unauthorized users and the One-Key™ app offers a tool inventory management function as well.

Onboard Tool Storage

Milwaukee stores two tools in a convenient location at the rear of the tool; a spindle wrench and an Allen wrench. To change the blade, one feature we liked is that once the user indexes the Allen key into a hole in the shaft, it locks the shaft in place. That way, the user has a free hand to assist in removing the arbor nut and installing the blade.

Wet Saw Features

The hose connection on the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9 Inch Cut-Off Saw has a nickel-plated aluminum ball valve attached to a PVC-reinforced Nitrile Butadiene Rubber hose. Because Milwaukee mounts the hose on the outside of the tool housing, the user needs to be careful not to snag the hose.

We did like the metal valve for its ruggedness. The water supply hits both sides of the blade and delivers a sufficient amount of water to assist in wet cutting operations.

Heavy Load Indicator Light

Milwaukee provided a heavy load indicator on the top of the tool housing. The heavy load indicator provides real-time power and run-time feedback to the user during demanding applications. According to Milwaukee, this light tells the user that the tool is pushing past its optimal cutting power and that pushing harder on the cut-off saw while the indicator is lit will not provide more performance, However, it will significantly reduce the run-time battery life.

The Milwaukee Cut-Off Saw is belt driven and is very smooth and vibration-free.  Long sessions with the tool will have the users welcoming the very low vibrations due to the belt-driven blade. Of the saws tested, the Milwaukee was the smoothest with a vibration reading of 1.8 m/s2. This reading was substantially less than the other saws.

Safety Switch

The Milwaukee Cut-Off Saw uses a dual-trigger, which encompasses a small trigger safety- spring flap on the main trigger. The spring-loaded flap that needs to be depressed before activating the trigger.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9 Inch Cut-Off Saw Price

Bare tool pricing for the Model 2786-20 starts at $599.  The Kit, offered at $899.00 includes a charger and two 12.0 Ah batteries. This is a larger size than the battery sized offered by the other kitted tools we tested in the Head-To-Head review. The 12.0 Ah batteries add to the overall value of the kit.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 9 Inch Cut-Off Saw – Final Thoughts

The Model 2786-20 is a great system to cut masonry, concrete, and steel with a tool that is fully compatible with my M-18 battery system. Surprisingly, the M-18 cut-off saw will do most of the same things that a gas saw performs until you get to the upper limits of the tool’s capability.

I welcome this cut-off saw to my stable of tools. I may not need the Model 2786-20 every day, but I sure am glad I own one when the need arises. It an excellent value and capable machine. I have a cordless cut-off saw that is an extremely versatile solution for cutting a large variety of materials without the hassles of a traditional gas-powered saw. That is a win in my book!

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