Husqvarna 9-Inch Cut-Off Saw K535i Review

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Husqvarna 9 Inch Battery Powered Cut-Off Saw

Husqvarna 9 Inch Batter Powered Cut Off Saw K535i

Manufacturer: Husqvarna
Model number: K535i
Price: $599 Bare Tool
Power source: 36V 9.4ah Liion
Weight: 7.7 lb w/ bat

We recently tested the Husqvarna 9-inch 535i Off Saw as part of our Best 9 inch Cut off saw Head to Head.    The K535i performed well and is a great lightweight option for small to medium masonry and metal cutting tasks.  The Husqvarna 9-Inch Cut Off Saw K535i is powered by Husqvarna’s 36V Lithium Ion battery platform.

Husqvarna 9-Inch Cut Off Saw Specifications

  • Cut depth:  3″
  • Blade Diameter 9″
  • RPM:  5,940
  • Blade Arbor 7/8 in.
  • Onboard Water Connection: Quick Connect
  • Blade brake 
  • Fixed Blade Guard
  • 36v battery platform
  • Tool Length: 22.2″
  • Tool Weight (w/ battery):   7.7  lb.

Lightweight and Compact

The Husqvarna 9-Inch Cut Off Saw has some serious power to weight ratio.  This is moslty due to the fact that with the battery installed this saw weighs in at a featherweight 7.7 lbs.  That’s almost 30% lighter than its closest battery powered competitors.  Pair that lightweight with a nice neutral balance due to the centerline battery position and you have a tool that is extremely easy to use.

The handle is has a smaller diameter, a nice gradual curve and is comfortable to use. The handles slight-slope to the side, was no doubt designed to support hand, wrist and elbow comfort. It allows for many hand positions and does an excellent job of providing comfort in overhead use applications.

The Husqvarna 9-Inch Cut Off Saw is belt driven and is very smooth.  Long session with the tool will welcome the very low vibrations due to the belt driven blade.  Vibrations measure at a low 2.1 m/s².

Water Feed System

The Husqvarna 9-Inch Cut Off Saw has a fixed blade guard with integrated dual side water delivery system.  The water hose is made out of PVC Flex and tucks away nicely into a grooved channel but may be susceptible to snagging and damage.

Husqvarna separated the valve knob from the water nipple by placing  high on the tool  giving it a much easier location to reach and activate.  The K353i water delivery system achieves OSHA Table 1 compliance for dust management when cutting concrete and masonry materials.


Battery Features

The Husqvarna 9-Inch Cut Off Saw uses the 36V lithium ion batter battery platform employed by all of Husqvarna’s battery powered tools. The battery is side-fed and positions itself centerline with no additional covers or compartments.  This open air cooling helps prevent overheating, something we saw in other similar tools during our Head to Head testing.

The battery comes with Husqvarna’s savE™ feature that allows the user to limit electric motor RPM in the effort to save battery and improve runtime during low load tasks.

Safety and Ease of Use Features

The Husqvarna 9-Inch Cut Off Saw has an on / off keypad switch that will time-out with 1 minute of non-use.   After this 1 minute period the keypad will have to be powered on again.  The rear handle also has a “power trigger lockout safety switch”, similar to other Husqvarna power tools.

The Husqvarna 9 Inch Battery Powered Cut Off Saw features an electric blade brake.  For increased safety and ease of use, the blade will stop its rotation – from full throttle to zero in 3.1 seconds.

The K535i  provides both a wide metal shoe plate and  two rubber feet to keep the tool from sliding when not in use.

Suggested Improvements

Blade changes on theK535i are a breeze. The spindle lock push button is in an easy to use location and the blade wrench is excellent but not stored on the tool.   An on board storage feature for the seldom yet important wrench would be a nice addition.

The fixed blade guard is something that could be improved on with the addition of a variable or multi location locking guard.


Bare tool pricing for the K535i starts at $599.  The tested 9.4 Ah battery is sold seperately at $279 and quick charger for $184.99.


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